Wednesday, August 05, 2009

another foot disaster...

Just as I am getting busy with quite a few things going on - work and others - this has to happen..!!

Sigh. I think I've sprained my left foot. And it's quite painful now.

I fell down.

I was going to my vocal class this afternoon and spotted a empty parking space by the roadside (normally I would park inside but sometimes hard to find parking and is charged) Thinking that roadside parking was free so I was quite happy.. and then as I walked on, I saw parking meter on the roadside and I was thinking and contemplating whether I should pay. And also when did they put up the meters? So as my mind was focused on the meter, I didn't pay attention to my feet.. I didn't know that was the end of the pavement and I stepped onto the uneven and muddy ground and fell, landing on my butt!!

I immediately got up (kinda embarrassing) and in a way relief there was no one near by.. My peddle-pusher got muddy and i felt some sharp pain on my left foot. Nevertheless I could still walk..

As i needed to climb two flights of stairs to my class and was running late, I sat down at the mamak stall nearby and called my teacher. He was kind enough to come down and see me.. And since I seemed ok, shortly after, we walked up and proceeded for class.. but i felt the left foot a bit strained and sometimes sang sitting down!

I know I should have gone home and attend to the foot after class.. but then I didn't think it was serious.. and I had a prior appointment at the centre for my final rounds of (slimming) treatment. If I didn't go today, I won't have time to go this week again.. So I thought never mind, I just needed to lie down most of the time anyway..

But, when I finished about two hours later, I realised I was already limping. The pain on my left foot was more.

After reached home and showered, I rubbed on some `Zhen gu shui' (famous Chinese ointment for sprains) and even bandaged up my left foot. I also skipped my choir practice.. in a way I'm glad I did.. Coz from then onwards, the foot just got more and more painful.. so much so that i find it hard to walk even.. I had to walk really slowly and quite awkwardly. But thankfully when the foot is still, there isn't too much pain.

I got advise on Facebook that I need to see a `Tit Ta' sifu as soon as possible.

But what bothers me is not so much the pain.. yes that too, but this stupid sprained foot would probably jeapodise my tomorrow's schedule! I have quite a busy day coming. I don't think my interviewee (who seems so busy and impulsive) is happy that i have to reschedule the appointment tomorrow. And then I have my Italian class which I always look forward to.

And then, in the evening, I have booked to watch KakiBlue musical with my friend! We already paid for it... and if I really can't go, it's a bit hard for my friend to find someone else to go with her. And on top of it, while collecting the tickets, I need to produce my credit card (which I used to book over the phone!) How..?

So now I just hope and pray that tomorrow it will not be worse..

All because of that stupid meter.. (ok, and I was careless myself) :(


Anonymous said...

Hey.... take care of that leg k ET...

jesscet said...

Thanks Pat :)