Monday, August 31, 2009

My 3rd junk sale and the biggest!

Today I'll be taking part at The No Plastic Bag Bazaar as a vendor - sharing a stall with my friend Hazlin.

Organised by The Recyclists and with a little help from the expert of junk sale Threadszoo, it's a pretty big event that includes the participation of many local celebs (performing, auctioning) as well as a huge area for vendors. Mind you, most of them I can see are in the businesses..

So I really hope among all the `competition', some people will be buying our preloved junks! :p Anyhow I'm glad to be part of it as the event is for a good cause - to remind people to go green and to raise funds for Furry Friends Farm and Malaysian Nature Society.

This time round, I'm still selling things like clothings (ya.. there're loads I don't want anymore and also many that're now way too big for me!) , handbags and accessories - the latter took quite a lot of time to sort out! On top of that, I'm also selling books - mainly novels, and thanks to the contribution by my Italian teacher.. she had read so many books esp chick lits (in English, not Italian :p). And then I'm also selling some unsued knick knacks like handphone pouches, key rings etc...

Here's just a brief summary of my products for sale:
  • Close to 30 or so dresses/blouses with hangers (to be hung on my friend's cloth rack)
  • A small suitcase full of tank tops, t-shirts, shirts and blouses
  • A large box full of handbags of various sizes
  • A large box full of skirts and a few pants
  • A huge basket containing accessories in various boxes - earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair clips etc etc.. pouches to give away
  • Two boxes full of books - chick lits and others
  • Another bag containing the knick knacks
  • Not for sale: a huge bag with money box, stationary box, cardboard, small plastic bags and pouches, mirror etc..
Ya, as you can see.. that's quite a lot to bring! Quite relieved that my parents were so sweet to want to company me and help me to transport the stuff and to set up the stall! In fact my maid will be coming too.. hehe, at least there's something for them to do on Merdeka Holiday!

Actually packing the things weren't so bad thought it took up quite a lot of time.. the worse was when I had to take out old books or other stuff, the dirt made me sneeze so badly the whole evening.. used up so many tissues!! :( Thank goodness, I'm done and just had a cup of hot honey lemon plus a Clarinese pill.. so finally the runny nose has improved a bit..

So hope to it will be a fruitful and fun day.. more updates later!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Four `Entertaining' Weekends..

It's been a month of Chinese entertainment overload..!! Ya, I think I've had enough of Chinese live-shows and concerts for a while - for the last four weekends, I've attended four shows! Half of them for work and half for leisure.

This should be the record since I left my life as a entertainment (read: Chinese entertainment) journalist with the paper almost three years ago..

No, i'm not complaining - it can be tiring but I thoroughly enjoyed almost all of them.. and would have wanted to watch it anyway and ended up I didn't pay a cent for it.. :p

The first one - Astro Star Quest Finals - would not be something I would have watched live - maybe on television. And this year I didn't even follow the competition at all... Then just a day before the finals in Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil, an ed called me up and since I do need jobs and money, of course I made myself available..

I was seated in the comfort of Putra Stadium press seat with a table.. and it was actually quite entertaining and enjoyable despite I had no knowledge of these up-and-coming youngsters were. Must say I was quite impressed in particular by two of them - Kah Fai and Min - who eventually emerged as first runner-up and the winner!! The only grouses was the whole thing was pretty long as there were many rounds of contests - and all those commerical breaks in between since it was aired live on Astro.. And as the responsible (ahem) writer that I am, I also stayed back to interview the winners although I had not much space for the write-up anyway..

Then the following weekend.. was a show I really wanted to watch. Although no one asked me to review it, I was fortunate to obtain two comp tickets from the organiser of SuperBand - that's made up of four unique and talented musicians/singers from Taiwan - Lo Ta-yu, Jonathan Lee, Wakin Chau and Chang Chen-yue.

My sis in HK has watched this concert and told me it was really good (and she is the picky type when it comes to concerts) and so I was really looking forward to it and definitely I was not disappointed. In fact, I rated it as the best concert I've been to this year and maybe even in recent years!! Their repertoire was splended and nostalgic (ok, I'm from some their eras) and they really showcased what they could do with their voices and instruments individually and as a band. And boy, just loved the way they jammed together.. Their combined age was 190! But to me, they beat any young hot boyband hands down. :) And so ya, myself and my friend really enjoyed it.. the bonus was I daringly mingled myself into the press seats (which were better than my ticket seats) after there were extra seats there!

I attended the Michael Hui's press conference a few weeks earlier and was quite keen to catch his talk show in Genting Highland. Unfortunately, the editor I was contributing to did not want a review but fortunately I know the organiser's boss whom I've covered quite a no. of his shows and he has asked me to just go. But because it was a hot sold-out show - Michael Hui's first ever show in Malaysia or outside HK for that matter - I was told in the last minute that I could get into the stadium but there were no seats allocated for me!!

But again, my lucky (entertainment) star was shining and my friend and I who specially drove up to Genting were `rewarded' with seats - quite good ones too - among the photographers. And we had such a good time laughing our heads off with his jokes. Michael Hui has many interesting stories and anacdotes to tell.. The audience loved it so much that he obliged by even singing a song at the end.. And like I put on my FB, it is a refreshing change from the usual concerts! Great show :)

Finally.. (I really hope I don't have any concert next week.. :S) I thought I would have given Eason Chan a miss this time as I mistakenly thought the concert was on Saturday and I was on worship duty on early Sunday morning. But turn out I was asked to do a review and the concert was Sunday evening.. at Sunway Lagoon Surf Pool - the same stage of MTV World Stage Live the night before.

For once, I was shocked to find out that they did not allocate any areas, let alone, any seats for the press! I was ushered to this `red zone area' - already jam packed with people right in front of the stage.. I squeezed myself through but guess what, I was blocked by a few tall guys and hardly had space to move let alone jot down notes for my review! The speakers were blaring and made my heart thump. Seriously, I'm not fit nor young enough to stand in such condition for 3 hours!!

To cut a long story short, I squeezed my way out of that crazy zone and stood at the side where some reporters were.. but 20 mins later, I already felt tired and spotted some chairs by some food stalls so there was where I sat by myself the whole night..

Fortunately, Eason's wonderful performance and music redeemed that earlier terrible experience.. Although i could only see the screen from side way and hardly the stage.. I still enjoyed the concert. He even did a medley of the 80s classics including Alan Tam's Love Trap and his own beautiful numbers.. It was even better than his first concert I watched I felt.. so much so I stayed till last song and as I walked out, fireworks broke into the sky.. a very long and elaborate one.

I guess Eason's concert - plus all the three previous ones had inspired me to blog despite my tiredness.. (got up at 6:50am this morning!)

What a crazy life for a aging freelance (entertaiment) writer who should actually settle for less `exciting' jobs :p But no, I'm not complaining.. :)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

What a `Tit Tar' experience!

Usually my dad has pretty good recommendations - especially when it comes to food. But this time, I hoped I hadn't taken his advice..

You see, because of my sprained foot that was getting move painful overnight, i was planning to go to a professional tit tar place which i went before in Sea Park, PJ when i sprained my foot/ankle two years back.

But then my dad said I should go to the one `near' our place. They are very good and professional and always have lots of customers (or patients?)

So I took his advise, thinking that PJ is a bit far to drive all the way.. but.. the whole tit tar experience turned out to be quite an ordeal..

First, it wasn't exactly near.. it's almost 20 mins drive (just 5 more I would reach that tit tar place in PJ! ) Can you imagine just to see a tit tar, I waited a whole TWO hours before getting treatment. When you enter the place, you feel you're in a time warp - that you've entered a 1950s Chinese shoplot. Maybe it was older even. And ya, the whole place was quite dingy andd run down.. they even boil their medicine (i guess its for application) in the toilet!

(I wished i had taken some photos!)

I know what made my dad think they're so good. Cos the place is always full with people. It's extremely popular among the local folks - especially middle age and elderly men and I guess for that reason I thought i was in the right place..

When we reached, we had to pick a card with a no. and then just wait for your turn. My no. was `26' and after quite a long while, someone came out from one of the rooms and a woman shouted `10'. I knew I was in for a loooong wait... and true enough..

After making some important calls, poured all through the Chinese papers my mom brought (good thing I have her company) and doing some sms, went to toilet twice, I began to feel impatient.. It was nearly 1pm and we had been there for almost 2 hours!!

FINALLY, my turn came.. I was greeted by a grouchy-looking man whom I figured out was the sifu going to treat me.. After taking my seat and as I began to relate what happened to me (I fell, and hurt my left foot etc) he just didn't seem interested but started doing some `massage checks' on both my feet, calves and even body.

Being the outspoken person I am, I just asked why was he checking other parts of my body but instead of replying he snapped at me and ordered me to turn around and even checked my back. To be honest, my intention wasn't to question what he did (he surely has a reason) but just want to know more. But instead, he just snubbed at me saying that I had no idea of what he does so there is no point he wants to answer me.. Now I can't remember exactly our conversation but some ppl may think we were arguing.. But I just wanted to clarify my point..

And when I said why was he so grouchy, he admitted it and said how could he be in a good mood just after a fight with someone. And I was unlucky to be treated next!!

Inside I was rolling my eyes big time. Ok, now I guess I know whey he was in a foul mood was pretty rude. Anyways, although we didn't get off in a good start, at least he took quite a long time to massage my left foot and leg.

However, as I tried to seek his advise, he wasn't being helpful and gave ambiguous answers. He didn't tell me what was wrong with my foot.. I said some ppl think it's better to go for x-ray then he would ask why I decided to see them. And whether I think I should need X-ray?

You can tell he was not professionally trained.. and he never admitted he was. In fact, he later disclosed he learned `tit ta' from his father-in-law and brother-in-law, who were the founders of this tit ta place. He also said their tit tar style is unique in that no one else in KL do it this way.. And that the amount of people who come to them is already a testimony..

Anyways, at least the `urut' part wasn't that painful. And after asking him again, he just said it wasn't that serious and I just should walk fast. But when I asked him whether he thinks I should go to Genting this Saturday (going for Michael Hui's talk show), he said just try to `adjust'.. he was saying I can walk and function normallly, but later he sorta contradicted himself and said I better rest my foot more..

At one point, another man (he said was the sifu of this place) came in and just touched my legs/feet and stepped on my left foot (where the swell was but surprising, it wasn't that painful)

He did spend quite a lot of time massaging my foot and leg. In the last part, I was asked to lie on my tummy on a bed - for him to urut the foot and leg form another angle. And there was a pillow there and I couldn't help wondering how clean it was but too late I was lying on it!!

I was given the `tit tar jau' and also some `tit tar pills' (even my dad said he was sceptical and didn't take those last time). And before I could say anything he said it's up to me as many of his patients couldn't be bother to put on/ eat medication at home. I said i wanted to heal fast so I will but he still said the same thing..

But finally, after paying (it was a reasonable RM35) the man suddenly softened and said he felt he was a bit in the wrong in the beginning.. To which I said no worries..

When we got home, it was 2pm. We left house before 11am. I could have done or rested with all those waiting time wasted!!

Ok, I know I should give them the benefit of the doubt.. maybe the urut and the medication really work.. But, even so, I doubt very much I would ever go back there shall I need a tit tar agan!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

another foot disaster...

Just as I am getting busy with quite a few things going on - work and others - this has to happen..!!

Sigh. I think I've sprained my left foot. And it's quite painful now.

I fell down.

I was going to my vocal class this afternoon and spotted a empty parking space by the roadside (normally I would park inside but sometimes hard to find parking and is charged) Thinking that roadside parking was free so I was quite happy.. and then as I walked on, I saw parking meter on the roadside and I was thinking and contemplating whether I should pay. And also when did they put up the meters? So as my mind was focused on the meter, I didn't pay attention to my feet.. I didn't know that was the end of the pavement and I stepped onto the uneven and muddy ground and fell, landing on my butt!!

I immediately got up (kinda embarrassing) and in a way relief there was no one near by.. My peddle-pusher got muddy and i felt some sharp pain on my left foot. Nevertheless I could still walk..

As i needed to climb two flights of stairs to my class and was running late, I sat down at the mamak stall nearby and called my teacher. He was kind enough to come down and see me.. And since I seemed ok, shortly after, we walked up and proceeded for class.. but i felt the left foot a bit strained and sometimes sang sitting down!

I know I should have gone home and attend to the foot after class.. but then I didn't think it was serious.. and I had a prior appointment at the centre for my final rounds of (slimming) treatment. If I didn't go today, I won't have time to go this week again.. So I thought never mind, I just needed to lie down most of the time anyway..

But, when I finished about two hours later, I realised I was already limping. The pain on my left foot was more.

After reached home and showered, I rubbed on some `Zhen gu shui' (famous Chinese ointment for sprains) and even bandaged up my left foot. I also skipped my choir practice.. in a way I'm glad I did.. Coz from then onwards, the foot just got more and more painful.. so much so that i find it hard to walk even.. I had to walk really slowly and quite awkwardly. But thankfully when the foot is still, there isn't too much pain.

I got advise on Facebook that I need to see a `Tit Ta' sifu as soon as possible.

But what bothers me is not so much the pain.. yes that too, but this stupid sprained foot would probably jeapodise my tomorrow's schedule! I have quite a busy day coming. I don't think my interviewee (who seems so busy and impulsive) is happy that i have to reschedule the appointment tomorrow. And then I have my Italian class which I always look forward to.

And then, in the evening, I have booked to watch KakiBlue musical with my friend! We already paid for it... and if I really can't go, it's a bit hard for my friend to find someone else to go with her. And on top of it, while collecting the tickets, I need to produce my credit card (which I used to book over the phone!) How..?

So now I just hope and pray that tomorrow it will not be worse..

All because of that stupid meter.. (ok, and I was careless myself) :(