Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 in Review

So we have come to the last day of 2006!

In just a few hours time, we will enter into 2007.. where had all the time gone.. it seemed to have flown by in just a wink...

Anyway, before I post my new year resolutions - or maybe I should have a different term to descirbe the list of `things' I HOPE to accomplish at the beginning of each year but usually fail - I decide to look back at 2006 and its highlights, which really is quite a year to me personally..

By `highlights' I don't mean to do a newspaper type of reports of the significant events that had occured in the country and around the world.. as my blog is a personal journal, i would just look back at some of the more memorable moments that happened to me this year..

  • I've quit my job after 12 years! It wasn't an easy decision but I was really getting unhappy with the direcitons and the management of the paper after its restructuring. I left at the end of October and am still enjoying my jobless life!
  • In March, I visited my sponsored child in Yongsheng, on a trip with World Vision Malaysia. It was like a dream come true as I have always wondered whether I have a chance to meet my `child' whom I've sponsored for more than six years.
  • After exercising rather irregularly and aimlessly for more than two years at gym, I signed up for personal training in October since I would have more time to workout as I was quitting my job. So far, I have gone through about 10 sessions of it and although it's hard work, it feels good to really work out! And then in November, I upgraded my gym membership to life membership - with an aim to make fitness a long-term routine.
  • I participated in the E.E. (Evangelism Explosion) training at my church from March to June this year, to learn the skills of evangelism including going out for On-the-job training. It was a commitment and a rewarding experience.
  • Having booked our flight in late 2005, I went on a trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia in July with a friend and visited the ruins of the Angkor temples. The ancient temples were magnificent and in a way I felt as if I've been to another world in another time..
  • Since I was free from work towards end of the year, I planned two holidays back-to-back (well sort of). In December, I went to Taipei and Hong Kong for a total of 10 days and in January, I will be going to Bali - a place I've wanted to go for ages!
  • My sis and the kids came home for a week in April and early Nov and I got to spend time with them - going out everyday mainly to the malls, as well as for an outing to see the animals!
  • I MISSED the World Cup 2006 Final! I was so excited and looking forward to the one-in-four-year game and had been following quite a lot of the matches. However, I forgot to turn on my alarm clock and slept through the final between Italy and France and the nerve-wrackling penalty shootout! I felt like killing myself although i did catch the repeat in the morning.
  • It's also a year I've tested my culinary skills - turned chef for a few occasions and cooked some Western meals for the family. Some pix of my cooking here and here.
  • (On a more frivolous note) 2006 is a year which I have inadvertantly changed four different hair styles! not to mention how many visits to my hair dresser! I've straightened my hair a couple of time, cut it shorter in occasions.. and here are some pix - CNY and in Aug.

And what about Jojo and Jelly - the two Js that inspired this blog?

I must say that 2006 is year that marked their coming of age. Both of them, especially Jojo, are so much more better behaved although there are still moments when they are such a pain. Jojo was neutered (thus became an eunuch) in early September and since then had put on some weight, as well as having improved behaviour. Jelly is still fat and fesity, but ever so cute and is my little shadow..

I'm pleased and proud that they are now so much more obedient and for so many months, Jojo has not dashed out of the gate when my car comes in!

Here is the two Js saying: `Goodbye 2006 and Hello 2007! Woof! Woof!"


It's HL said...

Happy new year! Sorry to hear about Bye-Bye-Moto. It's quite hard to beat Nokia actually when it comes to speed.

Btw, CNN bought me a Kathy bag! :D It's a two-handled black and white tote (smaller than yours). I mm-seh-tak to use it too much cos it might get dirty easily!

jesscet said...

ooh.. post a pix of ur new bag at ur blog? ;) i love my Kathy and have been using it! but yeah also afraid it might get dirty soon!

It's HL said...

ok will try to take a pic of it ;) kathy bags are gorgeous aren't they!

boo_licious said...

Happy New Year! Looks like a lot of events last year but I'm sure there will be more this year.

jesscet said...

hl: thanks for the pic of Kathy bag! it's nice! ;)

boo: yeah hopefully its `good eventful'.. :)