Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A huge rat, a brave Sri and two savage Js!

There was a commotion in my house this afternoon where there were lots of screaming!!

When dad and I reached home, I noticed Jojo was kinda unusual. He was in his houes, staring at something at the side. As soon as the gate closed, my maid Wati let Jojo out and then everything just happened so fast!

Jojo dashed into the kitchen and then I heard Wati screamed `binatang (animal)! binatang!' and then as I went into the kitchen, I saw both Jojo and Jelly beseiging a corner where some boxes and wooden stairs were. Wati was pointing there and said there was an animal that looked like a rat and Jojo had attacked it!

With heart pounding, I bent down to take a peep (from quite a distance of course). And I saw it! To be precise, I saw its tail. It was black and flurry and long - what else could it be but a huge rat! So I told dad and mom who were also getting excited, but dad said how could there be a rat, maybe it was a squirrel. But I swore I could tell the difference between a rat's tail and a squirrel's!

Then I think the `thing' moved and suddenly my two dogs barged into the toilet nearby.. refusing to move. I quickly went out of the kitchen `just in case' and sure enough, I saw Wati screamed and jumped onto the stove table! I screamed and jumped back further. So did mom! And dad was even further away as he is scared of rats! Wati said the rat dashed out and then back into the toilet!!

None of us dared to go close to see what Jojo and Jelly are doing to the `poor' rat. Until our `saviour' arrived in the form of our new maid Sri. This daring woman said she is not afraid of rat and to prove her words, she went into the toilet to want to catch the rat! But she had some difficulty because Jojo and Jelly were in her way!

We all retreated to the dry kitchen. And after she shooed Jojo out and we held on to him, a while later, she triumphantly announced that she got the rat. My gosh! I couldn't believe she used her bare hand saved with a piece of paper to catch it - holding it by the tail. And then she announced that the rat had died already!

Even though she had said that, but the fact that she was holding onto a huge dead rat, the screamings were still on! Dad shouted out loud to ask her to take a plastic bag to throw the rat in and dispose of it.. but before she did, I also played brave and used my zoom lense to take this photo.

I would have liked to take photos of how the two Js' tortured and kill the rat but firstly, it happened so fast, and 2ndly and more importantly, I wouldn't dare to!!

Oh, after the rat was disposed of, Sri related to me her `battle' with the dogs and the rat. She said the rat was still half alive when she went to it and when she caught it, Jelly bit on the rat and refused to let go of it and there was a tug-of-war between Sri and Jelly with the rat - which finally succumbed to the ferocious torture by my dogs. And then eye-witness number 1 Wati said Jojo was the first to sink his teetch into the rat's body which caused it to be half dead (that's why can remain in the toilet so long I guess..)

Look at the innocent faces of my`angelic' dogs - taken just 10 mins after the incident! And you won't believe how bloodthirsty and vicious they can be to another smaller animal!

But again, maybe they know that rat is not a lovable type of animals.. ? :p And whatever it is they helped to kill it and spare Sri from being a huge rat murderer!!

What excitement we had! :p

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ah.. Shangri-la!!

I'm back!! So exhausted but just had to post some photos I took from Shangri-la.. such breathtaking scenes of nature!

Yup, it was truly an amazing and wonderful journey - more stories and photos later...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Leaving for a week amidst `exciting' time..

I'm flying to Kunming, China, early tomorrow morning for a short-term mission trip with my church members..

I've been quite excited about it, and after hearing a bit more from pastor last Sunday on the trip, I know my earlier concerns were unfounded (I was actually worried that the trip would be more a sight-seeing tour than actually mission-based) But the thing is, we can't put up too much on what the actual itinerary is due to the sensitive nature of preaching the Gospel in the nation..

Today is Sept 16, 2008 - it's the unofficial but the real birthday of Malaysia - it's this day 45 years ago that Sabah and Sarawak joined the Peninsular and thus born MALAYSIA. But we put all importance on August 31st where Malaya was born after independence from Britain.

But this year, Sept 16 held a bigger meaning to the patriotic Malaysians who want to see a change for the better for the nation. After the political tsunami from the 12th general elections in March, the then de-facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has announced with full confidence that the PR opposition front will form the new government on September 16.

The anticipation was great but as the date neared, most people knew it won't happen so soon.. And true enough, today we still woke up to the same old government. BUT the events that had been happening, especially that of three innocent ind. being detained under ISA and the aftermath, has indeed brought more heat and excitement.. We're living in a sad and corrupted and uncertain time, yes. But we're also living in an exciting, changing time..

To be honest, I have not been very updated at all with current affairs especially since I left the newspaper.. I only know of the `big' news. So if a person like me who is `half-pail-full' where politics is concerned, also sit up and follow the latest development these few days.. I think it is an indication that something big is happening, and the world is also watching..

But tomorrow, I will have to temporary leave my homeland and embark on our one-week trip. To be honest, it's not the most ideal time to go... if I've a choice, I hope the timing is not such. Not after I just read from Malaysiakini and other new sources that Anwar says he is just time to the PM but has the ability to form the new government with the numbers of detractors.. Ok, maybe he's playing political mind game. Maybe the Patakan Rakyat does not even have the majority to form the gov. But still, the battle is fully on.. and we aren't mere spectator as we live in this country.

Also, I'm quite concerned of when our MP Teresa Kok (yes, on paper, she is my MP cos I voted for her at Seputeh - where we once lived) will released from ISA detention.. and how's her exact condition as she was said not be too well.. I really hope by the time I'm back next week, she would be released already, and so would blogger RPK as well.

I'm going to have a week of new and I believe memorable experience in a foreign land (though it's supposedly be my ancestor's home but Malaysia is only my one home) - and it will be quite a hectic one where I will have to check out of our accommodation at 8am daily and travelled on road for hours. But I'm praying the Lord will open up our spiritual eyes to the needs of these places.. which are afflicited with poverty and harsh environment too..

I don't know how much i can share publicly after this trip but I still believe in freedom of speech on blogs - whether it is political ore relligious - provided we do not offend and incite another person's belief..

Mixed feelings - that's what I'm having now. I'm excited yes, but a bit heavy-hearted due to the current situation at home.. Oh well, whatever it is, I guess I'll just go in faith.. and right now, I better finish packing - I'm really doing it light this time!! :p

I'll be totally offline for one whole week - don't think there's time or maybe even the facilities to go on line! So till then.. tata for now.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pls pray for justice to prevail... and also spare a prayer for Kitty

I actually wanted to post an update about Kitty (see previous post)... but with the recent event that just occurred in the country, I think that should precede the poor dog's update first..

If you're Malaysian, or maybe even not, you would probably know of the `mini op lalang' that saw three individuals being arrested and detained under the I.S.A. (Internal Security Act)

I won't go into details but pls refer to online news report such as this and this and other SoPo blogs around.

At press, I mean blog time, the Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng has been released but the whereabouts of MP Teresa Kok and Malaysia Today's Raja Petra Kamarudin are still unknown.

Why it bothers even someone who is not really politically-conscious like me? Because these individuals, esp Teresa and Hoon Cheng, had not done anything that threatened the internal security of the country.. well, Raja Petra who is vocal enough arguably may get himself into trouble with the gov, but again, that's his freedom of expression and speech. But to arrest a reporter who merely reported on an event that had someone else inciting racial hatred, the real culprit wasn't even punished by the government but the reporter was!

What kind of logic is that?!! Ok, at least they have the basic decency to release her after 20 hours but still...

To be honest, I don't follow politics closely these days yet I'm still miffed at the grounds on which Teresa was nabbed.. whether it has to do with some mosque-related complaints (which she denied earlier) this is a hardworking and well-respected MP with integrity. Can't say so about some others politicians!

I, and so many others I'm sure, feel really saddened and enraged about this.. What democracy? It's like anarchy and dictatorship that we're living under!

Unfortunately I won't be able to take part in the candlelit vigil by DAP and Gerakan this evening due to prior commitment.. but I'll be praying for the detainees and also for justice to prevail.

On another note, Kitty's owners did not take heed at all to my letter. Yesterday and today, the poor dog was confined in that garbage compartment again. and now I know how long hours that is!!

I knew I had to do something.. Glad that I have the blessings from my dad to report it to authority as he believes it's better than confrontation. I seriously doubt very much if anything would change if I go talk to them. If they didn't feel a slight bit remorse about their action, the only way is for the authority to take care of them.

After speaking to furry friends who only would house the dog if I can take her away to them..I called up SPCA and reported this case which they classified as `solitary confinement' - which is a form of abuse and mistreatment. I would need to follow up with the inspector on Monday and they would send someone over to investigate and speak to the owners. They would first warn them and if after that they still go on mistreating Kitty, SPCA would report to the authority and seize the dog from them. I really don't want Kitty to end up an unwanted dog so I am praying that these neighbours would care just a little to NOT abuse her like that. Is it so difficult to fence up their gate and get a crate?!! Sigh..

My dad is so funny. We know at this moment Kitty is being locked up in that awful place.. so my dad actually wrote a note to the owner on behalf of Kitty. Basically it says in both Chinese and English: `Please Don't Lock Me In Here!!! Your poor dog Kitty' And later we will put the note into the garbage compartment.

I doubt that would change them at all but I guess it's another form of `warning' to them that what they do is wrong..

I am quite concerned about Kitty being locked up like that for another few more days... I am praying for her welfare..

Sigh.. you get sick people everywhere - in whatever positions and capacities..!!!

(over-due) update on Kitty: (sorry, I should have posted this much earlier.)
When I got back from China, dad said the SPCA officer did come a few days later and dad took her to the house - but Kitty wasn't there anymore!!

I also went to check - indeed there was no sign of the dog - she is not in the garbage compartment nor in the compound.. till today, she is still not there..

As an optimist, I'd like to believe that the owner decided to give away Kitty to some one who wants her.. I can't enquire as well, even when Jelly pooed in front of their gate and we were cleaning up after her, the daughter shouted at us!! They were still angry at me or maybe they know I have informed SPCA...

Anyways.. I pray and hope Kitty is doing better in whatever new place she is in..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Heartless people!!

Gosh I'm so mad! Can't believe there are people who are so inhumane.. and they are living in my neighbourhood!

This is not the first case of dog cruelty that happens at my place - my longer readers (esp. dog-lovers) may remember that plight of my neighbour's Goldie Jasor and how there was a war. But what I discovered tonight made me even angrier!!

A neighbour a street away locked his dog inside the garbage compartment (I don't know what you call it but it's the small space when you put your garbage for the garbage collector to collect!!) for god-knows how long!

Yes, they actually put the poor dog inside a space like this (I just took a pix of our garbage compartment)

The dog - a small/scrawny but very sweet mixed breed - looks like a cross between Pomeranian/Spitz - is always tied up with a short metal chain at the front gate! I remember once at night, I tried to ring the door bell as the dog looks like she can't move! But no one came out.. and then another time, dad told me he saw the dog being tied outside the gate - the chain so short that it almost choke her.. and he went to release her! :)

Just more than a week back, when I brought my dogs for walk at night, finally I saw someone watching TV inside the house while the dog was chained to the gate again. So I called and spoke to the girl. The first thing she said was: `the dog could squeeze through the gate' and that `the dog is not theirs but she kept coming here so the family sorta adopted the dog.'

But I told her even if you didn't buy the dog, and even if the dog can squeeze herself out of the gate, you can't tie her up 24/7 - and worst still using that kind of metal leash whereby it can tangle up and the dog can even be strangled! I suggested that they built a small dog house for the dog then.. She didn't argue then but said she would talk to her father about it.

Well, things didn't change.. only over the weekend when dad and I walked the two Js that we saw the poor dog there again, and a young boy was around so we took the chance to tell him again not to tie the dog like that. He didn't seem to understand (but he's in his teens already!) The poor dog - her name was Kitty according to the boy - was so tangled up that I had to do something - so I told the boy I would release her to untangle the leash. I did, and Kitty proved to be an active dog - ran around the garden and finally even squeezed throught the gate!! Oops but she did return soon..

So yes, she can `escape' from the house compound easily... unless they really build a house for her.. I think her fate would not change. But I never imagined they could do something even worse!!

Just now, my maid and I took the two Js for a walk after dinner and I wanted to introduce Kitty to my maid - and ya, Kitty and the Two Js have become pretty good friends. But when we went towards their house, Kitty was missing at the gate. The house too, looked empty. My maid even said maybe they put her in a dog house in the backyard.. but I was dubious.

Trust Jelly to shit in front of the house so when we're cleaning up after her.. we heard Kitty's bark! And horrors!! The sound came from the garbage compartment!! She was inside there and there was a padlock so that no one can open (but the owner with the key of course) No wonder their garbage bags and dustbin were outside..

Poor Kitty, I feel so sorry for her for being `adopted' by such sick owners!! For so long, she has been so used to being incarcerated that she wasn't even making much noise. It was only when other dogs in the neighbourhood started barking that she barked a bit. Gosh! I so wanted to rescue her.. Of course the first thing after I discovered she was locked in there was to press the doorbell!

But no one was at home.. And I couldn't unlock the lock.

I was so incensed that when I saw two people living two doors away walking out with their toy poodle (which made lots of noise) I asked them about that inhumane neighbour as well as told them what happened. Although being a dog owner, they seemed quite apathethic about it. But when I say I would definitely complain, the girl said I could write a letter and put it in their letter box. The guy said that family are usually not in, they go out early in the morning and return late at night! I shudder to think of how long poor Kitty has been put inside there!?

Then I thought.. could it be that after my dad and I spoke out against how they tied up their dog, that they thought THIS would be the `solution' so that the neighbours won't see them tying up the dog??

I know I just can't remain silent.. So now I think I'm going to write a letter to them- do it the most civic way first. But I must also choose my words carefully I guess.

Sometimes, confrontation is necessary. Unfortunately for Jasor's case, I only kinda helped him getting a big house/prison..

But locking up your dog inside a smelly garbage compartment...this IS cruelty to animal!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Why I like Starbucks so much.. and an encounter with a good samaritan!

I'm now sitting at my favourite Starbucks in Borders, The Gardens - enjoying a Kitamu coffee with raisin scone.

Ok, I do this quite often.. nothing significant to blog about. Only this time, guess what? I don't have a single sen with me.. In fact I had absentmindedly left my wallet at home!!

This is the second time it happens to me in the last month.. That time, as if by miracle, a friend happened to be there and gave me RM20.

But this time, no friend turned up with money. And I only realised it after I ordered my coffee.. that my wallet was not in my bag.. but I'm dying to have my coffee..! how?

As usual I can be `thick-skin' and so I related my plight to the nice barrister.. and to my pleasant surprise, he said I could have my coffee.. and they would just bill me next time I come.

Actually I was also planning to eat something since I had a light lunch.. and was planning to go to gym after this (but now depending i have enough coins for the carpark!!) So I asked another friendly barrister if I could order food too, and she straight away said: `no problem at all'.

Yey! So here I am having my coffee and scones at Starbucks sans wallet. Guess it pays to be a regular.. but at the same time, I must commend them on their excellent customer service. And oh and they even offer to give me free refill for my COW. ;)

That's also why I like to frequnt SB as opposed to other coffee chains.. The quality of the coffeee is one thing, but it's the good service that makes you feel welcome there!

p.s. I hope I have enough coins in my coin purse in the car to make it RM1 for the parking later - else I wonder if the MVM carpark management is as nice as Starbucks!?

update: 7:35pm
Ahh, horrors! I miscalculated - I've exceeded the RM1 parking fees by 4 mins and as I poured all my coins at the ticket counter, it totalled only RM1.10. So I pleaded with the woman but she was merciless, insisting I had to pay RM2. She said she had to call her supervisor but the supervisor wasn't free.. I already explained my predicament and asked nicely if I could just borrow RM1 from her and gave her back the next day. She said no such rule - and she does then everyone would ask for the same!!

I guess my half-pleading/half complaining arouse the attention of passerby. About 5 minutes on, a young woman approached me and asked if I needed one ringgit and proceeded to pass me a RM1 note! I was a bit stunned and all I could say was `thank you' and also asked how I could pay her back but she smiled, petted my shoulder and said: `no worries' and walked away with her male friend.

Such nice person... I thought, and there was this warm feeling inside me as I walked towards my car..

To be honest, I wasn't afraid to face the supervisor and spent more time there - whatever it is, they had to let me out eventually! But I'm really thankful by a kind act from this good samaritan. Although RM1 is not a big sum, it's her kind gesture of bother to help out a total stranger that really touches me..

Thank you again.. Ms good Samaritan. :)

Unfortunately I can't say the same for the ticket counter staff.. but again, I should be a bit more charitable as she's merely doing her job.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Presenting another new look! :)

Yes, I changed the layout again because I needed to!!

I didn't know that people using I.E. browser could not view my blog for the last three weeks after I changed it - to the chihuahua with specs background.. I don't know why. But when more than three or four ppl told me the same thing, I think something must be wrong. So finally I checked using I.E. and yes, the text was all missing!!

Sigh.. so sorry if you were trying to read my blog for the last couple of weeks..

So ya, I needed to even put aside work (well, it's Sat after all) to fix my blog..

Can't believe I spent 3 hours selecting a new template for my blog.. I had trouble with certain downloads - could not open zip file or just having errors with the HTML code.. but finally found this gem of a site that has some of the most lovely templates by this lady called Lena. There were so many very pretty ones so I had to try out quite a few.. Best is, the HTML code work!! Good things meant to shared so go here if you wanna change your template for Blogger!

I really like this template and everything is quite clear - not like the previous one though cute - the doggie was kinda in the way as the text bit was translucent..

Went for karaoke earlier in the evening - my first time to Pavillion's Redbox Plus. I think the last time I went to karaoke was last Dec for my birthday! All in we sang for five hours! I realise how old and out I was when the younger among us could sing all the new songs and I had to sing songs from the 80s and 90s (both Chinese/English) . And though it was easier for me to reach higher notes but still not very happy with my vocal.. especially now that I am gearing for my first vocal examination next May.. a lot of work needed!

But ya, had a good time singing.. its a good stress-reliever. And much thanks Wisun and Christine for their generosity and company! :)

Argh! now I'm faced with those deadlines and I've only 10 days before I leave for China.. :S

p.s. oh, hope u like this new look . I'll likely stick with it for a while..

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

1001 things to do!

I wish there are 48-hours a day..! I have 1001 things to do and I only have less than 2 weeks now before my trip.

Yes, there are many deadlines - and that means not just writing but running around, contacting people, getting interviews done, researching, coordinating stuff.. then there are also many other things I need to do too - would spare you the details. And yes, I still get distracted by Facebook, blogs etc..! :(

Anyway, I started a post about the long `feasting' weekend that was but I just couldn't complete it now.. Hence in place is this short rant and update..

Till I can find a bit of time and inspirations to update.. here's another hiatus for now. Sorry :(