Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A huge rat, a brave Sri and two savage Js!

There was a commotion in my house this afternoon where there were lots of screaming!!

When dad and I reached home, I noticed Jojo was kinda unusual. He was in his houes, staring at something at the side. As soon as the gate closed, my maid Wati let Jojo out and then everything just happened so fast!

Jojo dashed into the kitchen and then I heard Wati screamed `binatang (animal)! binatang!' and then as I went into the kitchen, I saw both Jojo and Jelly beseiging a corner where some boxes and wooden stairs were. Wati was pointing there and said there was an animal that looked like a rat and Jojo had attacked it!

With heart pounding, I bent down to take a peep (from quite a distance of course). And I saw it! To be precise, I saw its tail. It was black and flurry and long - what else could it be but a huge rat! So I told dad and mom who were also getting excited, but dad said how could there be a rat, maybe it was a squirrel. But I swore I could tell the difference between a rat's tail and a squirrel's!

Then I think the `thing' moved and suddenly my two dogs barged into the toilet nearby.. refusing to move. I quickly went out of the kitchen `just in case' and sure enough, I saw Wati screamed and jumped onto the stove table! I screamed and jumped back further. So did mom! And dad was even further away as he is scared of rats! Wati said the rat dashed out and then back into the toilet!!

None of us dared to go close to see what Jojo and Jelly are doing to the `poor' rat. Until our `saviour' arrived in the form of our new maid Sri. This daring woman said she is not afraid of rat and to prove her words, she went into the toilet to want to catch the rat! But she had some difficulty because Jojo and Jelly were in her way!

We all retreated to the dry kitchen. And after she shooed Jojo out and we held on to him, a while later, she triumphantly announced that she got the rat. My gosh! I couldn't believe she used her bare hand saved with a piece of paper to catch it - holding it by the tail. And then she announced that the rat had died already!

Even though she had said that, but the fact that she was holding onto a huge dead rat, the screamings were still on! Dad shouted out loud to ask her to take a plastic bag to throw the rat in and dispose of it.. but before she did, I also played brave and used my zoom lense to take this photo.

I would have liked to take photos of how the two Js' tortured and kill the rat but firstly, it happened so fast, and 2ndly and more importantly, I wouldn't dare to!!

Oh, after the rat was disposed of, Sri related to me her `battle' with the dogs and the rat. She said the rat was still half alive when she went to it and when she caught it, Jelly bit on the rat and refused to let go of it and there was a tug-of-war between Sri and Jelly with the rat - which finally succumbed to the ferocious torture by my dogs. And then eye-witness number 1 Wati said Jojo was the first to sink his teetch into the rat's body which caused it to be half dead (that's why can remain in the toilet so long I guess..)

Look at the innocent faces of my`angelic' dogs - taken just 10 mins after the incident! And you won't believe how bloodthirsty and vicious they can be to another smaller animal!

But again, maybe they know that rat is not a lovable type of animals.. ? :p And whatever it is they helped to kill it and spare Sri from being a huge rat murderer!!

What excitement we had! :p


Ling said...

gosh... i'm really scared of rats too. Meeko my Labrador has killed a few mice over the years, the ground mice from our Adelaide home backyard. Its kinda scary and 'cruel' are the words i use. Oh well, its the nature life cycle?! I guess..once she had this poor mouse in her mouth, the small tail hangin from her mouth, i was freaked. But being rational, i called the vet to check whether its ok or whether the dogs will be exposed to any disease from the mouse and the vet ensured me that as long as the dogs are vaccinated regularly they should be fine.

Anonymous said...

Aiya!! I would be screaming too!! It's good that you have the two to catch mice... Hope this is just a runaway mouse from somewhere far far away, and not from somewhere nearby.