Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wireless Woes!!

Why is that I'm having so much trouble getting wireless connection in my house!!???

The computer guy has come here THREE times already - and each time spending many hours... I was there to assist too.. the last time was a few days before I came back from HK. According to my dad, he said everything was already ok - got a new router, got all the wireless access points placed properly - and apparently working fine...

BUT when i came home yesterday and tested out the Internet... it worked for just like 15 minutes - and then totally can't get into Internet again!! No matter how I tried. I called him up and we did trouble shooting for half an hour and managed to get connection a while - just like a few mins and Kaput, AGAIN!!

He asked me to call up Streamyx, my local Internet provider and I did - twice. Followed the trouble shooting again and this time was asked to plug my laptop directly into the router.. and yes, Internet was working!! so he said there was nothing wrong with Streamyx. It must be my wireless connection points not set up properly!

ARGH!! So I tried calling the computer guy again and could not get him. Sent a long sms and this evening he replied to ask me off the wireless one by one and on it again. I just tried again but to no avail..

So now, the only way I could get access to the Internet is by plugging my laptop right to the router, and I have to sit outside my room (thank god there's a massage chair there) and get my Internet fix.

I don't know when he would be able to come again since he said he's busy with a project.. We already paid fully and I know he is an honest guy but right now it seems he is quite clueless too as to what's wrong with the wireless system too!!

Gosh... this is just all TOO FRUSTRATING!! So much time and effort wasted, not mentioning that all the stuff cost a bomb too..

I just hope and pray this problem could be rectified.. I need Internet desperately for my work! And for now, my new nice SoHo is practically useless without Internet.. :((


Ok, enough of ranting.. Hope there will be better news in the next post.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Short update: HK shopping spree!!

Am finally leaving Hong Kong back home tomorrow morning! It's been a week but feels longer than usual.. 

As I partly intended it to be - this has truly been a SHOPPING TRIP!  In my subconscious, in a way it was to reward myself after slimming down quite a bit - BUT I think I've gone a bit overboard!!

I don't even dare to total up the amount I've spent.. just say I really need to tighten up when I go home.

To think of it, I didn't go to that many places. Here're where I went roughly:  
 Sun: shop at the mall at my sis' condo; Mon: Stanley Market; Tue: Tai Ku Shing; Wed: Central & Causeway Bay; Thur: Central (again); Fri: Central (again! and Admiralty) 

So what have I bought? Of course the biggest investment (hopefully will become a gift from mom) is the iPod Touch.  As many places were on Sale, I ended up buying at least 20 or more pieces of apparels, a couple of shoes and bags, accessories and other nick-knacks..  My huge suitcase is packed to the brim.. :S

Since I'm using my sis' PC I can't really load any photos of my own..  Am glad to know the WiFi connection back home has been fixed!! :)

Till then.. tata from Fragrant Harbour!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tribute to Adam Lambert

I am posting this in Hong Kong...I wrote the following on Thursday midnight - when the America Idol aftermath was still fresh.. yet I had no Internet access...

Maybe it’s God’s will that my Internet connection can’t be fixed this evening. Maybe it did me good to be distracted from the shocking American Idol finale result this morning.  That’s the problem with me. It’s not just Idol. It could be anything else.  I am one who gets easily addicted, transfixed and even obsessed.

But I just had to write something. And as I am typing this on Word (to be posted on my blog later), I am listening to the MP3 and WinAmp files friends had sent me of Adam Lambert’s performances from A.I.  And I’m never tired of them.

In these four months or so, I’ve grown to be more and more crazy over this guy who has such unique style and enormous talents in singing and performing. He is not just a great singer, but smart, articulate, genuinely amiable and modest. 

Ya, I know I have already dedicated a post to him – claiming him to be the next American Idol.

But I was wrong. It seems America is not ready for such an outstanding, in a friend’s word `in-your-face’ type of artist. They still prefer someone with mass appeal. Just look at the past winners, from 1st season winner Kelly Clarkson to last year’s David Cook – all of them are commercial hotties who have such mass (read: pop) appeal. So this year, although almost everyone from the judges to Adam’s fans and enemies have predicted he would take the title, finally he lost out to the dark horse that is Kris Allen.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing Kris. In fact, I was impressed by his refreshing rendition and arrangement of his music, and his improvement was quite stark in the last month. He is no doubt a talented musician – plays several instruments well - and a copetent singer.  And also cute, humble and nice.  Thus he has attracted a legion of fans who had suddenly grown to huge that their votes managed to topple that of Adam’s.

But you see, if Kris is that handsome dark horse, Adam is the magical unicorn. Ok, this analogy seems strange, even to me but you get what I mean. Adam is such a superb and brilliant artiste that has not failed to mesmerized performance after performances. Some dislike him cos he’s `loud’ – and said he likes to scream. But hey, how many people can actually possess a crazy vocal range like that and able to master it!  He sings with utmost passion, expression and convicting, with the most awesome and often bold showmanship.

I was reading the Net last night after the performance show (ya, Internet was intact then). I already had a hunch when I read many entertainment/news websites that said Adam ‘s talent is superior and did better than Kris in the finale show, HOWEVER, they rightly thought it’s Kris who will win the title. The reason I see it is quite simple. Kris is not more talented, but he has become more popular than Adam. By popular, I mean he demeanour and his brand of music has mass appeal thus garner a large fan base. And although this is just a theory but some people think Danny Gokey’s supporters and voters probably swing towards

I respect people have their own preferences..  you can dislike Adam but to dismiss him as crap or can't sing is either a blatant blindness or lie. And I don’t hate Kris at all. He’s sweet and unassuming. If Adam was not in the competition, he would have been my favourite besides the spunky and talented teenager Allison. Kris as they have more similar background. Whereas Adam is just so different, and in a different league altogether.

It’s quite funny but endearing to see Kris himself seemed to be shocked by winning and had twice mentioned Adam’s name. He blurted out: `but Adam deserves to win~' but the sly Ryan Seacrest quickly interjected and asked him to say how he felt.

Oh well, votes have been cast. It is official that Adam is 1st runner up while Kris is the new American Idol. Earlier, I read many out cries from Adam’s ardent fans that he has been robbed of the well-deserving title. That it is so unjust. But to be optimistic and look beyond the competition, we know Adam did NOT lose to Kris as a singer or performer.  It has happened in the past, not the true best singer/performer take on the crown. In fact, shortly after the announcement when everyone was congratulating Kris, I caught Simon Cowell’s expression – that of incredulous or a sense of unfairness. I don’t know, it’s just my guess.

What I LOVE about Adam is how cool and gracious he is!  Even if and I’m sure he would have felt disappointed, he didn’t show a hint of it. He's NOT the sore loser and from what he said later, he was seemed genuinely happy for Kris.  And I’m sure Kris would react the same too if Adam were `crowned’ (sigh, if only he were!)  

That’s what I love of this season’s A.I. as well – all the contestants were such good friends and genuinely care for each other. I can see that especially in Adam and Allison, and even Adam and Kris who was his roommate before. And remember when Matt Giroud was (not very deservingly) saved by the `Judge’s Save’, all the rest were just ecstatic for him, hugging and jumping around! Never the thought that if he was saved, there would be double the chance of them being eliminated in the following week, came into their minds. 

And I really believe that Adam did harbor any jealousy or ill feelings, although some of his fans (not me) may.  You know, Adam has always been so confident of himself and the artiste that he is. But his head was not in the cloud that he could be sure that he was definitely going to win – especially with the enormous growth of popularity his competitor was getting.  So he must be prepared to not win it after all.. if it’s not meant to be.

But being on American Idol was definitely a platform that propel him to greater heights – now the whole world had known him,  heard and saw how talented and versatile he is, and how he WOWed the audience with his ….(I am running out of adjectives like Paula said) style and showmanship.  So ya, he may not win the title nor get that coveted Idol contract, he is already a superstar in his own right. And his future career is bright. He would be phenomenal.

So, here's my tribute to my one and only American `idol’ - the most remarkable contestant who has brought excitement and excellence to this season’s show that has never been seen.  You might not have won the title, but Adam Lamber, you are already THE WINNER to me, as well as for millions of your fans across the globe.

 post-A.I. finale video shows what a great person Adam is!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

'Tis Singing Week!

It's the week of American Idol's semi-finals where the remaining contestants belted it out to get themselves into the Finale spot!! And of course I was glued to the screen to cheer my darling Adam Lambert on.

But over in this corner of the world.. I'm also experiencing a singing overdose of sort. To think of it, from Monday to Sunday, I would have sung five solid sessions!!

You see, I have extra singing classes because my first recital for my first vocal exam is this Saturday - ie. tomorrow!! And coincidentally I've been rostered to lead church worship this Sunday and we need to practise and rehearse.

Of course in between I also have to practice at home - not so much for worship songs but for my recital!

Normally I won't be so bothered with that much singing but the problem was I had just recovered from quite a terrible cold last weekend which had somehow affected my voice a bit. I had since been nursing my throat with expensive Hanuka honey - about 4-5 times a day!

So on Monday afternoon, after a not well-rested Sunday night, I managed to appease my vocal teacher after last Wed's quite disastrous effort. Thanks to my pianist' guidance and extra class last Friday, I have improved quite a bit since. And on Wed we went through the songs again but had to be accompanied (two songs) by my teacher's wife since my accompanist can't make it for the rehearsal. I think after going through a few times, sounded ok. Meanwhile, the two other songs have been recorded.

Btw, I'll be singing four song for my First Concert Certificate examination by Trinity College, London.

Just for the record, these are the four songs in order which I will be singing
  1. Se tu Ma'mi - Italian aria by Perisoti
  2. Have You Seen but the Whyte Lilie Grow - 16th century English song
  3. Angels, Ever Bright and Fair - from Theodora by Handle
  4. I Could have Danced All Night - from `My Fair Lady' musical!
This Saturday's recital is orgnised by my teacher as a `trial exam' of sort for his students taking exams. I have to dress formally and sing it as if it's the real thing. And yes, there is an audience. In fact, I've asked mom and dad (but dad has some important appointment) as well s some friends most of them are interested in singing - i think! It shall be a good practice for myself and I hope to get some comments too even not technical things.

Then there is the singing in church. We had a two-and-a-half-hour practice at church last night - covering nine songs. I tried to save my voice and not sing long but still, maybe I wasn't using enough support but I think mostly to do with my still not stable vocal/throat, by the end of the night I felt my vocal chord very tired.. so much so I didn't want to speak.. but when I woke up today, it's much better.

So ya, after Saturday afternoon, I still have to save my voice for Sunday morning worship - two sessions of it for the two services!!

No, I am not complaining about all the singing.. In fact I love it but just a bit concern that I'm not overdoing it.. oh well, I just have to take care of my voice and talk less!! :p

Borrowing the line from one of my exam songs (and twisting it a bit) , I'm crooning.. :

"I could have sung all night... I could have sung all night... and still have begged for more... la la la la la la.... " :)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I Heart my new SoHo!! (but no Internet yet..)

This post was written last night in my new SoHo - without Internet

I'm beginning a new lifestyle with my own new SoHo! :)

Yes, thanks to dad’s support and initiative, we’ve converted Ah Nei’s last room downstairs (she passed on in February) We have emptied the room and had and bought a set of desk and chairs – very economical too..

This morning the desk set arrived. And then I did something impulsive and drastic – I disconnected my own wireless Internet as I suddenly had the impulse to shift my whole desktop from my room to the new home-office ie. SoHo.
I forgot I needed extra wiring which was done at my room desk.. but it’s too late, I have moved everything. So now, I have been Internet-less for the last seven hours.

I love this new study room.. It’s cosy and private – and the desk is HUGE and with extra storage place for just work-related stuff. And of course all computer-linked gadgets come down too, as well as some ornamental decorations.. looks pretty homey already! (Will upload a pix soon when Internet is up!) But it’s not completed as we intend to paint the wall.. And of course I need to call up Streamyx to install the wiring. Hopefully they can do it ASAP like tomorrow itself else I need to borrow’s Starbucks wireless to complete my work.

It’s amazing how addicted and dependent I’ve become to the Internet

I just found out something..I won’t be able to be connected in my room anymore as the modem/router can only serve a certain area/distance. We have thick walls and my room is upstairs. I’ve tried before the other way round and there was no signal. Oh well, that means I have to make do with no Internet connection in my bedroom. Which will actually serve me better…

Right now (11:45pm Tues) I gave up doing my work – as I needed more inspiration and more importantly info which I have yet to obtain. And I’m dead tired as I hardly slept last night no thanks to the mossies and also many things in my mind. I am listening to music through ITune – and just chilling out..

I love being alone here at this time.. and I want to go back to bed not distracted with the Internet!

p.s. can't update travel post coz too busy and also no Internet.. later..

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lee Hom's Harassing Concert!!

Warning: rant post - not a concert review

This was my 4th time watching the extremely talented, uber-cute `music-man' in concert. And the first time I paid for it. But.. it would go down to be the most `memorable' one - for the wrong reasons.

No no, not that I didn't like this concert - Lee Hom was still in his element and the concert was in anyway a success. And it was fun watching with friends than going alone as member of the media. But throughout the concert, we were so disturbed and harassed by some inconsiderate audience as well as securities and organiser's staff!!

This is my ticket. It's the 2nd most expensive at RM318 but I got a slight discount. With that amount of money we paid, the seat was so far away from the stage! Initially I thought I got pretty good seats as they were in the centre - BUT our views were partially blocked by a huge fan which was not even on, AND by people who chose to lean against the barricades..

It was so frustrating when our limited view was kept being blocked by people walking across the aisle and in between sections.. It's hard to explain how the seating was like but trust me, I kinda regretted getting those seats and not the ones more towards the sides.. we were totally EXPOSED to disturbances!

Shortly after the concert proper start - there were opening acts by local artistes (Danelle Lee was ok but I could not stand the other new female artiste whose voice was shrilling ) I had to start telling some people that they were blocking our views. But not long after, other people did the same.. I think I ended up going up three times, and Lynn did it once.

And throughout the concert, people in front of us were sneaking to take photographs - which were strictly prohibited. And each time some security guards saw people with their camera up, they walked along the aisle and shone a torch light to them. From where we sat, people walking along the aisle unfortunately blocked us!! And other time, the staff and securities just stood where ever they liked, never thinking that they could be blocking some of us who have paid a hefty amount to watch our `idol' perform!

I was thinking if they really wanted to be so strict about it, they should have consficated their cameras before hand. Well, they did say no camera allowed but there wasn't proper search and even three of us got our cameras inside just that we were decent enough to comply with the rules and not cause trouble for others.

Then came the `highlight' of the evening.. suddenly about 3/4 through the concert, a whole gang of securities suddenly surrounded the barricades near where we sat. And guess what, our view of the stage was COMPLETELY blocked!! This arouse the anger of not just us but also some other audience in the area. And trusting yours truly being the vocal one, I immediately walked forward and told one of them. But the reply I got was they were told to do so and I could talk to Galaxy (the organiser) if I wanted. Sure, I demanded to see Galaxy staff and I found a girl near by and as I complaint to her, she was courteous enough and told me the reason was that Lee Hom was going to appear inside the fenced up barricade area soon. And it's only for a short while those securities had to be there. Ok, point taken, I went back to my seat.

But guess what, some inconsiderate people in front decided to stand up and further blocked our view even of the screen! I was so cheesed by then that I decided to stand near the barricade myself.. but not blocking anyone, and getting a good standing room to see Lee Hom when he appeared there. But straight away one security asked me sternly to sit down. I ignored him. And then another tall one just walked towards me, stood so close to me where his stomach almost touched my chest (yes, he was tall), with a menacing look, he growled and shouted rudely at me to sit down.

How dare he, I looked back at him and shouted back that he was too rude. Well, not wanting to provoke further as he definitely was much bigger size than me, I returned to my seat but not before I said I was going to report him. The Galaxy girl came to pacify me but I told her I demanded an apology. The guard was unmoved - real cocky!! So i took note of his name on his name tag.

Then shortly after, Lee Hom did appear and everyone scrambled forward and surrounded the barricade. At least that half a minute or so of seeing Lee Hom close-up was a consolation of sort. But inside, I was still fuming and my mood definitely spoilted to certain extent. I missed almost one entire song and dance because of the rude security guard!!

I felt I have the right to complain to Galaxy the organiser (where I know some of the ppl there from work) - since it was not comp tix but I bought three tickets from them!

After the Encore, all hell broke loose. We could not see anything seated down as people all stood up and some even walked to the front. So I turned and told my friends - `if we can't beat them, join them'. So we walked to just behind the most expensive seating area and found a spot where we could see the stage.

And now, even the securities are finally taking their break and not asking people to sit down or shooed them when they take photos. So finally I also snapped some pix but effect was bad.

Lynn and Evonne were totally enamoured by Lee Hom as you can see.. ;)

Oh well, all in all it was a good concert and Lee Hom certainly did not disappoint, although some how I remembered enjoying his `Heroes on Earth' concert better. It would have been much enjoyable for me (and my friends too) if not for all those disturbances and some explosive moments - and I don't mean the many fireworks they had.

Actually i am dead tired but somehow I just had to let it all out.. Although the concert production was pretty much flawless, the same cannot be said about the floor organising - especially the type of staff and security the organiser had employed. Oh another thing, the music was blaring loud and really deafening for the 1st part of the show!!

I think I will still complain but in a calm manner - as a customer and not as member of the press for once. I'll think twice now before being so enthusiastic to fork out money to get so called expensive seats that were actually lousy!

Ok, i can go sleep in peace now..

p.s. for a proper review but from a swooned fan, go to Lynn's blog ;)