Tuesday, May 31, 2005

To Groom or Not to Groom

It's that time of the month again. No, I don't mean THAT. I am talking about Jelly's monthly grooming session which she is now due. If you own a miniature schnauzer, you would know that because of the fur's texture and length, he/she does require some form of grooming.

At a pet shop that I frequent, a RM70 package would include bathing, nails cutting, ears cleaning and shaving. Not just any old shave but the `classic schnauzer look' - bald at the top half and hairy at the bottom half.

Some people have commented that Jelly actually looks cuter with her unruly, messy curls than perky and neat after being shaven. I tend to agree to a certain extent. But the problem with having `long hair' is that dirty things tend to get stuck in her wiry fur and she always looks kinda yeah, dirty.

Then there's another problem which occurs everytime after shaving. Jelly would develop rashes on her skin. I have asked the pet shop people as well as the vet but they insisted that skin problem is very common among schnauzer.

However, I realised that everytime Jelly developed the skin rash - actually it is more than a rash, it is like little warts - it was always after she has been shaved.

Now it is about a month after she was last groomed and her skin is back to normal.. smooth and nice.

Yes, her nails have grown very long and when she jumps onto you in excitement, she inadvertantly leaves red and painful scratch marks on your skin!

Maybe I will send her just for cleaning ears and cutting nails.. After all, I am quite curious to see how a long and furry Jelly looks like.

Oh I have met a pair of schnauzers at obedient school and I could hardly identify them as schnauzers. Their owner had kept their fur unshaved ever since they were puppies. They actually look pretty cute though unconventional!

So, which is your pick? Jelly `before' or `after'?


Jelly with a messy look Posted by Hello


After a session of grooming - here presents a clean-look Jelly Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Calendar Stars

Guess what? Jojo and Jelly will be featured in Malaysia's first pet calendar for 2006!

When the front-page article in StarWeekend caught my eyes yesterday, there was not even time to consider.. What a great opportunity and I want my two Js to be featured in it!

Yeah, the project owner is inviting all dogs and cats owners to submit photographs and short introduction of their pets. It is a full colour desk calendar, and there will be a pet featured for each day of the year!

It started with a cats calendar in mind but apparently there are just too many dogs lovers who `demand' for a dogs calendar too!

I chose a recent pic of the two Js together (the one taken last Sunday afternoon) and e-mailed it over with a short caption. Before that, I have also called up the lady in charge of the project and she sounded glad to have another `contributor'!

I have asked for my Js pic to appear on my birthday - hopefully the slot is still avaiable.

For those interested pets owner, check out: www.doggydoo.50megs.com or www.mystycat.bravehost.com

Here's a short poem I just wrote for Jojo and Jelly:

Do you know you will be famous?
Be in a dog Calendar which is Malaysia’s first
Your behaviour may have been worse
Thank God they require photos just

Hey two Js you are surely photogenic
Even if the background is not scenic
Your smiles and warmth they are not fake
And a photograph of you together I pick

There will be many other doggies
Also some adorable little puppies
Filling 365 days of the year with no fee
Adorning the desk for everyone to see!

Soon you will be in the dog `hall of fame’
Jojo and Jelly, making yourselves a name
If only your behaviour can be the same
As how in the picture you look so tame!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Pretty Jelly with her Pretty Mum! ;)

See what I mean by Jelly being a good poser for photograph? She is literally flashing her smile :) Unfortunately it wasn't successful for us to get Jojo into the picture too.. Posted by Hello

"One Last Time I Say, Let Go of It Jojo!!"

An obstinate Jojo refuses to let go of the camera case and `Gong gong' is telling him off sternly. Dad and dog remain in this position for a good few minutes! Posted by Hello

Jelly Still `Por-Por's Favourite?

`Por Por' and Jelly happily huddling each other for an official first photograph together - just three days before her favourite J breaks her favourite vase! Posted by Hello

The Destroyer and the Victim

Made Jelly pose in front of what is left of the vase! (since my sis requests the pic). Too bad i don't have a `before' pic but it was a large bowl filled with dried and artificial flowers. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005

Anoter Disaster by A-P Jelly

Maybe now mom will consider wanting to sell Jelly off instead.

You would think because of their sizes, Jojo would be the more clumsy one but no, it is Jelly which is more accident-prone!

Just more than an hour ago while I was still not home, she broke an Italian vase that mom cherished. To be exact, it was one half of a RM1,000 imported vase. The other half is the vase stand, which thankfully is still standing.

How it happened I do not know. But I personally had witnessed Jelly broke one of my dad's vases from China that was quite precariously placed next to the kitchen door.

The minute the China vase was placed there, I foretold dad that the dogs would cause it to topple. But I was thinking of Jojo more than Jelly.

And now, this expensive vase which has been with us for almost 10 years has become a `victim'. A stressful and distraught look on mom's face said it all.. yes, she was cleaning up the shattered pieces and picking up the scattered dry flowers.

Oh Help!! What can I do to subdue the 2 Js? I am afraid to come home one day and find that they have been sold...

Thursday, May 26, 2005

In the Garden in Tamer Moods

Jojo squinting - this is quite a rare pose to get! ;) Posted by Hello

Jelly looking smart after being groomed..this pic is featured pm a custom-made handbag - I call it my Jelly bag :) Oh, I have a Jojo bag too with a puppy Jojo on it! Posted by Hello

The Wild Wild Js

It is not full moon tonight but the Js have gone totally wild!! So much so that my mom is seriously asking me to sell at least one of them away (and she meant Jojo).

All was well when we returned home quite late after attending a relative's wake... then mom made two blunders that resulted in us practically slaving over the two naughty Js ofr another extra half-an-hour!

When the first car (mom and me) entered the gate, Jojo has just awoken from his slumber and was just happy to greet us. But just few minutes later, dad's car came home and I quickly closed the door to keep Jojo inside the house..

However, thanks to mom's brilliant calculation of the timing for the automatic gate to close, Jojo had dashed out of the gate as it was closing. Yes, she had opened the house door to greet dad thinking the auto ate had already shut fully.

And guess what happened next? Jelly also escaped! I had purposely closed the house door again knowing that dad has opened a small gate to wait for Jojo to come back. But mom again opened the door! And that little creature who somehow knew that her `brother' had gone out for a rendezvous, made a beeline out through the small gate.

She was so quick that my dad couldn't stop her.

Great! It is like a repeat of the other night of `freedom' but this time, the two Js managed to run out by themselves. If Jojo was alone, he would be back quite fast but when there is company, you can expect a longer (and more exciting) escapade!

At first, they were actually just running along the road in front of our house from left to right but they turned a blind eyes even when mom (tyring to redeem herself) and I went out to coax them. Then Jelly started to corner and bark at a security guard who was doing his rounds. The poor Malay man seemed a litte scared but remained cool.

Then I saw the two Js ran into a building ground where there was nothing yet but just a big plot of earth. As it has been raining so it was all muddy and wet!

Finally after a good 10 minutes or so of total disappearance from our sight, the two Js returned home. I had closed the small gate with the intention to punish them (just for a few minutes to scare them and get them worried), but`gong gong' was kinder and opened it to let them home.

Before I could reprimand them, I was horrified to see the amount of mud and soil that covered half of Jelly's legs! And she has long curly fur!

There was no choice but to wash her at close to midnight. It was not easy to get all those sticky and smelly mud out from her legs. I didn't even have time to change and got the legs of my pants all wet.

Then dad said he would wash Jojo's legs, which was also as dirty but I didn't really have a good look earlier. I don't know how he washed him but poor dad got his whole pair of trousers wet! After that he even washed the whole bathroom!

Finally when Jojo was put out of the house and Jelly into her crate (she later got out again as she made noise), we sighed a breath of relief..

When I was walking up the stairs, mom said: `You can try using the Internet and see whether you could sell Jojo?"

"No way," I brushed it off with a laugh. But I know she meant it. And in a way, I do feel bad that the Js, especially Jojo has brought mom so much havoc!

I admit, my dogs are wild and naughty, but getting rid of them is not an option. To me, its like giving away your own chilld who is naughty. There must be another way.... :(

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Two Js and a Full Moon

It's a post rainy night with a densely overcast sky. But a very round and full moon is still visible beneath the clouds. Funny that it is actually the 17th of the lunar month and the moon appears rounder, but definitely not brighter than the moon two nights ago - on the 15th day of the lunar month.

But it's all quiet tonight, unlike two nights ago. On late Sunday night, when it was almost midnight, my two dogs joined other dogs in the neighbourhood and started barking away incessantly. I went and check, there was nobody and not even a cat or a cockroach in sight!

The barking and howling continued on and off for sometime, and I was getting a little worried.

Then my dad reminded me when we were at the balcony looking up at the bright but slightly elongated round moon. It was full moon, he told me. And yes, many animals, as well as some human beings act weirdly during full moon.

I only vaguely know of the scientifc explanation that the moon affected the tide, but we all know about stories of werewolves on a fullmoon.

Yes, the wolves are one animal affected by full-moon. Dogs are supposedly in the family of wolves.

That explains why the dogs, including Jojo and Jelly, were really behaving quite odd that night! I was a bit surprised at Jojo and Jelly, unusually hyper-active and manic, and were howling and barking at anything or at nothing.

That continued for almost two hours, and then all is quiet.

Then dad told me (could he be half joking) that he too feels manic and affected on a fullmoon night. As for me, I never detected anything myself...

What about you? let me know if fullmoon affects you like it does to two Js? Although I don't think you would be barking at nothing.. hehe..

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Jealous Miss Jelly

Jelly is one little `manja' fella - oops, i mean, girlie.

And she becomes extra `manja' when Jojo is around.. because she wants to have your attention and your affection, and she couldn't bear to see another dog getting it more than she does!

If I call: `Jojo!'. Before Jojo comes to me, Jelly would sprint in front of me first and then she would snuggle up by stepping all over me.. (that's if I am sitting down). She will place her little head on my lap and loves it when I stroke her gently.

Jojo also likes to do that but when Jelly is around, he doesn't have much chance. If he comes close, Jelly also squeeze close.

And many time when I pet Jojo, Jelly would barge in between us purposely. Yes, poor Jojo can only `share' his mommy with Jelly if she is around..

Jelly may be the smaller and more `manja', but she is also more feisty and fierce! And when it comes to toys or treats, boy, poor Jojo just has to give in to her. If not, there will be a big `dog wars'!

This is a typical scene: I have two chewy sticks - one each for them. When I throw one down first, Jelly would fight for it like there's no tormorrow. Jojo, after a while just give up. Then when I give the other one to Jojo, Jelly would drop what she is having and fight for Jojo's again! Although that is exactly the same thing..

Poor Jojo would have to just take which ever Jelly has deserted. But warn you, even if she has got one already, she still wants to take Jojo's share but too bad, she couldn't manage to bite two of the sticks together. I am sure she would if she could manage.

Toys too - Jelly just wants them all! When I bought two new toys recently, one meant for each of them, she alone has the say. She would has the first choice of which one she wanst to play with but when Jojo plays with the other one, she changes her mind again.

Oh Jelly, you are one difficult and jealous creature!

Happy in Mommy's Room

A more happy-looking Jelly! Aint she sweet? Somehow Jelly always looks rather sad on photos! Here is her favourite resting spot in my room.. and not in her crate.Posted by Hello

Let Me Out Please..I am not Sleepy..

This is Jelly's crate. Its where she sleeps every night. But apart from that, she would refuse to go in there. I bought an auto-water dispenser for her and she learned to use it very fast! Posted by Hello

Attraction between little kid and dogs.. ;)

Taking Miu Miu (my little niece) to visit Jojo's house. Miu Miu is fascinated by the two Js. When she cries, I just bring her to see Jojo and she stops crying! We specially had this dog house built forJojo but he still has his freedom most of the time - he only gets closed up when it rains or when there are visitors. Jojo sleeps anywhere in the garden compound, his favourite place being near the cars in the porch. Oh, note Jelly's head at the bottom.. (the photo is taken by Wati our Indonesian maid - not bad for first timer! ) Posted by Hello

Errr.. Hello Jojo...

Edgar and Jojo seem to be having a conversation!? Finally my dear nephew, 6 plus, plucks up the courage to go near to Jojo.. mainly because `gong gong' is around of course. Posted by Hello

Sean `Sayang' Jojo

Sean Sean at 20 months old was already so fond of Jojo! This nephew of mine has no fear at all. :) This is an awkward position for Jojo yet he always lets himself gets `stuck' there. If this window is opened, Jojo would always jump up hoping to get inside the house. But he couldn't do it... Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Dogs' Field Day

I feel tired but satisfied..

Today, I have managed to spend quality time with the 2 Js - something I haven't really done for some time. In fact, I spent quite a lot of time with them!

When I woke up in the late morning, I bathed the two dogs. Yeah, some friends coming to visit with primary reasons to see the two Js tomorrow, so I can't embarrass myself or the Js.

Bathing my dogs, especially the big one, is really quite a chore but by now, I am getting quite good at it. Actually the most tiring time is trying to dry them with towels. They just won't let you do it!!

To cut a long story short (as I am very tired now). I didn't excatly spend the WHOLE day with them. I was out in the afternoon.. But unlike my normal weekday, I had much more time in the evening.

So I combed their hair, played with them.. and later brought them for a walk but ended up having fun time - together with my neighbours kids and their dog!

There we were: three kids, three dogs plus me - walking together - or more like the dogs taking us for a walk around the neighbourhood. I could see how they really enjoyed themselve.s

Finally we returned to my home and freed the three of them, and let them played together and with the kids in the garden. Jayzer, who was trained never to enter the home, got to sneak in to a house for the first time (following the bad example of the two Js)

Somehow, Jojo was still the most `threatening' one out of them most probably due to his size.. so finally i had to hold onto him as one of the little kids got scared..

It's a joy to see how kids are so taken by our canine friends.. they simply adore the two Js as well as their Jayzer. I don't understand how people can say dogs are malicious and dangerous.. well, at least definitely not my two Js.

Friday, May 20, 2005

A Happy Friday

In about an hour's time, the two Js would be totally ecstatic and excited to welcome back their `gong gong' and `por por'. Dad and mom are back from their 10-day trip to Egypt.

I am sure they have missed their grandparents - especially `gong gong' for Jojo and `por por' for Jelly. You see, dad's favourite is Jojo and mom simply adores Jelly.

I can just imagine the way they would jump and pounce at my parents when they entered the gate. There would be a big, energetic commotion no doubt! How i wish i could be home to see it...

It's true, i could notice some differences in the behaviours of Jojo and Jelly. In these 10 days my Js had been craving for more attention from me, reason being that they were starved of affection from their grand-parents. The maids don't really play with them.

Poor dogs. But very soon things will get back to normal again. What a happy Friday for them! :)

Jojo and `Gong Gong'

Dad with his darling pet Jojo - still his favourite despite all the `crimes' that Jojo had committed. There shows the unconditional love of a grandpa... but now, Jojo listens to him most! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Two Js Getting Acquainted

When Jelly was still rather new to our home, Jojo has a tremendous interest in her. Actually even now their interest in each other never faded. Jojo is especially hyper after Jelly has gone for grooming session! Posted by Hello

Side by Side We Laze

This is one of the two Js favourite `hang-out' spot - underneath the sink of my bathroom (the cool tiles do the trick) This was taken one lazy late morning when they both decided to chill out and took a short nap together. Posted by Hello

Two Famous Dogs in the Neighbourhood

Took Jojo and Jelly for a long walk just now. No it was more like the 2 Js taking me for a walk!

Jojo, having been trained in obedience school, is a better `walker' while Jelly would always drag you with her fast, impatient dash forward. She also tends to move from left to right like a drunkard!

If I take the two of them out together, which is usually the case, Jojo's walking would also be affected as he is being influenced by Jelly. Which means harder work for this poor mom.

But I think I have managed rather well in controlling them. Let me tell you that a dog's strength is so big even if he only weighs a fraction of your weight. And if he comes across a stimulant eg. another dog, boy, you just have to let go of the leash when he charge towards the target.

Or else you would fall and hurt yourself. You can't win a tug-a-war with a dog like Jojo.

Although I originally did not plan to walk so much, but seeing their enthusiasm, I gave them more time on the road.

Anyway, we had quite a good walk. We met up with another `J' dog - the only other Golden Retriever in the neighbourhood. Jayzer (not sure of spelling) now 9 months old, has just returned from one-and-a-half month of boarding training. I had considered this option for Jojo but could not bear to be separated from him for so long!

Jayzer is very adorable - well, isn't every Golden? His fur is even finer and smoother than Jojo's. And it seems the training had done him good.. He used to be very hyper, even more so than Jojo earlier but now, he appears to be quite well behaved.

The children of Jayzer's family is also very fond of Jojo and Jelly. Speaking which did i mention that my two Js (especially Jojo) are famous and quite like celebrities in our neighbourhood? Most of the households especially those with children know about my two Js and where-ever I bring them, someone would be saying hello to my dogs in their garden.

Very often I also hear kids shouting `Jojo! Jelly!' when they walk pass our house. Some even stop and play with them. Yes, Jojo and Jelly adore kids.

And I can't help but feel proud of my two Js. :)

Certified Pedigree - What's Thy (Original) Name?

Owell Vonnos Filas - what a handsome name for a handsome dog! Hehe.. yeap, this is Jojo's original name. His Sire (father) was called Geekenn Golden Arrow but his Dam (mother) was simply named Chuwie! Jojo's ancestry can be traced back to Australia - where his paternal grandparents were imported from. Oh, he also has a bit of Eastern European origin - one of his great grandmothers (Dam's side) was imported from Czechoslovakia - I think they mean the Czech Republic. Posted by Hello

Meanwhile, I was mildly shocked and slightly disappointed when I read the freshly arrived certificate for Jelly. Name: Ericlee Selena Pretty Girl! Her breeder's name was Eric Lee. And let me guess, could Selena be his wife/lover? Duh! Talk about creativity in naming his pedigree! Pretty Girl? What a name is that? At least `Jelly' is cuter. From the cert, I also learn that Pretty Girl Jelly's paternal grandfather was imported from Taiwan while her maternal grandfather was from Australia. Her Sire was called Takeshi's Iron Man and her Dam was Eng Kennel Sweecon Benz. Gosh, another weeeeeeeird name. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

`Chatter-blogger' Hits Back

Since I started this blog nine days ago, I have been quite actively publicising it to friends/relatives either personally or through the Net. And so far the two typical feedbacks have been:

1. Your dogs (pictures) are soooo cute!

2. "You write so much - no time to read lah!" or "where do you find the time to write so much? (so have you read it? ) not yet, maybe later lah!"

While I am proud of and kinda expect the first response (ahem!) , I don't really know how to respond to the second type of comments.

Am I really a chatterbox? or in this case, a chatter-blogger whose writings are considered a waste of time to read by these friends and relatives? Or is the length really the problem? Having the quantity does not necessary mean I have to sacrifice the quality!

Well, I can't force or make people to read my blog. But I believe what I write is worth a read. I don't exactly ramble on for nothing, there's an interesting story behind each post. And I do give some thoughts to what I write.. after all, i am a writer.

Ok, some may call this frivolous writing, but I think if someone considers me a friend/relative/someone they know quite well, wouldn't the person be at least mildly interested or curious to read something about my life experiences? It just happens at this moment I choose my beloved doggies as the main subject.

Whatever I write would be something I would tell my friends in person anyway.

Maybe some people are just lazy to read, especially over the computer screen. period.

Anyway, 'nuff said. It's my blog and I will write whatever I want and however long I want it to be. To those who are not bothered to read, it's okay. I would think it's your lost and not mine. :)

To my faithful readers (I know there are just a few out there), thanks for sharing my blog. :) We can look forward to many more exciting stuff here in Jess' Two Js!

Jojo's `Cruel' Punishment

I think I just meted out a most `cruel' punishment on Jojo.

No, I didn't beat him up. I found out that for dogs like him, corporal punishment doesn't work. Although I wasn't sure what I did would correct him, but at that time, I just had to discipline him and that seemed suitable for the `crime' he committed.

Or so I thought.

The `crime': Jojo chewed up my little packets of tissues, made a mess of the bathroom, after attempting to chew other bits of papers and despite several warnings beforehand!

The punishment: I brought Jelly out for a walk without Jojo!

Let me tell you, my Js crave for their freedom and absolutely look forward to their space and time beyond our gate - whether it is legitimate walk on leash by me or a member of the family, or illicit wanderings as a result of escaping out.

Everytime when they hear the `clinkling' sounds of the choke collars, they get really excited -they jump up and down, tails wagging frantically, tongues out and saliva drooling (well, almost).

So imagine Jojo's dismay when I only brought out one little collar attached to one leash and then placed the chain onto Jelly's neck. Jojo looked a little surprised but still he tried his luck, he followed us to the gate and even stood right infront of it!

I ordered him to sit, to which he obeyed. I then unlocked the gate and opened it slightly ajar, enough for Jelly and myself to sqeeze through, and then closed it quickly before Jojo could follow.

Immediately, he barked loudly, and the barking contained a little howling (crying) tone. He continued barking and barking even as we walked a little away. He also ran around the compound as if there was way to come out.

Jelly and I only walked for less than five minutes, for the wet ground wasn't condusive after hours of heaving rain pour. When we came back I just touched Jojo's head, said good nite and then brought Jelly back into the house.

Some time later, I was wondering whether it was a right punishment. Would it have any repurcussion effect? Would it only serve tio make Jojo feel more jealous of Jelly, thinking that I favour the small one and neglect him?

sigh.. i really don't know what is the effective and right punishment method for Jojo anymore..

at the same time, I feel I cheated Jelly too. I didn't really mean to bring her for a walk, but merely using her as a way to punish Jojo.

this mom is guilty.... again :(

Jaja - another J dog :D

This is Manja, or affectionately known as Jaja, a 7-month-old puppy belonging to my cousin sister Bao Bao (Denise) in Singapore. Bao Bao and her sister Dawn were helping an animal welfare organisation (www.asdsingapore.com) to foster the dog but after a month, they got too attached to her. So they adopted Jaja as their pet! I heard that Jaja goes to obedience school too! :) Posted by Hello

Jojo by `Aunt Bao Bao'

An artistic shot of puppy Jojo - less than three months old. Posted by Hello

Jojo lazing on the grass Posted by Hello

Handsome Jojo during Christmas 2003 Posted by Hello