Thursday, June 30, 2005

5 Mintues of Wild Freedom

I `sacrificed' Jojo's freedom for five mintues of Jasor's.

I was taking the two Js for short walk in the early morning and passed Jasor's house. Obviously the boy I spoke to couldn't do anything, the poor dog was still chained up.

As the maid has left the gate opened, my two dogs rushed in and wanted to play with Jasor. Then suddenly I had an idea. I released Jasor and chained up Jojo instead! I then brought Jasor and Jelly for a walk, telling the startled maid I will be back for my dog soon.

Why I can't be taking THREE dogs together so Jojo has to stay for a while.

Could it be due to the long term chained-up, Jasor went wild and kept attacking Jelly - by that I meant playfully but quite rought, so much so that Jelly got annnoyed and barked out loud.

Jojo meanwhile, was crying from my neighbour's house as we took a short walk and came back.

I petted Jasor, by now, his face litted up and tail wagging gaily, and reluctantly chained him back. The maid was shooting daggers at me with her eyes.

Jojo stopped barking when I took him back and Jasor sat on the floor with a resigned look on his face.

For five minutes, Jojo knew how it felt to be slighted and chained up, Jelly knew how it was to be bullied as she is always the bullier.

And for five minutes, poor Jasor got a taste of wild freedom....

I decided that I may do it again.. soon even. :p

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dog in Distress

This is Jasor, taken when he was having a good time in our garden with the two Js. Now he always looks so miserable in his house being chained up all the time Posted by Hello

Busybody for doggie's welfare

Ok, some might think that I am such a busybody but after months of enduring what I saw, I just had to speak it out to the right person.

This is about Jasor, one of the neighbour's Golden Retriever, which for the last three months, has been constantly chained to a huge Jeep in the garden. The area is not under the shade too.

Well, at times, they do bring him out for a walk, like that time the three Js played together. But it is just once in a while. Whether anyone is home or not, day or night, poor Jasor is always stuck at one place. Freedom is a word that eludes him.

Once when the owner (man of the house) was near my place, I took the opportunity to gently bring it out and all he said was: the dog always wants to chew their shoes! HELLO!! Can't you keep your shoes in a cupboard like we do? Of course, I just kept quiet.

Tonight, when I brought the Js for a short walk and passed Jasor's home, Jelly suddenly let out a few howls and cries, as if to protest for her good friend. Poor Jasor gave that blank, lifeless look as usual, so different when he was allowed to be out walking or playing with my Js. I really fear he would become `retarded' due to inactivity.

Then the eldest boy, about 14, came out and immediately, I summoned him to the gate and told him I needed to talk to him. I gave him a mini sermon, chastising them for not treating Jasor properly as the dog needs its space too. I told him having a dog is like having a kid, you must not treat it like a toy with no feelings.

I talked on, and I knew he was listening for about three minutes. Then I told him, since he is the oldest son, he probably has some power of influence on his parents. Please do the necessary I said before I call in the SPCA.

All the while, he was putting his head down, not talking back, as if ashame. I just hope he realised what they had been doing was wrong.

As I walked home, I couldn't help feel good about what I did although I am not sure whether this would influence and change Jasor's fate to the better.

Well, at least I did what I could. And I won't hesitate speaking to the father if necessary!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Heavenly Doggies? ;)

Will we see such cutieis in Heaven? Gosh so many pupGoldies can really be a handful! Posted by Hello

Fit for Heaven? Five cute little Shephard pups Posted by Hello

Animals in Heaven..

Had this debate online with my friend Ms L last night. Yeah you guess right, we talked on whether there will be animals and especially dogs in Heaven.

Well, my always belief ever since I became a Christian is that `good animals' are found in heaven, but the creepy crawlies, those blood suckers and disease spreaders - think rats, mosquitos etc..are probaly recreated or banished for good. I know, `Good' and `bad' again are subjective. And I won't waste time and breath to argue whether a toad or a lizard will be in heaven.

But dogs.. hmmm.. could I have been influenced by cartoon like `All Dogs Go to Heaven?'... but i really think that if God has created these animals in the first place, and take pain to preserve them through the Flood in the safe abode of Noah's Ark, then why wouldn't He allow animals in heaven?

When I questioned Ms L why she thinks there won't be animal in heaven, she said `beacuse animals don't have souls'. Hey, but wait! I immediate correct her and I take any challenges on this. Animals DO have souls. Look at your dogs or cats, do they feel happy or sad? are they emotional? Thats why they are animals and not plants.. They feel pain! They feel joy and even anxiety..! I am talking about mammals goat, horses, dogs, lions etc...

BUT, animals DON'T have a spirit like human beings. In Genesis, we read that we are made in the image of God, and God Himself breathed life into us, gave us part of His spirit. And if we are Christians, God's Holy Spirit fill us. And THAT spirit, of course, was not given to dogs or any animals. Like Ms L rightly pointed out, they can't tell the right from wrong - no moral values like humans (well, most humans)

However, my point is, God being God, I still believe He is fair and just, and remember He is also a creative God. So I can just foresee a new heaven and earth.. (actually we're touching on theological subject to the non-Christians reading this, I hope you just bear with me) which is a perfect copy of the original world that God has created.

It also depends on what you mean by heaven. As Christians, we know heaven is not some silly cloud fill places where people are dressed in white robes and angels playing harps.. It is a place where God's people go to after they die physicially. But when I mention heaven, to me it is the new heaven and earth that is eternal, that prevails after Christ has come to judge and rule the earth. That we will live there in our new immortal, incorruptible body forever and ever...

To all my Christian friends, is it true that God would not let animal be part of the new heaven and earth? If there is this new Jeruselem (as opposed to the fallen old one), then the new earth itself is even bigger and more vast, and of course more beautiful and totally perfect. New Jerusalem is the new capital city (as you can put it that way) of the new Heaven and Earth. In Revelation, we read that this new landscape is still very much a mystery and the mysterious revealed to us include that there will be no night, and there is no sea.

Perculiar? But we take His word for it and we know the place will be indeed beautiful. However, I don't remember reading in the Bible there will be no animals in heaven. Remember analogies like when the lamb will lie next to the lion? It paints a beautiful picture of the harmony we live in in a sinless new heaven and earth.

Anway, as Ms L also rightly pointed out, we can argue till the cow goes home and I added that let us see only on that day. So, what I want to say is.. it is not an important issue. We know that because God is fair and just and He himself will plan and see the plan goes forth. We as His imperfect created beings are given special blessings to be told what we need to know.

(so why you bring this topic out? you ask and chastise.. hmm maybe just to boost my own ego.. haha since i can present my side of the point but Ms L and her supporters can always comment )

At this moment, I still believe what I have shared and Ms L having sticks to her conclusion after doing some researches herself, being an animal lover herself. I have a feeling more people may tend to be of her view.. or some just don't know. As I say it doesn't matter. Whether we believe this or another, God's mind has been made up and not changed.

Well, I just think that life in Heaven will be so much more beautiful with a Jojo or Jelly.... Really, can you imagine a big beautiful world with just humans (immortal ones) and no animals?

I think God can do better than that.. ;)

p.s. having said all that, I know it is my `wish-belief'...and will not complain whatever beholds me in heaven on that day.. coz its already too great to be there!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jojo is TWO today!

Happy Birthday Jojo! Here's a photo taken on his birthday eve, with his newest favourite toy he was so possessive on. Now this big friendly but stubborn monster is two already! Time really flies... Posted by Hello

My Birthday Diary!

Couldn't believe I've forgotten Jojo's birthday today till evening! It totally slipped my mind till something just hit me while I had a shower to prepare to go out to dinner with my parents.

But to think of it, he has been acting like a `KING' today anyway.. a naughty and monstrous one that is. We were quite upset but now in hindsight...since it's his birthday, we can give the allowance.

Welcome to Jojo's secret diary on his birthday. Woof! Woof!

6:30am: I am surprised that mommy opens the back door to look for me! I thought she wanted to greet me happy birthday. But no, she obviously has forgotten but I am very happy that she lets me into the house so early!

6:45am: Playing with Jelly. She actually remembers my birthday and invites me to play with her and chew her new bone! :D I hear gong gong is woken too. Oh, in fact, he is coming out of his room too. Quite early for him too although he always gets up much earlier than mommy and por por.

6:55am: I thought they are taking
me and Jelly out for a walk but horrors! They are heading to the car! My mommy's tall car! Silly Jelly already jumps into it but I don't want to go. I will get car sick.. Mommy and aunt Wati just pushed me in. Nothing yet, we are waiting for gong gong for another five minutes.

7:00am: I have been planning my escape from the enclosed car when the opportunity comes! Gong gong opens the car door so wide I just squeeze myself through and FREEDOM! I am out of the gate into the road myself.. Maybe they won't notice.

7:05am: No such luck. They noticed I was gone and i hadn't run far enough so gong gong called me and got me on the leash. Damn. I am now pushed into the car again.

7:25am: After lots of wrong turns and a terribly winding and bumpy ride, the car finally stops. I feel like puking. When the doors are opens, I can't wait to get out. So I squeeze my way out and run off a bit. I hear gong gong and mommy calling me and coaxing me back so they can hold my leash but hey, I am not going to be tricked. I want some freedom after the terrible ride.

7:26am-7:40am: Woof! Woof! I am winning in this chasing game. They are so slow and they just can't get me. Poor Jelly is on the leash and she is protesting. I see so many people in the park. Some look scared of me. But I am not familiar with the way so I shall stick close to my family.

7:40am: I see two cute children calling me so I stop. This gives mommy a chance to come close and finally get hold of me on my leash. I am scolded sternly. :(

7:40am-7:50am: People along the way giving me and Jelly funny and dirty looks. Finally we find out why. This park does not allow any animals! So when gong gong and mommy know, they also lead us out back into the dreadful car.

8:05am: Reach home. Feel like puking again. But gong gong still wants to train me. Well, what he wants is quite easy really and quite fun! I even get nice treats simply when I go to him when he calls `come!' Duh!?

8:10am: Gong gong opens the small gate and let me out! Wow! FREEDOM! Does he really think I will go to him outsdie? Woof! Woof! And just mintes later, I see Jelly - my partner in crime - rushing out too and we both run off and go on our nornal `joyride'. Sorry, gong gong!

8:20am: Ok, we decide we won't go so far so we return home and the little door is opened. Jelly is the brave one as she just dashes in. I have to wait till mommy and gong gong are not around then I will sneak in. However, as soon as I sneak in, I get scolded and shut out of the house. :(

8:40am: In my cage now as gong gong and por por leave house to church.

9:20am: Still in the cage and mom leaves for church and she doesn't even look at me.. :(

11:50am: Gong gong and por por are back but I am ignored.

2pm: Finally I am allowed in the house to play with Jelly and accompany gong gong. I feel a bit bad of how I treated him early.

3:50pm: Mommy is back and we are overjoyed. We follow her up to her room.

3:51pm-6:50pm: Mainly sleeping and resting in mommy's room as she takes a nap and then later follows her up and down the steps.

6:51pm: FINALLY, mommy lets out a cry and wishes me `happy birthday!', and goes round telling everyone in the house its my birthday today! :D

7:20pm: All three of them go out for dinner. My dinner is ready. Gasp! Apparenly mom has asked aunt Ronah and Wati to give me lots of pork from the soup. Yummy, I finish it fast but of course I share a little with Jelly too. Actually she steals from me. We then play a while and then drift off to sleep...

11pm: Gong gong, por por and mommy are back. Gong gong gets down to hold me when the car comes in but I am not really planning to run coz I miss them. I want to follow them inside the house but I am not allowed :( Mommy says good night to me and off the porch lights...

p.s. I think I have misbehaved quite a bit on my birthday. I know mommy and gong gong hope I will grow to be more obedient and disciplined... hmm..I shall try but no promises.. Woof! Woof!

The Js' Tangling Time

Jelly playing with my wounded leg! She always likes to lick it and it feels kinda nice. However, the wound won't close! Posted by Hello

Jelly and I `fighting' over a new bone mommy bought us. I think it's mine mine and she obviously thinks it's hers!! But I will normally give it to her. It's so childish to fight... Posted by Hello

Minding Each Dog's Business

Jelly has got the new bone and me the soft toy. At this moment, we are quite happy and contented with our own toy. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

An Entertainment Journo's `Dilemma'...

It's almost five days since I last blogged. Many things occupied my time and my mind, not that the Js are ever out of my mind though..

But I guess a writer is still a writer at heart. Even though I've spent more than 10 hours writing in office today - a column comprising album reviews and gossips, and a l-o-n-g two-part cover story - I am still here, in the wee hours of the morning.

I would like to digress e a little from Jojo and Jelly both of whom are doing fine, and talk a little about my job.

To think of it, I have never mentioned here about what I do. But friends who read this would know that I am a journalist with a local daily, and I am quite proud of that.

Proud not that I think I am a great writer.. far from it. I am proud because of the nature of the job; proud because of the flexibility and perks I am allowed in this job; and proud because I do have a passion for what I do which sometimes is lacking in people these days.

You see, I write on arts and entertainment - and to be more precies, my beat is mainly the Chinese entertainment scene. Yes, I have met, interviewed and watched concerts and movies (complimentary) of many bigstars in the region. I have spoken face to face with Hong Kong's Four Heavenly Kings - Jacky, Andy, Leon and Aaron, megastars like Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow, a new generation of pop idols and Taiwan's talented singers/song-writers like Jay Chou, Leehom and David Tao.. just to name few.

(as i am writing this, Jelly is chewing on a piece of tissue she found in the bin)

I like my job no doubt. But sometimes I wonder, whether what I am doing is living up to the true calling of a journalist. All the while, I aspired to be a journalist who would present news and opinions in a fair, critical manner that would go to influence and shape the mindset of the public. I was quite close to achieveing that while at news desk a few years back. But I didn't like the hours and the mundane structure, and thought that feature writing is more for me. Sadly there is nothing much in between as it takes a much more senior journalist to be a news analyst. And I knew I wasn't up to there yet.

So I applied to be a feature writer two years ago, and got it! But due to the structure of the desk, feature writer is actually a non-existent post in reality, so I inadvertantly became a entertainment writer. With my command of Chinese language as well as a personal interesting and know-how in this area, I became the desk's unofficial`Chinese entertainment specialist'.

So isn't that great? Well, yes and I know friends and acquaintance who envy my nature of work. It's just that sometimes when I reflect on my current job and, I ask myself how much it is contributing to society and mankind, and more importantly, is it glorifying God.

I guess arts and entertainment have their place in life. Indeed life will be totally boring without them this day and age. However, I sometimes still wonder, rather than reviewing Nicholas Tse's concert in Genting or interviewing Aaron Kwok for his latest movie, or worse still digging up gossip in the Chinese showbiz, I could be actually doing something more significant, more meaningful and more satisfying still.

(Jelly has found my plastic pouch on the low shelf and attempted to chew it but I stopped her)

According to Maslow's `hierarchy of needs', I guess I am in a way trying to reach for the top level - self-actualisation. And somehow, writing about many (pardon me boss and colleagues) rather frivolous things do not give me that ultimate sense of achievement.

But there is another way to look at it. My true calling in life is to serve God and my temporary and part-time calling is my work now. Although we are also told to do our work well and obey our bosses, our secular job could not become more important than our ministry for God.

Which brings us to the `beauty' of my job. Because of the flexibility of time and relatively shorter hours (today's long hours are the exception and not the norm) I get to have more time to be involved in various ministries and take a larger part in doing God's works.

To be honest, I am still very interested in my work although it is not half as `intellectual' as what I would like to be doing. But I guess I am not cut out to be an intellectual too.

Just read this blog and you know what I mean.. I like to write what I like to write. Period. :p

Case close?

So probably I am cut out to be an entertainment writer, at least for now. After all, i think I am pretty entertaining myself. Don't you agree? ;) (yes, it's lame..I know)

p.s. Jelly has been taken out to the garden to `wee-wee' by mom, I need to fetch her back now.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Js' Two Dog-Crazy-Aunts

If you think I'm obsessed with dogs, wait till you meet my two cousin sisters - Wei and Bao Bao - from Singapore. Although they don't own a blog like me for their dog Manja, but they seriously LURVE dogs with a capital `L' and are not only doting moms to their adopted mongrel doggie Manja but also passionate to all canine creatures.

They have also `rescued' a few unwanted dogs and fostered a couple. Although their dog is not a pedigree, to them he is so precious. In fact, ALL dogs are precious.

They drove up from Singapore yesterday with my aunt and uncle for the weekend. When they arrived in the evening, they simply could not leave the dogs alone. Jojo and Jelly just adored them, especially Bao Bao whom Jojo was jumping and pouncing onto non-stop. And my dear cousin sister's white t-shirt was all muddy. But she didn't mind. In fact both she and Wei continued to play with the two Js for another hour until it was dinner time.

There were so much affection given to my two Js that they almost forgotten about me and my parents for a while..

Earlier today, after a frightening storm in the afternoon today, Jojo and Jelly were a little sad and scared. But they were pacified and more than satisfied later with a long walk and lots of pampering.

To think of it, it is Father's Day but we sort of pay more attention to the dogs! :p

Three of us brought the two Js for a walk together. Again, it was more like the two Js, especially leader Jojo, brought us for a walk instead. They led us to Jasor's house. Poor Jasor was tied up almost the whole day. But sensing that some people who love him were present, he sprang up from his lethargy and for a good 10 minutes or so, he was having a whale of a time being cuddled and stroke by my two cousins.

There were so many kids around but my two cousins obviously only had eyes for the dog! :) Yeah, to them dogs are cuter than kids..most kids anyway.

The Js not only walked one round the neighbourhood, but another half-a-round tonight! By the time we're back, the two Js were quite exhausted, panting and lying flat on the ground - satisfied and with big smiles on their faces. Yes, my two cousins were still giving them all the attention and affection.

Somehow I can't help but feel that Jojo and Jelly will miss them when they leave tomorrow.

Thanks to my cousins who told me about `Dogster' - something like a Friendster for dogs, I have just registered Jojo and Jelly on this cool canine site! They will get to `meet' other dogs there, or rather, mommy will link other cute poochies to their homepages!

Woof! Woof! Check out my two Js on `Dogster'!

See how happy Jojo and Jelly are with their dog-crazy aunts? Bao Bao (left) and Wei just can't stop playing with the two Js when they are at our home. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005

Dogs vs Men?

Some friends who are not that into dogs have commented that I'm totally obsessed with my two Js! Well, this is fair observation and comment I guess. But my Js are like my friends and my kids whom I love dearly and vice versa.

I heard something funny recently. A friend overseas told another friend after reading my blog: `please kidnap her dogs so she can find a man!'

(smile) While I know her good intention, I can't help to be reminded of some dogs vs men jokes I came across before. And here is one, courtesy of my cousin Viv's poster on her wall.

15 Reasons Why Dogs are Better than Men:

1) Dogs do not have problems expressing affection in public

2) Dogs miss you when you've gone

3) Dogs feel guilt when they've done something wrong

4) Dogs don't brag about whom they've slept with

5) Dogs don't criticise your friends

6) Dogs admit when they are jealous

7) Dogs don't feel threatened by your intelligence

8) Dogs understand what 'no' means

9) You can house train a dog

10) Middle-age dogs don't feel the need to abandon you for a younger owner

11) Dogs don't mind if you do all the driving

12) Dogs don't step on the imaginary brake

13) Dogs admit it when they are lost

14) Dogs don't feel threatened if you earn more than they do

15) Dogs mean it when they kiss you.

Don't you think many of them are quite true? Well, they may be stereotyping all men but the descriptions are generally true for all dogs.

Which means, dogs' behaviour are more consistant and perdictable than men's! Another brownie point for dogs!

Woof! Woof! :)

(disclaimer: the above is meant to be taken with a sporting spirit. No offence intended to the human male nor the canine species)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Out Here On My Own...

Suddenly this song struck a chord and tugged a heartstring.. As I was listening to it on my iPod at work, I just felt an urge to write it down and sing to it.

Besides the stirring lyrics, it has the most beautiful music.. I loved it 20 years ago, and still do now.

As I am mostly `out here on my own' in my life, I can identify with the song in a way - not in a melancholic but more in a sentimental way. To me the `you' would not be another person or man, but my Lord and Saviour..

So, I know I'm not on my own - I have my Lord, I also have my two Js, and many dear family members and friends.. :)

Out Here On My Own - Irene Cara

Sometimes I wonder, where I've been
who I am, do I fit in
make believe in, it's hard alone
out here on my own

We're always proving who we are
always reaching for that rising star
to guide me far and shine me home
out here on my own

When I'm down and feeling blue
I close my eyes so I can be with you
Oh baby be strong for me
baby belong to me
help me through, help me need you...

Until the morning, sun appears
making light of all my fears
I dry the tears, I never show
Out here on my own

But when I'm down and feeling blue
I close my eyes so I can be with you
Oh baby be strong for me
baby belong to me
help me through, help me need you

Sometimes I wonder, where I've been
Who I am, do I fit in
I may not win, but I can be strong
Out here on my own

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bagging the Two Js!

My precious personalised handbags - `Jojo bag' and `Jelly bag' customised in Hong Kong (a cheaper version of Anya Hindmarch') ! When I took those photos of puppy Jojo and Jelly, I didn't know they would be used for this purpose. Not trying to show off but these bags have become conversational pieces inviting conversations from even strangers! Well, the roomy and practical Jojo bag now is a little old as it has been well used. Jelly bag, which I think is even more attractive due to the red colour and the outdoor background, is more a casual bag but not for work. It is still brand new as I only got it transported back from Hong Kong by dad two days ago! Posted by Hello

For Jelly's Special Day..

This was taken on Jelly's birthday. Doesn't she look sweet and neat and almost like a human the way she poses for photo! Speaking of Jelly, she has become more mischevous these days and ever more clingy! I think it must be that naughty childhood stage she is now going through. She loves to chew and is beginning to repeat brother Jojo's antics. She even digs my bin and eat my wooden pot-pourri! Then when i was not looking one day, she chewed up the wooden edges of my (Thank goodness) cheap magazine rack. Despite all this, she is still the adorable and cutsie Jelly! Posted by Hello

My Jelly (miniature schnauzer) pendant - a birthday gift from my good friend and fellow blogger ;) Thought it's appropriate to wear it on Jelly's birthday last week! Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005

Hard Work and Patience Shall Pay Off.. One Day

Let me tell you it is HARD WORK to be a good, gentle and firm disciplinarian.. you need much grit, patience and a lot of love. But at least it is showing results!!

Yes, thanks to the tips from the trainer (which I should have known if I read those books I bought on dogs and training properly) Jojo has been showing some positive signs of improvement and some encouraging changes in his behaviour!

When there is an action, there is a reaction. Now that my action has changed, so has Jojo's reaction.

No, there is no miracle here.. he has not become a totally obedient canine. He is still naughty, still stubborn and still shows signs of agression. BUT, he bends and relents and responds to my training.

I better reiterate the TWO GOLDEN RULES that I tried out and would stick to.
1. NEVER whack him under any circumstance. Replace by authoritative and harsh tone.
2. ALWAYS praise and reward when he does right, listens and relents.

The things Jojo does can even challenge your sanity at times. For instance, your patience is seriously tested when you try to make him not chew the scrap papers from the bin. You have to bend down to his level and tell him off when he usually would not listen. Then you need to use strong and loud vocal chords!!

Jojo doesn't relent when he gets whacked, nor does he respect and listen to gentle coaxing. As a pack leader, you need to exert the right amount of `force' so that he will fear you. So, a loud, thunderous groan of `NO!' accompanied with a fierce and `I mean business'-looking face should do the trick.

And if it still doesn't, you have to tone it down a little, with just the right amount firm persuasion. And if he does eventually drop off the piece of paper, you can't snatch it immediately! The defensive and aggressive emotions in Jojo would mean he would sink his teeth on your hand! So what you have to do now is slowly, gently and smilingly pet his head to let him know you are on a friendly term and not gonna whack him.

(`you' actually refers to the mommy as you can guess)

Anyway, some good news to report. For two days in a row, I managed to stop Jojo from biting more things in my room although it was not easy! On top of that, he actually listens to me when I call him to come to me shorly after disciplining.

And, guess what? he would even voluntarily come to me and lay his head on my lap, starving of affection just like he used to do when he was a puppy.. I feel we are now truly bonded again..

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Candid and Crazy with Jojo

Crazy pix of Jojo and me taken by myself many months ago. To think of it, after that I have not been taking any photos with Jojo alone due to the novelty of Jelly.. bad mommy :( Posted by Hello

Another crazy pic of us - guess it is a time of bonding in front of the camera when I tried to attract Jojo with the new toy. Again a self-taken picture!! Posted by Hello

Re-Training and a New Beginning

I have made the decision. Jojo won't be sent away for training.

This afternoon (good thing there's not much work) I spent half-an-hour talking to an experienced trainer from MKA. And he wisely analysed some of Jojo's misbehaviour as well as the reasons for them, and gave me tips in training and handling him.

He does not advocate sending the dog to be trained by a trainer as it is a `lazy way'.

I learn (actually I heard this before but refused to follow) firstly: never to whack the dog. I need to be firm and fierce at times but not hit him. Though some ppl may disagree but I think it is true for Jojo coz he's getting so defensive and agressive now when he knows the whacking is coming. It does nothing to correct him.

I am told a dog needs a pack leader and to Jojo, I think it is my dad and not me. But unfortunately my dad is away quite often overseas.

Also, his naughty behaviour has nothing to do with Jelly. The trainer thinks dogs are not easily jealous espeically in Jojo's case, as he actually gets along well with Jelly. They are buddies..

The problem is, Jojo has become the dominant pack leader in this household especially when my dad us not around. So he overpowers everyone and has his own way.

Peeing in the house in one example to mark his territory. Then, he refuses to obey and to be corrected like when he chews something and we tell him not to.

I am also reminded again that dogs are totatlly forgetful creatures so you must discipline them instantly when the `crime' is being or just been committed. They also don't reason like humans so they don't feel remorse for their crimes. They only respond to stimuli and situation.

Also, the trainer says you should NEVER give in to your dog when disciplining him. You must persist on the corrective measure so he knows who is boss!

When I ask, he thinks its better that someone from the home to train Jojo and be his pack leader. But this person must also bond with him, someone he can play with. He thinks I should be the one.

Then he suggested me to take Jojo to the field during the obedience class on Sunday afternoons and he would be there to help train Jojo. Though Jelly has not completed her basic Canine Good Citizen course that Jojo has, the trainer rightly pointed out that Jojo needs training more than Jelly.

Finally I also learn that it's not too late to train a dog at two.

After I made up my mind on this issue, a new hope dawned on me and I see Jojo's problem in a new light. I am going to be serious, firm yet still loving to him, and bearing in mind what the trainer has said.

I want this to be a fresh beginning.

So dear Jojo, lets work this out together shall we? :)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Seeing Double?!

Guess which is Jojo? The other golden retriever is Jasor, a neighbour's dog and an another `J' too coincidentally. Jojo and Jasor are the only two goldies in the neighbourhood. Jasor (on the grass) is only 9 months old and had undergone a month of training while boarding. He's much more obedient compared to before when he was a real hyper-active puppy - much worse than Jojo was! The two dogs surprisingly get along well together. Jojo has become very hostile to other dogs but Jasor is an exception. Perhaps because they are of the same breed? Posted by Hello

Three `Js' In a Row

What are the chances of having three dogs together with names beginning with `J'? While Jojo (in the centre) and Jasor strike a lazy post, funny Jelly decides to let her butt face the camera! Well, it's not easy to get three excited dogs to pose together.. so this will do for a first group photo. Posted by Hello

Jojo with his two `fans' :)

These two neighbours children are the owners of Jasor and they adore dogs. They are two of Jojo's `groupies' in the neighbourhood. Yeah, my dogs are famous. I invited them and Jasor into our garden on Sunday evening for a dog playing session! Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Jojo, What Should We Do?

So Jelly is officially one and Jojo is approaching two. But mommy here is currently in a dilemma over Jojo's behaviour.

You've read (if not pls scroll down and read) about Jojo's `monstrous' behaviour.. It is no joking matter for I feel he does need help, and so do we. Now we are seriously considering getting professional help. As in sending him away to a trainer for a period of time to be disciplined, trained and corrected of his current misbehaviours.

On the other hand, I feel that maybe Jojo does not need to be sent for training. If we are serious, we should be doing our part to gently yet firmly correct him.` You can't teach an old dog new trick' is not exactly accurate and two years old is not old.

After what happened just now, I can say Jojo isn't too bad. At least he has a good conscience!

Yeah he was naughty again in the afternoon. This time he peed on the new camel seat that dad and mom bought from Egypt! I know the seat smells a bit strong but it has been there for a couple of weeks. Only now Jojo decided to pee on it? Why??

So I angrily placed the stained seat cushion under his nose and then took a cane to hit him a few times, and then chased him out into the garden. As Iwas in a rush to go back to work, I didn't acknowledge nor say bye to him.

Then when I came home at about 9:30pm just now, Jojo wasn't sleeping. He was unusually mellow. He didn't threaten to come run out of the gate which he did last night when mom came home.

And when I opened my car door, instead of pouncing on me like he usually does, he just came forward, with a sad-look in his eyes and tail wagging, placed his head on my lap - very manja.

When I opened the main door, he even stood feet away from the door and not tried to sneak in like he normally does. I looked at him and said `stay' and he obeyed. Of course later I let him in and play with Jelly while I ate.

All that showed he knew he did wrong and had angered me and felt bad about it.

Actually Jojo is normally well-behaved in front of the maids. But like a little kid, he acts spoilt and takes advantage of me and mom and dad to a certain extent. I remember the maid telling me how quiet and obedient the dog is when all of us are not at home. But its a different story altogether when either his mommy, por por (whom he loves bullying) and gong gong is in the house.

To think of it, its not fair to just blame him behaving badly, I am as much to be blamed!! As her `mommy', I have spoilt him, `manja' him and when he did wrong, punished him. But my way of discipline has not been too consistent. When he repeats his crime again and again, I would venge out my anger and give him stern corporal punishment. Sometimes I tell myself I would just give him `time out' and ignore him for at least half a day. This never happens as I will go back to him in just matter of minutes!

Yes I hear you say, how would he be afraid and corrected of his wrong doing? Also, like a ball that rebounces when you hit it hard, Jojo has become very obstinate and rebellious!. Now, he is so defensive and even turns aggressive after he does something wrong and knows that physical punishment is coming his way.

He is not just immune to punishment, but he abhors and detests it rather than submits to it. He also doesn't take me seriously enough.

Well, I am no dog psychologist. But having said all that, I know Jojo is not beyond redemption. He still can be changed and controlled. We just have to do something.

That reminds me, I must call up the dog trainer for some professional advice. However, non-profressional but sound advice from dog lovers are welcomed too... Tell me, if you were me, what would you do with Jojo?

One of Jojo's funny antics - `wash' both his front paws in this water bowl after he gets excited!! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Yes! It's Jelly's birthday though she is not aware of it.. (hmmm obviously) . At midnight, I woke her from her slumber and gave her a big passionate hug.. and now she's wide awake!!

Or maybe she knew? Coz she just got so hyper-active that when I sat down to want to play with her, she suddenly `attacked' me and kissed my nose! and then she jumped all over me and we went wild for a while.. Thank goodness I haven't showered yet :p

Anyway, while she was sleeping earlier, I have written a a not-so-brilliant poem as a `birthday gift' to my Jelly..


Happy Birthday deary Jelly!
You’re One on this seventh day of June
It’s your day so you can act silly
Or even a little bit naughty
But remember you’ll be an adult soon..

I have thought of getting you a cake
To celebrate, make you happy and gay
Maybe a yummy steak

Or something that I will make
Now looks like it will just be another day!

So sorry my deary Jelly
Busy mommy will only be home late.
But remember this on your first big day,
I was the first to greet you,

Will be the last to hug you
And will always be there to love you...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Make-Over for My 1st Birthday!

"Woof! Woof! Yes, I have been sent for grooming earlier today! Or was it yesterday? Anyway, my mommy said I need to look good on my birthday in two days time and what better way than let the expert do it? I like this aunty groomer. She is very good with my kind and her place has so many friends that I can play with. They always make me feel welcome. My mommy has asked aunty not to shave me as I might be allergic and break out with ugly warts again. :( The clever aunty said she could cut my fur short without using the balde. That took a little longer but I felt more comfortable!! They never gave me a mirror to look at myself but from my mommy's expression, I believe I look cuter and more adorable. Maybe now she can take out the `U' from the long nickname she gave me.... "Posted by Hello

Let Me Think...

"Growl.... I have been hearing comments that my head now appears smaller because all my long hair on my chin has been cut off! Is that normal for a Schnauzer?" Posted by Hello

Photo with Mommy

"Woof! Woof! My mommy is so excited about my new look that she dragged me into the garden to take photos of me and even want to pose with me! I'm a Star!" Posted by Hello

Behind Bars

This was the `jail' where Jojo spent a night in after commitment the crime Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Dog With a Deceiving Appearance

Handsome Jojo in a placid mood. You won't believe what a monster he could turn into. Read on... Posted by Hello

The Naughty Monster Did It Again!!

Looking at this beautiful photo of Jojo a.k.a. Big Handsome Naughty Monster Jojo, you may be deceived by his good looks and his breed's innate friendly and affable nature. Those of u following this blog will know that my Jojo can turn into a monster quite often. And tonight this monster was back to his antics again!

This mommy was pleased that for the fourth night in a row, he did not sneak outside when I opened the automatic gate ,but loyally greeted me at my car door!

Today I gave him an extra long hug when I came home. He looked happy and excited as usual. We entered the house together and Jelly was there, jumping at me and her big brother. All was well until suddenly Jojo led the way up the staircase while I was still putting down my many bags in the living room.

I heard Jojo opened door (yes, he can open doors as our door knobs are not the round type but elongated type) and followed by mom's voice.

I quickly ran upstairs and entered mom's room. A helpless mom was uttering something like `Jojo so naughty....! Aiya! Look! I think he is urinating!" WHAT? but yes, I saw Jojo just finishing doing his `business' near the window! He hurriedly tried to escape before I could get him. Along the way, wet the floor even more as his feet had stepped on his own urine!

I almost could't believe this. I know, he had done it before inside the house. But this time, he had been out in the garden all the while but purposely ran into the house, ran upstairs, entered mom's room, and peed on the floor in her presence!!

Why? Did mom do anything that had angered Joo to take revenge? I asked mom later and she said no. Or could it be due to jealously? As mom quite obviously paid more attention to little Jelly.

Anyway, whatever the reason, Jojo needed to be punished. I couldn't find a cane so I just grabbed my grandmom's walking stick! Jojo looked terrified and quickly ran away. He also growled and barked at me as self-defence I guess.

I wasn't really going to hit him but I must teach him a lesson. However he obviously ran much faster than me and so we were playing chasing and hide-and-seek in the garden! Then, he dashed to the kitchen backyard and ran inside his dog house thinking he would find solace there.

Bingo! I walked towards him and the BHNMJ still looked scared. I gave him a cold, hard, menacing stare and then locked the door.

For the first time in his almost two-years of life, Jojo would be sleeping inside the dog house overnight and not in the free open of our compound.

I gave him water, but after a few laps, he repeated his naughty habit of putting his dirty paws into the bowl! Fine, no water for him tonight as well. It was just a few hours till morning and he won't die of thirst.

When I left, I thought I heard some soft howling sound then all was quiet.

It is now more than an hour-and-a-half later and all is still quiet. I guess the BHNMJ has slumbered in his own house.. after all, he has been napping there during day time when there are visitors or rain.

So, looks like it's not really a punishment after all... this mommy is quite a failure when it comes to disciplining her BHNMJ...

Friday, June 03, 2005

Doll-like Puppies!!

These are ML's beautiful family doggies - the good-looking Forrest (left) and pretty Pebbles (a shih-tzu). They are two active and fluffy doggies who are just so adorable! This pix is reproduced from prints. Hope I have chance to take proper photos of them soon! Posted by Hello

This is Forrest on a reproduced picture.. the shiny black and silver fur can still be seen and she looks like one good poser too! Posted by Hello

Name-Calling the Js

I finally got to visit ML's two dogs after seeing them as puppies at Christmas. Pebbles, a Shihtzu and Forrest, a Minisature Shnauzer are both so pretty, adorable and bubbly. I was especially taken by Forrest's beauty. In comparison, Jelly is an ugly ducking!!

While Forrest has soft, smooth silky jet-black hair at the top (she is a `black and silver' while Jelly is `salt and pepper') Jelly's fur is wiry and slightly rough, and the pepper-grey colour is rather dull and uneven.

Forrest, at only about eight months old, is in an ideal size and shape, and the body in perfect proportion. Jelly however, is not only over-sized (remember how the vet called her a giant!), but she also has a big round tummy - looks a bit pregnat or the shape of a plump auntie!

Perhaps due to regular bathing (at least twice a week) by her `little mom', Forrest looks clean and neat although she also had not been shaved for quite a while. I don't mind having her in my bed! Jelly on the other hand, always looks dirty and messy, saved for the few hours after her bath. The fur around her mouth and on her feet are often wet and smelly even. This is because he gets to roam in and out of the house.. and also my fault for not brushing her fur daily.

Having said all this, I still wouldn't exchange Jelly for anything. Just that I realise now I don't have a beautiful (in the conventional sense) Jelly.

And suddenly I came out with an even longer nick-name for Jelly!

Two days ago, I nicknamed her `Stalker-Jelly'. Yes, she follows at my heel every step I walk around the house. Even when in my room and I move from a few steps from my study table to my dressing, she would trail along. And if I go into the bathroom, she would follow me in and wait for me to finish what I need to do there!

She just couldn't let her mommy out of her sight at all! Just like a stalker! ;)

Now, bearing in mind her image, I have added more adjectives to her name. She is now `Little Fatty Messy Ugly Stalker Jelly'.

I know, you probably think I am mean. But to me this is a term of endearment. No insult and offence intended.

By the way, my darling `LFMUSJ' (in short) is resting just three metres away from where I am as I type this.

After I named her, I also thought of giving Jojo a nickname (to be fair). Hmmm.. So how about `Big Handsome Naughty Monster Jojo'?

Well, my `BHNMJ' has been behaving a bit better these few days - at least for the last three nights when I came home, he didn't dash out of the gate but rather waited to greet me from my car. But to his `por por', it is another story.

Yesterday morning, he ate up the newspaper in fron to her and refused to get out of the house when my mom asked him to. Yes, no doubt Jojo is `Naughty Moster' to her.

Oh well, they could be LFMUSJ and BHNMJ, but they're still my two kids, my two Js...

My LFMUSJ on her favourite rug.. will soon post Forrest's photo.Posted by Hello