Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taking the `Mac' plunge and loving it!

On Monday night, I bid farewell to my PC of six years and spent a couple of hours tidying the quite messy contents in the hard disk.. ready for the `big change'!

The thing is, it was getting very slow, always hanged and worse of all,because of piracy reason (ahem, i didn't have an original Windows software as it was a clone), I couldn't even access some of the programs anymore!

And Since I `shifted' to my new SoHo, even dad has commented that perhaps it's time to upgrade my desktop computer.. The monitor looked quite dwarf on the large table.. but of course the main reason I decided to change was that I felt it has served its due.

So for the last week or two, I was scouting around and researching for a new desktop. To be honest, I had not thought of switching from Microsoft to Mac as I've been using MS Windows since the day I owned a PC - and although I had tried a Mac before it appeared a bit too `complicated' to me.. Though I must admit I think it's pretty cool.

Then early last week, I stepped foot into Machines - a store that carries only Apple products - and fell in love instantly with the iMac!

Yes, its appearance and design is simply genius and beautiful - like all Apple products. But after speaking to the staff there, I realised the advantages of using a Mac (no worries about virus, almost crash-proof..) basically a more superior technology than Windows. Well, I didn't just take his words for it and proceeded to read up on the Net from reputable tech sites. Reviews of similar all-in-one desktop all point to the fact that the best IS the iMac.

Still not convinced because I was just afraid of taking the `big plunge' switching over, I posted a question on my Facebook status and was a bit surprised by the response! EVERYONE - and there were quite a lot who replied (save one person) asked me to get the iMac. And many of them were happy `converts'.

So by end of last week, I made up my mind that yes, I am gonna get the iMac! To save my worry, Machine's technician agreed to help me transfer my datas from my old PC hard disk to my new Mac! I went to purchase on Monday and left my pc there for the transfer.

Yesterday afternoon, my brand new iMac 20 inch arrived on my doorstep!

I then unpacked the contents and placed the iMac and all the rest on my table.
As I started to use it, I immediately knew I definitely made the right choice! Of course I only know how to do the basics as there're so many applications/programs I've yet to learn.. but whatever I tried out, I found everything to be so cool, and better still,very user-friendly! For a Net freak like me, I was instantly able to be connected to the Net! :))

And of course, the images are so sharp and powerful and the interface is just so slick and I love even working on a document as I could view all the pages together!! (Errr..I don't think i need to elaborate as any Mac user would know and testify to it!)

Am so excited.. there are still much more to explore for it's only the 2nd day... :)

In short, I just HEART my new iMac - never before I was so in love with a `machine' hehe.. and then I was wondering to myself - why did I wait so long before using a Mac? (I guess I was mainly concern with it being the more `niche' with less compatible software.. but as far as I know, Mac has evolved with times and with new MS compatible softwares, that's not even a problem)

Oh well, better late than never.

The only problem now is.. gosh, I will become addicted to my new iMac!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Once-in-a-thousand years


Ya, it's that kind of a date. Remember last year - 08-08-08 - had illicit quite a bit of excitement and buzz esp. among the Chinese? (coz 8 in Chinese sounds like a very auspicious no.)

This year when it comes to the turn of the 09, it also signifies something very special. Because in Mandarin - 9 is pronounced as jiu, and that's the sound-alike of another word meaning `lasting'. Thus, we can imagine the nos of Chinese couples tying the knot today - ie their marriage is `chang chang jiu jiu' (long and lasting)

Actually I was only reminded of this `special' day when I interviewed the people from the KL&Selangor Assembly Hall for a story I'm writing. I was told that they're organising a mass wedding on this date! Originally they aimed to get 99 couples (again, playing the auspicious no.) but due to overwhelming response, they now have close to 110 couples or so! And mind you, this is just ONE of many venues / organiser that's conducting such mass wedding in the Klang Valley or nation wide!

I'm not a stickler for nos and the sound-alike. I am perfectly at peace and happy to stay in hotel room that's no. 444 (4 sounds alike to death in Cantonese). But since I'm just running out of things to blog about besides telling people of what I do, buy, work etc.. (how boring!) Might as well just commemmorate this day since after all, it does ONLY happen ONCE in a life-time. ie. The next 09-09-09 would be in the year 3009!!

So may we all have a happy `lasting day' today.. ;)