Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Leaving for a week amidst `exciting' time..

I'm flying to Kunming, China, early tomorrow morning for a short-term mission trip with my church members..

I've been quite excited about it, and after hearing a bit more from pastor last Sunday on the trip, I know my earlier concerns were unfounded (I was actually worried that the trip would be more a sight-seeing tour than actually mission-based) But the thing is, we can't put up too much on what the actual itinerary is due to the sensitive nature of preaching the Gospel in the nation..

Today is Sept 16, 2008 - it's the unofficial but the real birthday of Malaysia - it's this day 45 years ago that Sabah and Sarawak joined the Peninsular and thus born MALAYSIA. But we put all importance on August 31st where Malaya was born after independence from Britain.

But this year, Sept 16 held a bigger meaning to the patriotic Malaysians who want to see a change for the better for the nation. After the political tsunami from the 12th general elections in March, the then de-facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has announced with full confidence that the PR opposition front will form the new government on September 16.

The anticipation was great but as the date neared, most people knew it won't happen so soon.. And true enough, today we still woke up to the same old government. BUT the events that had been happening, especially that of three innocent ind. being detained under ISA and the aftermath, has indeed brought more heat and excitement.. We're living in a sad and corrupted and uncertain time, yes. But we're also living in an exciting, changing time..

To be honest, I have not been very updated at all with current affairs especially since I left the newspaper.. I only know of the `big' news. So if a person like me who is `half-pail-full' where politics is concerned, also sit up and follow the latest development these few days.. I think it is an indication that something big is happening, and the world is also watching..

But tomorrow, I will have to temporary leave my homeland and embark on our one-week trip. To be honest, it's not the most ideal time to go... if I've a choice, I hope the timing is not such. Not after I just read from Malaysiakini and other new sources that Anwar says he is just time to the PM but has the ability to form the new government with the numbers of detractors.. Ok, maybe he's playing political mind game. Maybe the Patakan Rakyat does not even have the majority to form the gov. But still, the battle is fully on.. and we aren't mere spectator as we live in this country.

Also, I'm quite concerned of when our MP Teresa Kok (yes, on paper, she is my MP cos I voted for her at Seputeh - where we once lived) will released from ISA detention.. and how's her exact condition as she was said not be too well.. I really hope by the time I'm back next week, she would be released already, and so would blogger RPK as well.

I'm going to have a week of new and I believe memorable experience in a foreign land (though it's supposedly be my ancestor's home but Malaysia is only my one home) - and it will be quite a hectic one where I will have to check out of our accommodation at 8am daily and travelled on road for hours. But I'm praying the Lord will open up our spiritual eyes to the needs of these places.. which are afflicited with poverty and harsh environment too..

I don't know how much i can share publicly after this trip but I still believe in freedom of speech on blogs - whether it is political ore relligious - provided we do not offend and incite another person's belief..

Mixed feelings - that's what I'm having now. I'm excited yes, but a bit heavy-hearted due to the current situation at home.. Oh well, whatever it is, I guess I'll just go in faith.. and right now, I better finish packing - I'm really doing it light this time!! :p

I'll be totally offline for one whole week - don't think there's time or maybe even the facilities to go on line! So till then.. tata for now.


Lim Chang Moh said...

Hi Jesscet,

Have a good trip. I shall be looking out for pictures of your trip when u are back. Have not been watching many movies lately cos I was writing a book. Just finished it though. So I am now free to relax...


Anonymous said...

hi i saw that you have achieved 33,000 visitors to your blog. wow quite something. the last time i saw yours was only 2,000 something. how come such a fast increase.

john tiong

jesscet said...

chang moh: thanks..i'm back from a memorable trip! oh, you wrote a book? is it on movies? do share more!

john: you must have mistaken! my blog hits have been increasing gradually.. i only got 33,000 hits after three years! so that's pretty slow..

Anonymous said...

I'm a documentary filmmaker (working for a Dutch TV company) and I'm looking for Missionaries living and working in Kunming. The piece would focus on some of the personal highs and lows of trying to convert Kunming locals.
Do you know any Missionaries living and working in Kunming right now? Or any organisations based in Kunming that support Missionary work?
if so please contact me (adro1@hotmail.co.uk)