Wednesday, June 03, 2009


That stands for `pre-exam tension'.

I can't remember when was the last time I sat for an exam.. could it be my uni final exam almost two decades back?! (oops, there gives away my age again.. :p) Anyway, I'm kinda feeling it now.. because, tomorrow afternoon I will be sitting for my first vocal examination!

I'm taking the London Trinity Guildhall's First Concert Certificate which is considered the basic for vocalist (with some music background). Although the decision to sit for the exam was made less than a year back, my teacher had already been `preparing' me for it by letting me sing some of the exam pieces.

And finally, the four chosen ones are:
  1. Se tu M'ami, Se Sospiri by Giovanna Battista Pergolessi
  2. Have You Seen But the Whyte Lillie Grow by Anon (17th century)
  3. Angels Ever Bright and Fair by Handel
  4. I Could Have Danced All Night by Frederick Loewe
I've been pracitisign quite exclusively these four pieces in the last few months and also got an accompanist to play for me. My teacher on the other hand, gave some underlying pressure for he has conditioned me to aim high - in fact, he kept mentioning I should aim for a distinction!

Musicality aside, which needed lots of polishing and practising, I remembered having to learned the words by heart was quite a challenge but I finally did it. My teacher, who normally is not very strict, pushed me harder when the time got nearer. I remember just a month or so back after my holiday in China -with lack of practice - he became quite harsh with me and because of that, I vowed to work harder and finally in that few weeks, I made quite a bit of improvement.

I guess I did quite ok for the recital - he said most of the pieces except one was quite good. And then just two days ago, he actually praised me for two pieces..and said overall I am ready..

So i had my final lesson before exam this afternoon. My teacher advised me not to sing anymore but I still did a little just now, especially trying to make sure I'm 110 per cent sure of the words!

My exam is scheduled at 3:40pm tomorrow in a First World Hotel in PJ. The last time I ever went for an exam in a hotel was for my piano exam more than two decades ago..

To think of it, I know I'm quite well prepared by now but still cannot help but feeling some anxiety/tension. I guess it's normal.. Jitters.. ? oh, that's why i need to write this post!

Lord, I just pray and hope I would get a nice and linient examiner (at least not too strict!) On top of that, I must just tell myself to be composed and relax, and just sing it out the best that I could..


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