Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wireless Woes!!

Why is that I'm having so much trouble getting wireless connection in my house!!???

The computer guy has come here THREE times already - and each time spending many hours... I was there to assist too.. the last time was a few days before I came back from HK. According to my dad, he said everything was already ok - got a new router, got all the wireless access points placed properly - and apparently working fine...

BUT when i came home yesterday and tested out the Internet... it worked for just like 15 minutes - and then totally can't get into Internet again!! No matter how I tried. I called him up and we did trouble shooting for half an hour and managed to get connection a while - just like a few mins and Kaput, AGAIN!!

He asked me to call up Streamyx, my local Internet provider and I did - twice. Followed the trouble shooting again and this time was asked to plug my laptop directly into the router.. and yes, Internet was working!! so he said there was nothing wrong with Streamyx. It must be my wireless connection points not set up properly!

ARGH!! So I tried calling the computer guy again and could not get him. Sent a long sms and this evening he replied to ask me off the wireless one by one and on it again. I just tried again but to no avail..

So now, the only way I could get access to the Internet is by plugging my laptop right to the router, and I have to sit outside my room (thank god there's a massage chair there) and get my Internet fix.

I don't know when he would be able to come again since he said he's busy with a project.. We already paid fully and I know he is an honest guy but right now it seems he is quite clueless too as to what's wrong with the wireless system too!!

Gosh... this is just all TOO FRUSTRATING!! So much time and effort wasted, not mentioning that all the stuff cost a bomb too..

I just hope and pray this problem could be rectified.. I need Internet desperately for my work! And for now, my new nice SoHo is practically useless without Internet.. :((


Ok, enough of ranting.. Hope there will be better news in the next post.

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