Thursday, June 09, 2005

Jojo, What Should We Do?

So Jelly is officially one and Jojo is approaching two. But mommy here is currently in a dilemma over Jojo's behaviour.

You've read (if not pls scroll down and read) about Jojo's `monstrous' behaviour.. It is no joking matter for I feel he does need help, and so do we. Now we are seriously considering getting professional help. As in sending him away to a trainer for a period of time to be disciplined, trained and corrected of his current misbehaviours.

On the other hand, I feel that maybe Jojo does not need to be sent for training. If we are serious, we should be doing our part to gently yet firmly correct him.` You can't teach an old dog new trick' is not exactly accurate and two years old is not old.

After what happened just now, I can say Jojo isn't too bad. At least he has a good conscience!

Yeah he was naughty again in the afternoon. This time he peed on the new camel seat that dad and mom bought from Egypt! I know the seat smells a bit strong but it has been there for a couple of weeks. Only now Jojo decided to pee on it? Why??

So I angrily placed the stained seat cushion under his nose and then took a cane to hit him a few times, and then chased him out into the garden. As Iwas in a rush to go back to work, I didn't acknowledge nor say bye to him.

Then when I came home at about 9:30pm just now, Jojo wasn't sleeping. He was unusually mellow. He didn't threaten to come run out of the gate which he did last night when mom came home.

And when I opened my car door, instead of pouncing on me like he usually does, he just came forward, with a sad-look in his eyes and tail wagging, placed his head on my lap - very manja.

When I opened the main door, he even stood feet away from the door and not tried to sneak in like he normally does. I looked at him and said `stay' and he obeyed. Of course later I let him in and play with Jelly while I ate.

All that showed he knew he did wrong and had angered me and felt bad about it.

Actually Jojo is normally well-behaved in front of the maids. But like a little kid, he acts spoilt and takes advantage of me and mom and dad to a certain extent. I remember the maid telling me how quiet and obedient the dog is when all of us are not at home. But its a different story altogether when either his mommy, por por (whom he loves bullying) and gong gong is in the house.

To think of it, its not fair to just blame him behaving badly, I am as much to be blamed!! As her `mommy', I have spoilt him, `manja' him and when he did wrong, punished him. But my way of discipline has not been too consistent. When he repeats his crime again and again, I would venge out my anger and give him stern corporal punishment. Sometimes I tell myself I would just give him `time out' and ignore him for at least half a day. This never happens as I will go back to him in just matter of minutes!

Yes I hear you say, how would he be afraid and corrected of his wrong doing? Also, like a ball that rebounces when you hit it hard, Jojo has become very obstinate and rebellious!. Now, he is so defensive and even turns aggressive after he does something wrong and knows that physical punishment is coming his way.

He is not just immune to punishment, but he abhors and detests it rather than submits to it. He also doesn't take me seriously enough.

Well, I am no dog psychologist. But having said all that, I know Jojo is not beyond redemption. He still can be changed and controlled. We just have to do something.

That reminds me, I must call up the dog trainer for some professional advice. However, non-profressional but sound advice from dog lovers are welcomed too... Tell me, if you were me, what would you do with Jojo?

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