Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Round-Up

After several busy days leading up to Christmas, I spent Boxing Day at home the whole day - doing some works.

Sigh, so it's not a work-free Christmas/New Year as I hoped earlier. Have a couple of freelance stories to finish - feel that i'm a bit stale at writing! :( - and also am preparing for worship in Church this Sunday.

So what did I do over Christmas?

On Christmas eve, slept in a bit and then went food shopping for dinner. Yep, I cooked. ;p The menu were tomanto and onion soup, roast salad with balsamic dressing, buttered boiled potatoes and marinated ribeye steak. Managed to cooked all that within two hours as we were having an early dinner...

At about 9pm, I went for Justin's concert at Mines after that. Partly because I wanted to watch it anyway and then was going to write about it for a magazine.. The hall was packed! And since everyone was given a whistle, the noise was totall deafening! It's pretty amazing response for someone who had just started out for a year..

Justin may not have the stereo-typical good looks but his vocals and his talents more than made up for it. Yes, I just loved his voice and also his songs which he composed..

Although he still has rooms for improvement when it comes to showmanship and rapport with the crowds, the fans just loved him.. and he seemed to be getting over-excited himself till the extend of forgetting quite a bit of the lyrics!

I was doing the work of both reporter and photographer - but not all the pictures turned out well. Here are a few better ones..

Yep, so the Christmas countdown was during the concert! It culminated with confettis and tonnes of balloons released from the ceiling.. and followed by Justin and his dancers decked in all sorts of rojak costumes and the appearance of a Santa-Claus prancing on stage. Alas, Justin was pretty hopeless singing some Christmas medleys but yeah, it was quite a fun-filled atmosphere.

Earlier, he played cupid by helping a guy to propose to his girlfriend - such a cute gesture.. of course he also sang many love songs himself and his voice was almost impeccable..

I enjoyed most of the songs a lot.. although I wasn't really 100 percent engrossed in the `atmosphere'.. The concert ended at about half-past- midnite..

I started Christmas day by going to church with dad.. It was packed as expected and the speaker delivered a passionate sermon. It was good to catch up with friends exchanging greetings.. a group of us went for lunch at TGI Friday.

Went to visit my friend in hospital.. and learned more about the accident. Poor girl suffered from so much fractures but at the same time, it can't be denied that she was `lucky' enough to have cheated death.. Her car was totally smashed up! Am glad to see her still in good spirit and her chatty self.. though she has a long way to go before full recovery..

It was the annual Christmas party at a friend's house where the highlight, besides the good food, was the exchanging of presents.. There were just so many presents that they filled half the living room! Even us non-family members also joined in the `tradition' and I got a few lovely gifts too.

Another of the `highlight' was the fireworks! However, the first firework display went haywire as my friend's brother had placed the stick upside down! What happened was instead of shooting up, it was going side way and everywhere. Everyone ran back into the house!

Being quite a coward, I remained in the house when they put up the second firework, which went on fine.. too bad I missed it.. :p


daybee said...

Yayyy Ee-tan! Thanks for the photos ;) I hope you don't mind if I direct fans from Teen Can here for the photos/ repost them over there?

I've saved them - your photos are way better than mine, because you were nearer!

I liked how you said Justin's voice was almost immpeccable ;)

jesscet said...

yeah i had to risk getting scolded by the guards to go near the stage to snap those pix! other wise they wont be clear.

i don't mind if ppl come to visit my blog but since i need to submit my story and pix to the magazine, i would prefer these pix not being posted on other sites as yet. hope u understand.. :)

daybee said...

Ee-tan, no problem - haven't directed anyboy here/uploaded them elsewhere yet. Will do them after your story :) I hope you don't mind if I get them developed for myself though!

I was sitting in the middle of a row so there was no way I could've gone near the stage, unfortunately.