Thursday, September 29, 2005

Praying for the Next Step..

I know I've promised my dad not to blog about Jasor and his `prisoner's life' anymore. But I just feel so helpless and upset and in a dilemma with the whole situation that I need to share it.

For more than two months now, my neighbour's Goldie has been inside his cell 24/7 - yes, he never gets to come out at all. Each time when I brought my dogs for walk and passed that house, I felt so sorry for the dog, which always look so down and trodden.

Last week when I petted him, I felt there's a lump behind his ear... hopefully it's nothing serious.

The lump was still there just now when I brought my two Js for a walk. Jasor as usual welcomed me with that longing look in his eye. Poor thing, even the water bowls were all empty. So I decided to go back home to fetch some snacks and water for him.

I got a `packed supper' for Jasor and brought water too to refill his bowl. I had a urge to speak to someone from the family but looked like no one was in sight although the lights were on.

And just as I was feeding Jasor, a car approached the gate. I looked, it was the lady of the house. But she purposely did not look my way and after driving in, quickly closed the automatic gate. I could have walked inside but remembering the confrontational incident last time, I did not want to an unwelcome guest. So I waited outside the gate till she came down from the car and called out to her and asked whether I could speak to her.

Straight-faced, she looked at me with an unfriendly and almost despicable expression. When I started speaking, she already walked towards the house. I managed to ask her to consider to give away or sell Jasor if they do not want him, but she said: `no need' and then disappeared from my sight.

Obviously she didn't want to entertain me at all. And whatever I say, she won't give a hoot.

Not one who gives up easily, I still wanted to speak to the edest son who knew my blog url and the supposed owner of Jasor. I rang the doorbell a few times. No one answered, though i swear I saw people moving about inside the house.

I continued to feed Jasor with various dog biscuits and he was getting very hyper and excited. Perhaps he had never been given such treats.

As I was walking home, my heart felt very heavy. I wanted to help free Jasor but I don't know how I could do it. The best way would be to influence the owner, though it is unlikely they would change their attitude and treatment towards their dog. I just hope they understand that if they neglect him and lock him up like this, it is very cruel and they should give Jasor up to another family who wants him.

Just shared my burden with Messy Christian online and she suggestted starting a `Free Jasor' campaign but it would create a ruckus! While it could be an effective idea, I don't want to stir things up as I'm living in my dad's house and he's actually a devloper of this housing project. He has already warned me not to pursue this matter further.

So we decided we should pray about it. Messy said she would help start a prayer campaign on her blog and get her readers and fellow bloggers involved. Those of you who want to help Jasor please do join in the prayer campaign.

Sorry dad, I can't just let this be. I won't `create trouble' if I could help it. I will pray to God for wisdom and guidance on how to help the poor dog out of that miserable life of a neglected prisoner.

Update (Friday): After praying a bit and talking to a friend, the first thing I think I will need to do is to get the support of my dad. He is a pretty reasonable chap and he does like dogs. Just that any strife with neigbour will put him in a difficult situation. So I think I would talk to him properly and try to convince him that he should help Jasor too...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Meeting with Malaysians' New Idol!

Guess what? (And I bet thousands of young girls will be so envious of me) I will be having an one-on-one interview with our new Malaysian Idol - Daniel Lee - this Friday!

Ok, I sort of volunteered to do it as the colleague who had been covering MI2 also needs a break. Well, after all I would like to meet the `idol' that I cast votes on although I'm far from being a fan..

Did u read in MM that a young girl spent RM1,000 on SMS votes just to `ensure' that Daniel wins? I wonder how he feels about that.. hmm maybe I can ask him.

Well, it will be a personality profile. Am gonna skip all the singing-related questions which the public already knew. It would be quite personal - his family, his lifestyle, preferences, his thoughts etc.. and hopefully get some `juicy' info like relationship or the kind of girls he likes... Well, I am writing for MM after all! ;)

I know not many of you are his fans. But if you have a burning question that you would like to ask the`idol', let me know. I will do the honour for you if it's not totally out of the context.

I was told by 8TV personnel that we are the first English daily who asked for an interview while ALL the Chinese papers already asked. Hmmm.. surprise a rival paper hadn't as that paper would be the FIRST to profile a new beauty queen every time.

Maybe some people think it's overkill to have another story about him. But I can bet you if we blurb the interview article, his fans would buy our paper because of that! You know with teasers like `Daniel Exposed!' or `What You Don't Know About Your Malaysian Idol?'

Hehe. I must say I am looking forward to the interview... :)

Update (Thurs Oct 6) - My story on Daniel is published in Malay Mail Buzz (Entertainment section) frontpage today! Buy a copy and read.. support me and my paper... :) Well if you have to, you can alternatively read it online...

Daniel Lee - Malaysian's `Boy-Next-Door' Idol  Posted by Picasa

Hello! Anyone There?

I am beginning to think no one is reading my blog.. yet the stats told me otherwise.

Then why got no comments nor hardly any messages on my tag board these days?

Is my blog so uninteresting? :(

Friends/readers (esp those new to my blog), you can at least say `hi' if u have no comments.

You see, well, at least i see it this way. The difference between a diary and a blog - besides the fact that one is usually written/hardcopy and the other is typed/softcopy - is that the former contains your well kept secrets that only you and God know of; while the latter is meant to be shared with others and to generate interactive response and feedback.

Am i not right?

anway, dont want to sound pathetic nor patronising but really, some comments/msgs will cheer me up. :)

To end this short post, tonite (last nite now) I had quite an interesting time covering the Bar at Buena Vista . The performers from Cuba's top clubs range from 21-87 years old. For the show, we had beautiful Cuban music/songs, and fabulous and amazing salsa dancing. Intermission, Salsa enthusiasts showed off their dancing on the floor. But I would have enjoyed it more if the ballroom of KL Hilton was not that packed (somemore with people blowing cigar smoke into your face), and that we have places to sit.

Guess i am getting old, or have lost the party spirit.. I have never gone clubbing nor dancing for eons. And standing up for ANY concert just doesn't appeal to me. And I realise I am a bit crowd phoebic these days.

Hmmm.... I am sounding a bit like my parents. Oh gosh, help....

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Another Malaysian Idol is Born

Amidst deafening cheers and applause, Daniel has been announced Malaysian Idol 2 Winner. The jubilant and surprised winner is seen here flanked by MI2 hosts Jien and Cheryl Samad. Posted by Picasa

Missed Idol for Tenors

Daniel Lee is our new Malaysian Idol!

It was a surprise to many! Or perhaps not really, considering he has been getting top votes in the last few rounds. In the last Spectacular show (which I had the chance to watch live at the studio) he got top votes despite not singing as well as his opponents.

It was a star-studded, or should I say `idols-studded' event with all of the MI1 and MI2 finalists performing on stage, before the result was announced.

No, I wasn't there nor even in front of the television. While all the excitement was going on at Genting's Arena of Star, I was watching another concert, coincidentally also at Genting Highlands.

Genting's PR had kindly given me two more comp tickets to this event that I am covering. I had since promised my parents to take them along. You see, we now share this common interest in classical vocal performance (mom and I are also taking vocal lessons). So we won't want to miss the performances by a trio from Australia who call themselves `Three Dragon Tenors'. `Dragon' signifies their race and original nationalities - Chinese.

Must say the three tenors gave a pretty good performance on an interesting repertoires that consisted of famous Italian aria from operas, Italian folk songs and Chinese classical numbers. However, during the show, my mind was drifting away from time to time as I wondered when the results would be announced and WHO would win?!

The suspense was gettting too much to bear....

The show ended around 10pm and as if the timing was `perfect' I received 3 sms-es, one after another telling me that Daniel has won! (Actually the first one read: `you happy lah') It's good thing that the show has ended or else I might let out a scream. Or maybe not, but will be too excited.. ;p

To be honest, I thought Nita has a better chance to win considering she did perform better on Friday night. She has stage presence and she looks more like a `star' than the cute and soft-spoken Daniel. But apparently Daniel is the `idol' material.

Later I learned from various sources that that chap managed to garner 68 per cent of the total votes! He received 1.2 million sms votes altogether! Amazing! I wonder how much some of his `ardent fans' spent on sms..

Non-fans and critics would inadvertantly compare Daniel to Jac but I believe he has a pretty bright future. But I also hope, like he himself said, that he woulld be admired for his talents and not his `cute looks'. (Actually I don't find him good looking but sweet, just like a nice little brother..)

Can't wait to watch his moment of glory on video - recorded courtesy of ML, who with his buddies and family members did not vote this time! (They were such crazy fans last year!)

Update: Ok, I must confess that I did vote after all - but just 6 votes. A token of my support. So, happily I told my friends that i voted when Lisa informed me Daniel won! When I asked her what's the votes difference (not yet disclosed then) she actually replied that Daniel won by 4 votes!! Yeah, like I believed!! But even when i called them (Lisa, ML and CS) up, all still lied so convincingly but actually pulling my legs! Hmm.. at least I didn't pump in' RM50 worth of votes like those three did for Jac last year. :p

The `Three Dragon Tenors'

Meanwhile, the three accomplished tenors from Australia performed to a less than half-filled crowd at Genting International Showroom. But they did received warm response, including a standing ovation, for their performace. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Brief Updates

1. Caramel has found a home!

He has been officially adopted by Lynn's brother and sis-in-law, with Lynn being the unofficial caretaker. Guess it's a happy `ending' as my friend is already so attached to the pup that she hates to give him away to a total stranger! check out her blog for a little more detail.

2. The two Js amorous activity continues.

Yes, Jojo and Jelly are still like an item. Jojo is still horny and Jelly is now playing `hard to get' and at times making `first moves' even. There're lots and lots of body contacts which I shall not get into details in case there are underaged readers here.. :p

p.s. notice how short is my post? am too busy and tired from overwhelming workload these few days.. and for the days to come! Reason below....

Newsflash: The Malay Mail is undergoing a revamp and the `new look' will begin next Monday. Do buy and support us.. well, at least read my articles if nothing else is worth reading (joking of course ;))

Jojo's `Amorous Attack' on Jelly

Looks like having a neat, groomed appearance and nice smell does wondes - for humans and especially so for canines!

Jelly was back from her grooming session tonight looking all pretty and nice. Jojo could sense it miles away and got all excited! He actually stalked her, and for the next half an hour, tailed her, sniffed her out, licked her in her private area AND in a few instances, tried to mount her even! It was getting quite chaotic and I soon had to separate the two.

So was Jelly the victim or the willing participant in this rather raunchy session? I am not sure. Most time she seemed annoyed, was quite fierce and fought back (like normal). But at times, she just relented and seemed to enjoy the amorous advances of Jojo..

Hmm.. if Jelly were not spayed, I think I would be getting some `Goldie-schnauzer' pups pretty soon!

WARNING: 18SX Photos

Jojo getting amorous with Jelly Posted by Picasa

Jojo sniffying out Jelly's `ahem' and here she was just lying still...Posted by Picasa

Jelly began to get annoyed and looks like she wanted to cry rape! Posted by Picasa

Little Toys That Get the Two Js Excited

A Ribena Berry hand-held fan, when switched on.. Posted by Picasa

and a wind-up Yoda toy that can do somersault! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Pup Lynn Rescued (with a little help/encouragement from me)

This cute little pup is Caramel.. named by Lynn because of his cream skin and sweet nature I guess. He, along with a few other pups, were spotted by us at the grounds of KLPac last Sunday night after a show. They had been abandoned and left uncared for. But they looked so cute and still healthy. Lynn was so taken by the pups and she wanted to `rescue' at least one. I gave her some moral support and told her to do so! So Caramel was chosen as he seemed to be quite attached to Lynn. On the drive back to Lynn's house, he was sound asleep in her lap. Here is a pix taken in Lynn's house - he sleeps in such a cute position! Posted by Picasa

Caramel has been in Lynn's house for 48 hours now and according to her, initially he was quite timid but had become more spirited a day later - leaping around the house even. Now, my friend is still deciding whether to keep him (in addition to her longtime dog Razor) with a little help from her relative, or whether to find her a good home. Any potential dog owner? (but MUST treat Caramel well!) Posted by Picasa

Two Js in my bathroom

Jojo sleeping in the bathroom after he grew tired of chewing up things Posted by Picasa

Jelly in the tub - played with her last week and put her in my dry bath tub! Posted by Picasa

The Js' longing for their mommy's attention Posted by Picasa

`I Feel Bad..!'

If you had read Lynn's blog, you would know that for the last two nights I have been out reviewing concerts.. ie working, and even on Fri and Sat nights, I was only back home late.. The days too were so busy, thus also explained the absence of posts since Friday late nite..

Ok, to get to my story today.. while James Brown did an impressive and funky `I Feel Good' song at the concert last night.. the reverse was true for me after my discovery of what has happened to my two Js!!

I got home at 1:30am, after going back to office to file in news story for MM today.. (a more thorough review will be coming). I ate some instant noodle and had the company of Jojo and Jelly at the wee hour of the morning.. I noticed both were extra `manja' lately, especially Jojo.. Guess they were craving for attention and probably more time from me..

Sigh, I think I have kinda neglected them..

Seeing the longing look in Jelly's eyes as I tucked her into her crate, I decided to spend a few more minutes playing with her. So I let her out and turn her around to tickle her belly..

And then.. Gasp! I felt something..a few small lumps there!! I quickly switched on the lights and to my horror, they were actually ticks the size of a pea, sticking onto Jelly's belly!!

As I immediately took them out, I felt around her chest and underarms areas,GOSH, there were MORE ticks!! both big and smaller ones!! And when I took some out which were still alive, there were blood stain on the area where they were sucking blood from my poor little Jelly!

I lost count of the number ticks.. at least more than 20? (which i could detect anyway) I felt like screaming and crying! It was only like 5 days after I bathed her...she was clear of ticks then. But I know why, for one month I had been using an anti-ticks spray but it ran out two weeks ago, and I thought since no more ticks, I didn't need to continue. (also that the spray costs like RM69)

But obviously I was wrong! And poor Jelly had been attacked by those blood-sucking parasites!! I got rid of all I could find and used another anti-tick spray (mainly to kill the ticks but could be spray on the body too)

Then I let Jojo in again and checked on him. Poor thing also have a number of big ones but all in not as badly infested as Jelly. I sprayed him too after getting rid of the blood sucking stuff.

I really felt bad. Because not only were they infested by ticks, but some of their fur, especially Jelly's wiry type was all tangled up! I had no time to brush their hair for so many days.. or not to give myself excuse, I just forgotten..

I FEEL BAD. I feel like a busy mommy who neglects their children though supplying them with enough material goods. My two Js never lack toys or snacks or bones to chew but I know those are enough. I hadn't been giving them enough TLC, if not the ticks situation won't be that bad!

From now on, I must be more diligent. First thing, buy the effective anti-tick spray. And I need to play with them more often.

Sigh..I still feel bad... :(

p.s. I spent more time checking on their ticks and combing their hair this morning..

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Idol Phenomenon

Did something quite out of the blue tonight.. I followed my colleague to watch Malaysian Idol Spectacular Show LIVE in Shah Alam!

After all, this was the LAST Spec before the grand final next weekend at Genting Highlands, But no, i am not a fan. In fact, I have only caught about 3 shows (spec and result shows combined) this whole season. I also caught the pre-spec show where the Idols hopeful went through series of `auditions' and only a handful made it. But that was by accident as I didn't feel well that Friday night so I stayed at home.

However, as the elimination process took place and the contestants were narrow down to last four, the curiosity streak in me also thickened. I managed to catch last weekend's show and saw how Faizul was `kicked out'.

Unlike Jaclyn Victor who was a clear favourte with her impressive vocal prowess and style last year, I would say it is more an open game as all three have fair chances. So I thought it would be interesting to watch this Spec show live to see how they `battle' it out.. Personally I kinda favour Daniel - call me bias but I think he is quite sweet and for a change it would be nice to have a guy, especially a Chinese guy in the final!

Alas, Daniel didn't do too well tonight. He chose the wrong song for the Malay number and his diction for English song just couldn't do (he attempted Can You Feel The Love Tonight but sounded quite bad to me). Both Farah and Nita fared better and many were impressed, including the judges, by Farah's rendition of `All By Myself'.

What amazed me was not how these three finalists performed - I think they did pretty well overall considering they're not professional singers - but the crazy fans at Sri Pentas studio! I mean to me these three are just participants of a reality talent show, and well, at least one is on the road to stardom; but to these crazy fans, Daniel, Nita and Farah are ALREAY their idols!

The atmosphere was totatlly hot and my ear drums also suffered. There were unceasing loud screams and cheers when the idols were on stage and off stage. I felt as if I was in a pop concert of a top celebrity act! On top of that, these fans took the trouble to create posters with their `idol's' names and supportive messages on them, and kept waving these posters throughout the show.

I am sure some of these `fans' are family members and friends of the contestants but many more don't even know the three finalists. We bumped into a few young chaps carrying posters of Farah in the lift and they said they liked her and vote be voting, but they don't know her at all.

From the amount of cheers and posters, it was quite apparent that Farah's fans have outnumbered Daniel's and Nita's supporters. A group of fans even gave Farah a standing ovation after her last song!

Perhaps I am getting a bit old but I find all this intriguing. Well, I have had `idols' when I was younger.. in fact, many know I still do (loyal fan of Alan Tam) . But my `affection' for them was merely pinning up their posters or if got chance, attend their concerts. Yeah, I had cheered and screamed when they sang on stage...

But the fact is, they were already established and popular artistes who have released sellable albums and have thousands of fans in and outside their own countries.

So what makes these finalists become idols with so many loyal fans and supporters, despite having certain talents in singing and showmanship, is something I just could not comprehend. After all, they are still `normal' people doing things you and I do daily..

The same also applies to other contests such as Akademi Fantasia. Look at the Mawi phenomenon but I'm sure even BEFORE he grabbed the title, he already had girls and guys screaming their lungs out for him.

Anway, back to the three Idol finalists, I think Daniel's chance is slim to be contesting at Arena of Stars on Friday. I had hoped a guy and a Chinese (not repeating last year's Jac vs Dina scenario) could be in the final but I am not placing my hope high.

I can hear die hard fans saying: do your bit and VOTE for him!

But Sorry lah, while for last year's final, I was influenced by some MI fanatic friends to send smses to vote for Jac, I won't be spending a sen this time on deciding who is the next Malaysian Idol. (each sms costs 50 sen)

Anyway, none of them look like they lack any votes anyway.. And whoever it is that wins the prestigious `MI' title next Saturday night, the other two are already idols in their own right.

p.s.Forgot to mention earlier that I `accidentally' won a set of tickets to MI Finale! The hosts were giving out free tix during commercial breaks with give-away questions. Thanks to a lady near me who gave a wrong answer to something I knew (who does the idols' hair? she answered Maggie Loo!) my friend made me put my hands up and yeah, the mike came to me and I said `Winnie Loo' and received the tix!'s unlikely I will go - already have something on and also, not that crazy enough to go all the way there alone. Anyone wants ONE set of tix to MI Finale? Let me know..

Update (Sun nite) - I predicted wrongly. Apparently having more fans at the Specs doesn't nec. mean you are more popular overall.. Don't know how everyone voted but the results came as a pleasant surprise! Yes, Daniel got throught to the Final and had most votes! Joining him is Nita, who I actually thought has the best voice and showmanship out of the trio. Apparently the votes were really close.. and a tearful farewell to Farah and her devoted fans. So, it should be an interesting Grand Finale Show and now I'm beginning to think whether I should go... :p

MI Top 3

Nita, Daniel and Farah - idols with strong fan base! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 15, 2005

`Fruit-Tasting' for the 2 Js

The whole family know that both Jojo and Jelly love to eat apple. But they hate orange and would spit out as it is sour.

Tonight, we had three types of fruits - banana, papaya and guava. Since the two Js were around me, I decided to carry out a `fruit-tasting' experiement. I gave a little bit of each fruit to both of them.

Guess what's the result?

Jojo spat out the sweet banana but loved the papaya. Guava? he didn't like it either.

But Jelly the greedy little glutton swallowed the banana, the papaya AND even the guava! On top of that ate up what Jojo had spat up!

Haha, now we know why she is fat while Jojo managed to stay so trim. But on the other hand, not choosy in eating is actually a virtue.. aint it? ;)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Superstar in Action

one of Jackie Chan's photo shots for his fitness centre Posted by Picasa

Triple Dose of the Famous J.C.

Today I had an overdose of `the most famous Chinese man in the world'.

Although I have never really thought of Jackie Chan as that, but the accolade given by his new movie co-star, Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat is not that far fetched if you think about it.

Who doesn't know Jackie Chan? Which of you have never watched his movie before?

Although I am not a mega fan, I must say that I've practically watched ALL his movies since the late 1970s, somehow... And since I'm covering Chinese entertainment now, I had also met him in person. And yeah, he's pretty nice for a mega superstar.

Anyway, back to the `overdose' of J.C.

This morning I woke up earlier than usual for the media preview of `The Myth', J.C.'s latest movie that will open on Sept 23. It was rather interesting and enjoyable, with a clever plot and I like the way it's filmed. I won't devulge more but just say it's entertainment and also historically and culturally enlightening. As you can guess form the title, it is something different from the usual J.C. action flicks (think Police Story) but with mythical and unrealistic contents. It has all the ingredients of a successful commercial movie - action, thrills, humour and even romance (yeah, u hear right) shot in exotic locations across Asia.

So we got to see two hours of Jackie Chan solid. As usual, he dominates the whole movie.

After that, a group of us journos had lunch at Mid Valley. Most of the others decided to `lepak' before the press conference with J.C., Mallika and`The Myth' director Stanley Tong at 3:30pm.I, meanwhile, had to clear and send in some stories and rushed back to office which is fortunately near by.

To everyone's astonishment, the P.C. started early. Yes, not on time but earlier than the stated time. Thus many reporters were late, including me who was stuck in the Jln Bukit Bintang crawl. So we missed the beginning bit but others filled us in. (we might be from rival papers but we always help each other).

It was held at the plush Carlton Convention Centre adjacent to the ever-so-quiet (and posh too) Star Hill Gallery.

Needless to say, it was J.C., who is also the producer of the movie who dominated the scene. Poor director and scriptwriter Stanley Tong (Police Story 3&4, Rumble in the Bronx, China Strike Force) only got to say a few sentences while Mallika got her fair share of limelight.

But her over-the-top flattering praises for J.C. - the most famous chinese man, a living legend, the man with the best director, writer, actresses in his movies etc.. etc. - was just too much and made me want to puke.

(This is my only avenue to say it out as I obviously can't so describe her like that in my article - for those who don't know, I write for The Malay Mail Buzz - entertainment section.)
Anyway, the p.c. lasted pretty long. I even had chance to ask J.C. a couple of questions which he looked me in the eyes when he replied. (read my article to find out :p) This time round, there were limited one-on-one and only reserved for Chinese papers. The Star meanwhile had earlier asked to interview Mallika, which I'm glad I don't need to do so.

I was dying to go to gym as I have been planning to since last Thursday. So after some tea and chit-chatting, I decided to drive back to Mid Valley first and then only go back to office to work for a while.

When I entered the gym, guess who I saw again?

J.C.! There are several giant posters and banners with a beaming Jackie in various challenging poses - including an upside down hand-stand! There is even a corner that has a list of his filmography and photographs of his move roles.

Of course, all these `decorations' have been there for months now. After all, the full name of my gym is `California Fitness Jackie Chan Sport'. Mr J.C. had joint venture with the fitness chain and own one centre each in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singpore.

So there you are. Triple dose of a celebrity `J' today and I feel a little `tired' already...

On the other hand though, I would never grow tired of seeing my two Js.. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fun Time With Each Other

The Js' favourite place.. my room! And they like to be either in the bathroom or here next to the floor curtain. Posted by Picasa

Normally the `rule of the game' begins when Jelly aggrevates Jojo first...  Posted by Picasa

Jojo and Jelly turned upside down when they play rough with one another! Posted by Picasa

The two Js taking a break from attacking each other.. Posted by Picasa

Jojo and Jelly having their `rough play'. Here, both dogs are pretty crazy and you can see the aggressive look of Jojo. Posted by Picasa

Why? Jojo, Why?

I just don't know what to do with Jojo anymore.

If u have been reading my blog, you would have read about his misbehaviour.. his `monstrous' and disruptive ways. But I just found out that it is more serious than that. He has a violent streak.

Jojo bit me last night. It was not too serious thank goodness but it was enought to make me really upset and angry. Ok, he did not do it out of the blue but because I was disciplining him.

I hit him. I just had to after what he did. Not only did he repeatedly mess up and chew up things in my room, he also purposely stay put under the basin of my bathroom and refused to move. Even dad couldn't get him to come out.. Finally I had to coax and cheat him by pretending to take Jelly for a walk. Even then he came out to grab a piece of paper in my bin first to chew (again!)

Finally he did come downstairs, BUT he appeared to be smug and running away from me when I called him. With some difficulty, I managed to put a leash on him (his wounds on the neck had cleared totally by then)

I tied him by the fence. At that time, I just had to punish him so without thinking too much, I used one of his collars to whack him ( I could not find his cane anymore). This was the first time I hit him in close to two months. I just needed to teach him a lesson, I thought.

But I didn't anticipate that he reacted so violently! He jumped and attacked me on my stomach! It was like de vaju for he did that to my dad some time back. Fortunately the bite was not too serious - there was red and blue black mark now - but it was more the emotional scar that it brought.

I was fuming. Standing further away so that he would not reach me, I gave Jojo some hard beating. I decided to punish him by leaving hm tied for the night. After all, it was already past midnight so it would be only a few hours before my maids woke up.

To really teach him a lesson, I thought of doing something more `cruel' and drastic. I tied Jojo in the empty lot next door but near to our side of the fence. Amazingly, as if knowing he did wrong, Jojo did not bark but just stayed there.

In the next hour before I slept, I had the urge to bring him back to our house. But I hardenede my heart.

Finally he was there till morning when my maids looked for him and found him next door. I decided to ignore him. Anyway, I was out quite early in the morning and returned in the evening.

When I came down from my car, Jojo came to me like usual, wagging his tail. But I ignored him.

But the silent treatment was sort of broken when I had to give him water and food. That I won't deny him of course. I also called his name accidentally and he looked at me with this pathetic and longing look in his eyes.. I know he`missed' me but I believe he knows I am angry because of what he did last night - including biting his mommy!

One of my maids then told me these days Jojo is becoming more scary and difficult. Last time they could put a leash on him but now, he would be aggressive and in a few instances, he even bit them. Either on their hands or legs!! But it was not too serious thank goodness.

My maids have never hit him before.

I think I need to speak to the dog trainer again and if necessary, send Jojo for training with him.. I feel upset and quite bothered. I feel I can relate to parents who has a `bad' and rebellious son. Although they love the son, they might have not disciplined and brought him up the right way.. nevertheless, they still love him and want the best for him..

Jojo.. would you ever been a good son..?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Rid The Owl and the Internet Addict

After attending three night of KVBC (Klang Valley Bible Conference). and especially tonight's sermon entitled `Living at the End of the Way' by speaker Michael Raiter, I felt convicted to do something about my life.

No, I haven't felt called to be a full time missionary (yet). :p

Rather, it's something more basic but very important: to get my lifestyle back in order so I can spend more quality and quantity of time with God and to serve Him with zeal.

In other words, I need to kill my owlish sleeping habit and curb my addiction on the Internet - especially online chatting AND blogging.

Which means, from today (September 9, 2005) onwards, I will try very hard (coz it's against my writing habit) to have short posts. And more sparing too. I will not carry long conversation on yahoo/msn if it's late..

It's terrible. Since returning from my holiday, I have been sleeping at 4am almost every night, or rather, morning. I wake up at noon. Yeah, I feel kinda bad going into work so late although we observe flexi hours and my ed does not comment. I don't feel productive.

What do i do at home? Besides playing with my dogs (not that long) I spend hours in front of my PC - either chatting, surfing, blogging, reading/tidying emails, reading other people's blogs etc etc.. Poor Jelly feels so bored in my room and she always just sleeps..

Yes, I pray hard that I would indeed live up to this new `resolution'. Because I want to live a more fruitful life and meaningful life for the Lord..

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

`Puppy Love'

I was pretty excited when I received several sms-es last Thursday morning (was in HK) from ML saying that their dog Forrest was in the process of giving birth! That was fast I thought. Then I found out later dog's pregnancy lasts only 60 days.

Since I got back last weekend, i planned to go see the five pups and finally tonight, I sort of self-invited myself to ML's place :p (but I was told I am welcomed anytime.) Coz I know if I procrastinate, the pups would have grown in size. I couldn't remember I have ever had a close encounter with newborn pups!

I brought Mee Mee along with me as we came from the first night of
KVBC (Klang Valley Bible Conference). She was as if not more excited than me to see the pups! Lynn who visited the pups told me roughly the size so I more or less had an idea who small they were.. But still I was awed to see them for real and it was such a delight to have tiny new lives in my hand..

They are black and are differentiated by the different white stripe patterns on their chest. They look even more jet black than their mom (a black/silver Miniature Schnauzer).

They were five-and-a-half-day old and their eyes were still closed. Their tails had been clipped on the third day (for Schnauzer somehow the pedigree standard means having short tails) . Poor things as I was told they cried so loudly. They could crawl quite slowly from one place to another...

But overall they look pretty vulnerable and helpless.. It makes me wonder how the stray pups survive but I guess the mother dog takes up the responsibility to protect and care for her pups.

That's the case for Forrest, who is barely a year old but has become a first time mother. According to Jia Ling, ML's niece and the offical dogs owner of the family, Forrest still likes to play but she would always look out for her children after a shortwhile. The pups are kept in a basket upstairs and she would often go up to see them and feed them.

Mee Mee asked whether it's troublesome to clean up after the pups but ML's sis told us that Forrest would actually lick and clean up all the mess (ie poo and urine) of the pups! Eeek..

And yes, Forrest can be protective but at least she is sporting enough to let us play with the pups. :)

Guess what? I had my packed dinner (courtesy of Mee Mee's mom) while watching a video of the birth process! I wasn't squirmish as I was pre-warned what to expect. It was quite enlightening..

Needless to say, I snapped many pictures of the pups since I brought along my camera and so did Mee Mee (using her phone).

Oh, when I reached home, Jojo and Jelly definitely could smell something different as they kept sniffing me!

Mee Mee's hands trying to bring the pups together. You can see how tiny they are! Posted by Picasa

The five siblings snuggling up to one another.. three of them had been named - Noir, Ebony and Bella and a host of other names were being considered for the remaining two. Posted by Picasa

Although they're born within a hour or two, the sizes differ quite a bit as can be seen in these two. The only male happens to be the smallest in size! Posted by Picasa

Three is not a crowd. The pups just sleep where-ever they're placed! In this case the living room floor. Posted by Picasa

New mom Forrest with her young puppies..motherhood has made her tired but she looks happy nonetheless! Posted by Picasa