Wednesday, September 03, 2008

1001 things to do!

I wish there are 48-hours a day..! I have 1001 things to do and I only have less than 2 weeks now before my trip.

Yes, there are many deadlines - and that means not just writing but running around, contacting people, getting interviews done, researching, coordinating stuff.. then there are also many other things I need to do too - would spare you the details. And yes, I still get distracted by Facebook, blogs etc..! :(

Anyway, I started a post about the long `feasting' weekend that was but I just couldn't complete it now.. Hence in place is this short rant and update..

Till I can find a bit of time and inspirations to update.. here's another hiatus for now. Sorry :(

1 comment:

eve-lp93 said...

Ya!i agree that sometimes in our life have 1001 things to do and sometimes we do not even can finish up all those things that we do .
But than in our life it just born to working out things. We need to know which is more important and arrange our times lo...
We live in this world nothing is impossible,as long we live with 100% nothing impossible.
Don't stay up so late in the night and wake up early and plan it in a day so thing that our life much more easier.Do you think so... hehehehe.....