Saturday, November 14, 2009

ALL GONE!!!! :((

Can't believe I've wiped out all my old datas in my old Palm - and I have no back-up!!!

Yes, they're ALL GONE!! Addresses and phone numbers of old friends and contacts - especially those overseas.. old sermon notes.. and other (not so important) things and memories..

Gosh, I'm so upset and I feel I'm crying inside though I can't physically cry.. sigh..

I haven't been using my Palm for the longest time.. reason being the contacts I use often are already in my handphone (only phone nos) I'm not worried about those contacts - friends and work-related - locally. But what I have lost are the addresses and phone nos of friends living overseas - U.K., Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore.. etc..

Thankfully for some of them I am still able to get in touch with.. via Facebook and common friends. But I know there are some whom I have lost contacts altogether.. unless they get in touch with me first..

So you're probably wondering how I could just lose everything.. I think I've just been taking my good old Palm for granted all these years.. It was actually sold to me second hand by my brother-in-law. At that time, Palm was the thing and I was quite impressed by the colour screen..and the simple but functional features.. I have painstakingly input many contacts - including work and general ones.. I used it as a diary until I swapped over to my phone.. and I have input sermon notes and other important stuff and details in it.. There were to-do-notes, even my `feminine cycle' record and others.. Basically it served me well..

A few years back with the change of hard disk, I was unable to SYNC it anymore to the PC (even my technician could not help). I know I was taking a huge risk but somehow naively I still went ahead using the Palm, updating stuff. Then in the last couple of years, I have used it much much less, and almost only when I needed to look up friends contacts overseas (like when I go overseas..)

Since I am going to Singapore tomorrow and I have many friends there, and it seems we will have some spare time besides my cousin's wedding solemnisation and banquet, so I thought of contacting some friends. Even if I could not meet up at least just chat with them.. But when I tried to turn on my Palm (which has not been touched by many months) I could not at all, nothing came on, it was like totally dead..

So finally I did something I really regret now.. but I had done it before last time. Which was to RESET it. When I did this last time when it hanged, all my data was in tact.. But this time..... when it worked again, it was like a brand new Palm - with nothing in it.. :((

I guess maybe it was already dead for too long - I had not charged it for the longest time. The data was probably already gone!!

Sigh.. no use crying over spilt milk now I know. But I felt like screaming out loud..and I just had to let it out..

Yes, it feels so painful to have lost for good memories and contacts from the past that I have cherished all this while..