Sunday, September 07, 2008

Presenting another new look! :)

Yes, I changed the layout again because I needed to!!

I didn't know that people using I.E. browser could not view my blog for the last three weeks after I changed it - to the chihuahua with specs background.. I don't know why. But when more than three or four ppl told me the same thing, I think something must be wrong. So finally I checked using I.E. and yes, the text was all missing!!

Sigh.. so sorry if you were trying to read my blog for the last couple of weeks..

So ya, I needed to even put aside work (well, it's Sat after all) to fix my blog..

Can't believe I spent 3 hours selecting a new template for my blog.. I had trouble with certain downloads - could not open zip file or just having errors with the HTML code.. but finally found this gem of a site that has some of the most lovely templates by this lady called Lena. There were so many very pretty ones so I had to try out quite a few.. Best is, the HTML code work!! Good things meant to shared so go here if you wanna change your template for Blogger!

I really like this template and everything is quite clear - not like the previous one though cute - the doggie was kinda in the way as the text bit was translucent..

Went for karaoke earlier in the evening - my first time to Pavillion's Redbox Plus. I think the last time I went to karaoke was last Dec for my birthday! All in we sang for five hours! I realise how old and out I was when the younger among us could sing all the new songs and I had to sing songs from the 80s and 90s (both Chinese/English) . And though it was easier for me to reach higher notes but still not very happy with my vocal.. especially now that I am gearing for my first vocal examination next May.. a lot of work needed!

But ya, had a good time singing.. its a good stress-reliever. And much thanks Wisun and Christine for their generosity and company! :)

Argh! now I'm faced with those deadlines and I've only 10 days before I leave for China.. :S

p.s. oh, hope u like this new look . I'll likely stick with it for a while..


lainey said...

heyyy ... :) i liked the older template better. esp. tat doggy with the glasses.

it's kinda diff to read with the 'textured' background. mebbe u could flatten the beige?

jesscet said...

lainey: I would have continued with the doggy template but people using I.E.browser can't read my blog!!

well, a couple of ppl mentioned about the textured background but i also get positive comments! :p if old foggy like me can read it, i am sure it's not that hard to read la.. (just some getting used to, and better than using dark background i thnk!!)

thanks for feedback tho.. but i like this look!! hehehe