Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pls pray for justice to prevail... and also spare a prayer for Kitty

I actually wanted to post an update about Kitty (see previous post)... but with the recent event that just occurred in the country, I think that should precede the poor dog's update first..

If you're Malaysian, or maybe even not, you would probably know of the `mini op lalang' that saw three individuals being arrested and detained under the I.S.A. (Internal Security Act)

I won't go into details but pls refer to online news report such as this and this and other SoPo blogs around.

At press, I mean blog time, the Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng has been released but the whereabouts of MP Teresa Kok and Malaysia Today's Raja Petra Kamarudin are still unknown.

Why it bothers even someone who is not really politically-conscious like me? Because these individuals, esp Teresa and Hoon Cheng, had not done anything that threatened the internal security of the country.. well, Raja Petra who is vocal enough arguably may get himself into trouble with the gov, but again, that's his freedom of expression and speech. But to arrest a reporter who merely reported on an event that had someone else inciting racial hatred, the real culprit wasn't even punished by the government but the reporter was!

What kind of logic is that?!! Ok, at least they have the basic decency to release her after 20 hours but still...

To be honest, I don't follow politics closely these days yet I'm still miffed at the grounds on which Teresa was nabbed.. whether it has to do with some mosque-related complaints (which she denied earlier) this is a hardworking and well-respected MP with integrity. Can't say so about some others politicians!

I, and so many others I'm sure, feel really saddened and enraged about this.. What democracy? It's like anarchy and dictatorship that we're living under!

Unfortunately I won't be able to take part in the candlelit vigil by DAP and Gerakan this evening due to prior commitment.. but I'll be praying for the detainees and also for justice to prevail.

On another note, Kitty's owners did not take heed at all to my letter. Yesterday and today, the poor dog was confined in that garbage compartment again. and now I know how long hours that is!!

I knew I had to do something.. Glad that I have the blessings from my dad to report it to authority as he believes it's better than confrontation. I seriously doubt very much if anything would change if I go talk to them. If they didn't feel a slight bit remorse about their action, the only way is for the authority to take care of them.

After speaking to furry friends who only would house the dog if I can take her away to them..I called up SPCA and reported this case which they classified as `solitary confinement' - which is a form of abuse and mistreatment. I would need to follow up with the inspector on Monday and they would send someone over to investigate and speak to the owners. They would first warn them and if after that they still go on mistreating Kitty, SPCA would report to the authority and seize the dog from them. I really don't want Kitty to end up an unwanted dog so I am praying that these neighbours would care just a little to NOT abuse her like that. Is it so difficult to fence up their gate and get a crate?!! Sigh..

My dad is so funny. We know at this moment Kitty is being locked up in that awful place.. so my dad actually wrote a note to the owner on behalf of Kitty. Basically it says in both Chinese and English: `Please Don't Lock Me In Here!!! Your poor dog Kitty' And later we will put the note into the garbage compartment.

I doubt that would change them at all but I guess it's another form of `warning' to them that what they do is wrong..

I am quite concerned about Kitty being locked up like that for another few more days... I am praying for her welfare..

Sigh.. you get sick people everywhere - in whatever positions and capacities..!!!

(over-due) update on Kitty: (sorry, I should have posted this much earlier.)
When I got back from China, dad said the SPCA officer did come a few days later and dad took her to the house - but Kitty wasn't there anymore!!

I also went to check - indeed there was no sign of the dog - she is not in the garbage compartment nor in the compound.. till today, she is still not there..

As an optimist, I'd like to believe that the owner decided to give away Kitty to some one who wants her.. I can't enquire as well, even when Jelly pooed in front of their gate and we were cleaning up after her, the daughter shouted at us!! They were still angry at me or maybe they know I have informed SPCA...

Anyways.. I pray and hope Kitty is doing better in whatever new place she is in..


Kimberlycun said...

you dad is really funny heh. wtf is wrong with these people!? i'm ashamed to say that a relative of mine did exactly the same thing to not one but two dogs. they wouldn't listen to us but kept locking them in one rubbish space. the dogs were missing soon after that, i hope it was some good Samaritans who had decided to take the dogs away. hope SPCA will manage to rescue Kitty.

jesscet said...

kim: oh dear.. we really have so many sick ppl that think animals are scum?! ya, i spoke to SPCA inspector officer today and they should be coming over but I hope they are able to talk to the neighbours as they are out so often!

btw, your doggie is so cute:) My Jelly just went for grooming today!