Friday, August 26, 2005

`Prevacation' Rambling

It's been three days ie. 72 hours since the E-Collar has now been on Jojo. He has been wearing it all the time except for the short time last night and the night before when I took it off so that he could have a break.

But as soon as I realised he was starting to lick the wound I had to put it on again soon. Speaking of his wounds, there have been some improvement.. They are slowly drying up. But still a bit sore.

Thank goodness my maid has learnt to administer Jojo's anti-biotic pills to him. You have to open his mouth real big, pop the pill inside the throat, close it and stroke his throat to help the pill go in.

You see, I will not be around for a week from tomorrow.. So i really need her help as dad is also in China. Mom? no way, she could not handle this.

Yeah, just one more day and I will be flying on a jet plane to Hong Kong. Already am on leave today but because I still have some work to finish, the joy and happiness of the vacation somehow eludes me...

Maybe I will feel it tomorrow I hope. My flight is only at 5:55pm.

Due to my `big mouth', i now have to WORK during my vacation in Hong Kong! You see, I have chosen this time to go because my long time `idol' (not to confused with the false god idol but pop idol here) Alan Tam, will be having his 30th Anniversary Concert in the Coliseum, Hong Kong end of this month till early next month.

Since I am thinking of going to HK maybe later in the year, and since I will have free accommodation (my sis' family is there), I decided to just go for it since my Bali trip has fallen through.. It's much easier, I don't have to find company to go and I could be practically by myself as I know the place pretty well and I also have many friends there..

But of course, the main reason I am going is for the concert. This would be the third time I am watching his concert in Hong Kong and countless more in KL/Genting. But the concert in Hong Kong is always so much more interesting, and this IS his milestone concert.. So, my helpful sis has early booked me the tickets on August 29 (will be watching with her mom-in-law who is also into these things).

Before I talk more about Alan Tam (which I think I will spare you guys except to say that I have been loyally following him for 20 years) back to my `big mouth'.

A few weeks ago, when I applied for leave, I told my editor that i will be watching Alan Tam's 30th anniversary concert there and that when I come back, I may do a review. It is exclusive as no media from Malaysia has been invited to go there. The concert and trip are paid by myself and this is my vacation.

BUT he got so excited and sked me to email the story from Hong Kong! He said it would be too late if wait till I come back to work to write. I have to take a few hours off my holiday to write the review. AND on top of that, since I've missed one week of my `Orientales' (gossips plus album reviews) when I was in Singapore (no choice, no computer), I thought I might as well do that weeek's in Hong Kong. But that would have to be on Thursday to catch the latest news.

I was hoping to complete half of that before I the album review. But I had so many other stuff to finish that now I am bringing more work to HK... shucks. So I will be slogging next Tuesday AND Thursday on my brother-in-law's computer table. :(

Even after signing of now I have to write a review from last night's Actorlympics I went to. Supposed to be my leave today!

Well, if you feel a bit sorry for me.. there is another side of it lah..

Must admit that about 40 per cent of the `motivation' is from my own passion for writing and the responsibility of a journo. But 60 per cent comes from the impetus of...EXTRA PAY! Yes, I will be paid extra O.T. for working on my leave!

So, I guess I shouldn't complain and just get on with the crazy life of a entertainmeng journalist..

One more day and I will miss my two Js for a week! :( Hope Jojo doesn't need to wear his collar anymore when I come back.

I shall probably be blogging a little from HK. After all, I will be in front of the computer.. :p

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Jojo's On His Own

After 36 hours, Jojo finally had a break from the E-collar. But just for a little while.

He looked so pathetic, no longer funny, when I came back home just now. And poor thing, he didn't get to drink water almost the whole day because his water bowl had been placed in a corner of his house and it's just too difficult for him to reach. (I was cursing my maid under my breath for being so inconsiderate and careless despite telling her about Jojo's special needs)

And he also didn't finish his food.. and it was already 11:15pm.

I just felt at that point I had to give poor Jojo a break from the cumbersome collar. Even if I risk the fact that he might lick on the wounds.

And what freedom for Jojo which simply lit up (so I thought) and in high spirit. The timing seemed `perfect' too for after I fed him some nice meat and thinking of putting his collar back, mom's car came back and I forgot that I had left the front door opened too... and before I could do anything, Jojo rushed outside!

I reasoned that since he has been `suffering' for almost two days, he deserved a joyride I guess. And after he came back about 7 miinutes later, I put on the E-collar (after cleaning it a bit) again. Gosh, I had a hard time doing it as Jojo was very resistant to it at first.. I had to coax and pacify him nicely before I succeeded for the fourth attempt.

Jojo is now all alone by the way. Jelly is no longer wearing the collar. This morning, I discovered that she was able to lick on Jojo's wound even with her collar on! I guess the e-collar was meant to deter the wearer from licking its own wound and not that of another dog's..

I asked mom to exchange a bigger one from the vet but the next size was too huge for Jelly. That means it's pointless for Jelly to wear one anyway. The vet was kind enough to refund us the RM22 for Jelly's Denmark-made collar although she had used it for one day. Well, it was in very good condition unlike Jojo's.

That means there is more work for us in the house as we have to constantly separate the two Js. Jelly was at Jojo's leg again just now when they got together for a while and I had to shout at her and pull her away.

And now that Jelly is E-Collarless, she seems to find Jojo so intriguing and has been attempting to attack and bite his collar! Poor Jojo...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lamp Shades on the two Js?

Jojo's E-Collar is huge! And from the car journey home, he has already distorted the nice round shape! Posted by Picasa

Jelly actually looks quite cute with her E-Collar.. ;) Posted by Picasa

Miserable YET Funny with E-Collars!

Don't laugh at my dogs.. But the fact is, my family and Icouldn't help laughing seeing both of them in these Elizabethen-collars that resemble lamp shades!

This is the drastic move I decided to take, upon advice by my vet to not let Jojo's wounds deteriorate.. The wounds on his legs, which started off the size of a five sen coin (the reason unknown we just detected them one day) had gotten worse and bigger and now, as you could see it in the pix, are pretty bad.

A couple of months back, I have sought treatment from the vet and had applied two course lotion and spray stuff on Jojo's wounds. But they never healed, and got worse and worse.

I had to take Jojo to see the vet. Thankfully it's nothing too serious. And according to the vet, the wounds should have healed by now! And I too know the reason why it got worse. Because BOTH the Js are licking it. Jelly does it even more often than Jojo himself!

So besides giving Jojo a course of anti-biotic, the vet suggested in order to prevent the dogs to lick the wounds, I could get them to wear an E-collar!

The E-collar for Jojo looks huge! and although it is like plastic material, it is not cheap at all (RM36). The vet said he should wear it till the wounds dry out, which should be less than a week with medication. Then I bought a smaller one (RM22) for Jelly too. The vet laughed and said it is first time he knows that not just the patient itself, but a companion dog also wears the collar together.

You can imagine how uncomforable and disoriented Jojo was after the vet put the collar on him. Not only he has a huge lamp shade surrounding his head making him constantly knocking into objects along the way, his tunnel of vision has also decrease. And initial he did walk like a drunk dog!

Lucky for Jelly, her E-Collar is much smaller and shorter compared to Jojo's and she didn't look that clumsy.

I know my dear Js are incovenient and I pity them. But on the other hand, seeing them with the E-Collars is such a funny sight! Especially when they move around and put their heads up and down. My mom and maids are so tickled by the sight of them the whole day and even I couldn't stop laughing.

When I came back from work hours later, Jojo greeted me and protested by jumping on me for so long. It was quite painful when his big `lamp-shade' kept hitting me. But he was much less clumsy and could make his way around. But it's still so funny seeing how he eats and drinks!

And when the two got together, it was even more hilarious because when they tried to play with one another, or rather, when Jelly tried to `attack' Jojo, the E-Collars were in the way.

Finally when Jojo has gone to sleep outside the house, I took off Jelly's collar for the night. At least she would have a break from it nightly. But not for Jojo.

Putting myself in the Js' shoes, here is a list of the negative things about wearing the E-Collar.

1. Can only have tunnel vision in front
2. Keep bumping into furniture/ objects which normally they won't do
3. Cannot scratch the head or neck if itchy (I have to do it for them)
4. Cannot sniff things easily (especially for Jojo)
5. Difficult to eat and drink, can only eat/drink from bowls smaller than the collar rim.
6. Can't drink straight from the tap/wash basin (for Jojo)
7. Head feels heavier with the plastic `lampshade'
8. Can't play with and `attack' each other like before
9. Can't put head/neck onto mommy's lap
10. Become laughing stock of human beings!

Sigh.. no choice. Jojo and Jelly would have to get used to it so that the wounds will finally dry up and heal!

Unhealed Wounds: the Reason for Wearing E-Collars..

One of the long-time wounds that has gone bad on Jojo's back leg.Posted by Picasa

Two headless dogs? The two Js in my room early this afternoon. Posted by Picasa

That's Jojo trying to drink water from a small bucket in my bathroom!! Posted by Picasa

And this hillarious pix is Jelly bending her head down to get something from the floor!! Posted by Picasa

Resting in the living room.. but just for a while before they move about again. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 22, 2005

Jelly Wants to `Stand Out'

A rare photo with the two Js taken in the afternoon. Jelly decides to strike a pose with a difference while Jojo's eyes look like they're on fire! (as a results of the flash-light). Posted by Picasa

The Three Js For The Album

A more proper pose with my two Js.. It was not easy to achieve as they want to run away to the food table. Too bad Jojo's eyes are still `firy' due to the flash light. Posted by Picasa

Chomping On Cable

Something unbelievable had happened! Jelly has become destructive for no particular reason. She has chewed up (gasp) the cable wire of a floor lamp into pieces, and attempted to eat up the lamp switch which is attached to the wire!

I should have let her remain in her crate after mom had a hard time putting her in. But because I won't be sleeping (me= owl) for a while more, I thought of having her as company in my room.
But as I got engrossed on the Net, Jelly was restless and even barked wanting to go out.. So absent-mindedly I let her out of the room, not thinking of any consequences of leaving her on her own devices. Then, I more or less forgot the time chatting with Lynn online and multi-tasking on the PC.

Suddenly I heard some weird noises outside my door. Oh Jelly, I remembered and opened my door. She rushed in and had something black in her mouth! It was a light switch with wire on both sides! She has severed the thick cable!! Shocked, I screamed at her and she ran!

With that light switch in my hand, I could not immediately identify which lamp it came from. So I went downstairs and checked. All the lamps were fine. Then I came up again and Bingo! it was from the floor lamp at our family hall just outside my room!

I didn't hit Jelly but just grabbed and placed her back to her crate. It was quite unbelievable what she did! And I thought she was well-behaved all the while.. To think of it, the things she chewed up though fewer than Jojo, were usually more `substantiate' objects - such as a coffee table book, my whole pot porri, and now the cable and light switch.

And then a scary thought flashed through my mind: If the floor lamp was on, could Jelly have been electrocuted!?

The remnants of the lamp cable chewed up by Jelly and there are strong teeth marks on the switch (the sphere-like thingy). Notice all the exposed wire. Posted by Picasa

The victim is this tall-long floor-lamp, which now can't be used anymore thanks to Miss DestructivePosted by Picasa

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Home Sweet Home

This is the first time in weeks or perhaps months that I'm spending the entire day at home.. and I need it badly.

I did feel a little anti-social by deciding not to join my B.S. group's outing (a very hectic, eventul day outing from KL to PJ to Malacca and back - 7am-10:30pm). But I know I shouldn't stretch myself as I have been physically and mentally exhausted, and I need to have some rest.

Yep, it has been a real busy week (with late nights) at work since coming back from a rather tiring holiday in S'pore. And it would be another busy week ahead till I leave for HK on Saturday. Then tomorrow there is church service and also something planned a couple of weeks back with friends in the evening.

Thus today is meant to be taken easily and leisurely..

Mom has always told me off as the type who could NOT even stay still for a day at home. Well, she's quite right. I feel kinda restless if I am just sitting in the house.. I seldom take work home if possible during weekend. So if there are those rare days when i have no planned things or appointments on my off days, I still like to just go out and do something - most of the time, shopping (window also can), have a cup of coffee - mostly by myself.

( I am one of those who enjoy solitude as opposed to some friends I know who could not even eat a meal alone! - this is another interesting topic that I could blog on)

For once today, I feel bliss to just remain at home, the WHOLE day. I must confess I have thoughts of going out to do something (not urgent though), but by the time I deely-daly, its already 4pm now and it is raining...

What did I do? Woke up at noon (common for me as the owl is still very much alive :p), spent time with Jojo and Jelly - finally bathing Jojo after almost two weeks; had late lunch with parents; helped to put up some paintings including one in my room. And of course went online (still am) AND worked. Yes, I had some extra stuff to finish and research for another article! :(

Currently the two Js are sleeping after a BUSY early afternoon. They were frocliking inside the house for hours, following me and dad. Do u know a bath would increase a dog's libido? I caught Jojo doing something horny just now after his bath.He mounted onto Jelly and was trying to .... (you know what lah) and Jelly actually did not retaliate! I quickly shouted at him and pushed him away.

So the decision to spay Jelly is right after all. Although sometimes I wish I could mate Jelly with another Schnauzer stud to breed puppies.. but she would most likely to be mated with her `brother Jojo' here! And poor Jelly would suffer if she was inpregnated by Jojo as the puppies would be so huge and I could not imagine how a Golden-Schnauzer crossbreed look like.

And yes, Jojo still drives me crazy at times but overall, he is a bit more controllable (not to mom though) and I haven't hit him..

Feeling sleepy and lazy....

Thursday, August 18, 2005

A couple of unusual pix of my two Js...

My Jelly rug Posted by Picasa

Jelly at the heel of Jojo (literally speaking) Posted by Picasa

Singapore's Snap Shots

A family pix taken at Dan Ryan's to celebrate an early birthday for dad (who was ill unfortunately). Notice how Edgar was looking so grouchy as he detests taking photograph and being disturbed from his reading. Its a pity that Sean's face was partly hidden. It was nice of the restaurant to take this photo after presenting dad with a piece of brownie and singing their version of `happy birthday'. And emailing the pix to us for free. The negative side? the dinner cost a bomb AND the spare rib was disapponting... Posted by Picasa

Fun at Sentosa

Edgar giving a cheeky pose with his favourite dinasour at Volcano Land. His was also fascinated by the wishing well there.. He threw in one cent and wishes that all the dinasours will become real. Then he thought his wish came true as there were some `moving' mechanical ones that could make noise too!. Posted by Picasa

Alexis struggling to get free from me. She can only be carried by her dad, mom and `kakak' throughout the trip although i managed to carry her for a couple of minutes when she could not see her more familiar family members... Posted by Picasa

Pretty mommy and pretty daughter. Posted by Picasa

Llittle Star of Sentosa

Cute little Alexis aka Miu Miu on the man-made beach at Sentosa Posted by Picasa

The Cycling Trio

Sean, Edgar and yiyi setting off their bike trip at Sentosa.. half an hour before I fell and shortened the trip. Sean gave up after a while while Edgar cycled for `15 rounds' he proudly declared! Posted by Picasa

Met up with some old pals too

Caught up with some old friends from school days who are either working or settling in Singapore - with spouse and kids intact :) We had lunch at Traders Hotel near Orchard Road.. nice food but the price was staggering. Thanks Suyin for the treat and Liming for organising, and Ju for being there despite so sleepy.. Yep, it was nice catching up and seeing the young ones too! Posted by Picasa

Lucky Escpae: Clear Island View

This was the view outside my hotel room at Sentosa on the following day - Thursday where air pollution in two areas in Klang Valley were beyond hazardous ie emergency. Our southern neighbour had it good.. and i was glad to be there for that reason at least.. Posted by Picasa

Before: Suffering in Polluted KL

This was how the view outside my house balcony looked like on the late morning that we left for S'pore - exactly a week ago on Wed Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

Good to be back in Good Ol' Kay-elle! (sans haze)

Wow, its good to be back in KL, good to be back home, good to be with the two Js, and good to be back in front of my PC! Yes, I realised I missed my Internet terribly as soon as I turned it on.. :p

It had been a tiring trip - we were at Sentosa then Orchard Road - but it was lovely to see my nephews and niece again. In less than half a year, they have changed a lot. Edgar, turning 7 next month, is like a big boy and I enjoy talking to him, though he still has his rather odd individualistic behaviour.. like how he buried his head in Pokemon comics oblivious to new stimulus througout the trip. Sean Sean, 3 year &2 months old, is very sweet when he is not throwing a tentrum. He was most concerned of my wounded knee - `is it hurt?' he asked in a pitiful voice a couple of times seeing my bloody then drying up wound. (I fell off while biking with my amateur skills) Sis said recently Sean's temper is quite foul for no apparent reason.. could it be growing up pains? middle child syndrome? hmmm...

And little Alexis a.k.a.Miu Miu, 15 months, is the darling and centre of attention. She loves to talk and eat and is supposedly pretty fierce (traits that her family reckons resembling her yiyi.) But I haven't seen the fierce side of her this time. She tried to carry a serious conversation with you and what she said was like a baby reinvention of a cross between English and Cantonese. Very cute.. ;)

Will post some photos soon on the trip..

Back at home, my two Js were not lonely while we were away. My two cousins, Yee and Shin were here to house-sit and they apparently had a great time with the dogs. But their belongings have also fallen victim to Jojo. And Yee, the elder but more playful of the two, even had a mishap while playing with Jojo. She rolled a huge yoga ball down the stairs to try to frighten Jojo BUT it knocked down one of the vases on display by the stairs!

Poor girl got a scolding from mom. Well, she was at fault as she admitted it herself. Playing Yoga ball with Jojo at place surrounded by breakable ornaments? But at least she was honest to own up coz even my maid thought it was Jojo who broke it.

Just now, I received such an overwhelming welcome by Jojo and Jelly when I came home. We missed one another. They jumped on me so hard and Jojo almost knocked me over a few times.. and Jelly didn't even go to kitchen just now to look for food but came upstairs and waited at my room. She is still here now.. Earlier, I played with them for a while but had to let Jojo out as he went for mom's stuff and chewed up her shower cap! She was so mad.

According to Yee and Shin who used to have six dogs (now I think only four left), their dogs behaviour only mellowed after 3. So Yee was telling me not to worry, Jojo is perfectly normal as he is still considered puppy! I hope she is right on that.. I can't imagine Jojo still behaving like that when he is a mature 8 years old!

Argh!.. no extra leave so have to work tomorrow. I need more time to recover from the holiday- which was in good timing to escape the haze.

Just hope this clear and beautiful skyline shall remain...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Goodbye Haze, For a Few Days

Will be leaving for Singapore in a few hours! Actually I would have been on the way already but dad and mom thought it was better to delay our trip down till tomorrow as they were not well - it's better to take a bit more time to rest and recover and also they don't want to pass the bugs to the kids.

Yes, we're holidaying in Singapore with my sis' family - the three cutie pies! :D

However, we found out this morning that we can't cancel the hotel room tonight. Shucks, and thank God my parents are feeling better today. So we decided to take a late drive down south. I offer to drive most of the way..

Now in the midst of packing and I still have some stuff to do in Bangsar before we go off. But I haven't forgotten to blog, coz I won't be here for the next 5 1/2 days at least.. Gosh, what an addict :p

The haze is so bad (it's like worse today!) Even the two Js were sniffing a bit.. I thought. Anyway, my two little cousins will be here in our absence and they love dogs too. That'll be great.

Just chatted with a friend and confirm the weather in Singapore, she said it's clear! hooray!

See ya Jess' Two Js on Monday night.. tata!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The `Monster Chewer'

A avid chewer, and with recalcitrant and obstinate characters.. but Jojo is also very forgiving and loving.. Posted by Picasa

Jojo sniffing the files on my table..but he leaves them alone. He is fond of things that are of soft texture (eg tissue papers, cotton wool packet, small cloth, wiry stuff) somehow... Posted by Picasa

A Harsh Beating

Jojo got a heavy whacking from me tonight..

I know, I have said that the proper way to train dogs is never to whack but to firmly reprimand but at that moment, I just could not contain my anger so I primly gave him a harsh `corporal punishment' - I hit him (across his mouth) hard with a platic hanger!!

I did it repeatedly for at least 10 seconds and so hard that the hanger broke into a few pieces..

I know what you're thinking now.. How could I do that? And what hideous crime has Jojo committed?

The punishment would be more justifying if my new, original Nokia handsfree kit is no longer working. But although it has slight mark of his bite, it still worked.

But I really thought Jojo had ruin it completely coz some metal teeth of the connecting adapter had gone missing. And I know it would cost me a bomb to replace it. My handsfree was actually NOT on the floor and he had jumped up to my bed to obtain it!

After that outburst of `violence' on Jojo, he actually looked mildly frightenened.. Maybe he still remembered my rage from the old days.. I had not quite whacked him like this way for a few months now.. despite him chewing various (less expensive) objects.

Yeah, when I found out my handsfree still works, I felt quite bad.. I had over reacted. But what's done is done and amazingly, Jojo held no grudge. After about 20 minutes or so, he slowly came out of my bathroom and walked towards me and put his head on my lap!

My heart melted and again I felt the uncontional love, the forgiving spirits of a dog. I don't know what he was feeling then - guilty? sad? or simply desired my affection? I just hope I didn't hurt him (physically and emotionally) that much..

I know, bad mommy I was..

Jojo, please forgive me but I also pray that you would be better behaved. Sigh.

p.s. when i was writing, he had `attacked' some other objects in my bathroom but I merely gently coaxed him to let go of it and even praised him `good boy'. Help... looks like Jojo is still the same old Jojo!!

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Haze and the Strays

Usually at night, the air in my housing area is pretty nice and refreshing, and I always enjoy walking Jojo and Jelly at that time.

But tonight is different, thanks (and no thanks) to the persistent haze that has been enveloping the Klang Valley for some days now.

Yeah, I have to confess I had not been taking them for walks for some times (dad and Wati had been doing the honour) so I was quite looking forward to bring them out after a late dinner just now.

I had almost forgotten about the haze until I stepped outside my gate. Well, it was better than during the day but there was still a tinge of burnt smell in the air. And the night sky was.. well, hazy.

Oblivious to the dropped in air quality, Jojo and Jelly were as eager as ever. So went ahead with them and we did the usual route to see Jasor. Poor Jasor was wagging his tail and very excited to see us, walking about in the cage. I patted him and he looked longingly at me.. I really don't how long - it could be weeks even - that he had not been out of his `house'!! :(

After saying bye to Jasor, we just walked back home and normally we would walk on towards the other direction but I just didn't feel like being in the haze longer, soI cut the walk and came home.

All in, I think our walk took about 10 minutes only.. Sorry, Jojo and Jelly. Blame the haze.

Hmmm I wonder whether the haze could affect dogs' health, especially those like Jojo which usually stay outdoor. And if so, what type of ailments would they have?

Speaking of dogs (like this blog doesn't do :p), last night for supper, dad ended up feeding five stray dogs that came to the outdoor area of the restaurant where we ate.

These dogs were often seen around there. Poor things, they looked so dishevelled and thin, and afraid also. We didn't have much to offer them - since we ordered claypot lo shi fun (their specialty) and some pork ribs which were very salty. We gave the bones and some of the less salty meat to the strays. Amazingly they never fought among themselves...

I sometimes wonder why are there so manys stray dogs (or even cats) in our city. Only one reason I can think of. The root is many irresponsible owners who abandon their pets (either newborn or adults) and then they just survive on their own and go on to reproduce more strays!
Looking at the number of strays in my area, I think we need more organisations like PAWS and SPCA to help these animals.. but already such welfare organisations are in dire need of financial and humans resources. The better solution would be to eduate of the mindset of the population towards the way they treat animals.

Prevention is better than cure. And if only the government also believe in the importance of animal welfare.

Just look at Jasor's owners and you would know what I mean.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Grooming for Two

It's weekend so I decide to blog a frivolous post. The topic: grooming. The subjects: Jelly and yours truly.

I know I have thought of letting Jelly's fur grow longer but lately it has become quite unmanageable and made her look messy and dirty.

At the same time, my own hair was getting thicker especially at the side-front. Also, the colour i had since end of last year was worn out and worse of all, new hair has grown so about tree inches of the roots were in black the rest in a faded orangy-brown. Yeah, I had ugly two-toned hair.

Since I have the luxury of a rather free Saturday today, it becane a day of grooming for both Jelly and myself! :D

I dropped her off at the usual pet shop at Taman Connaught and went to pick up Lainey for lunch. My hair appointment at BSC was at 3pm so there's quite a lot of time for us to walk around and find a place to eat at Desa Sri Hartamas. The food wasn't great but value for money, anyway, the most important is the company. It was nice to catch up with a dear friend again before she returns to the United States early next week.

After we said bye, I headed to my usual salon. I was expecting the hair-colouring and cut to take about three-hours but all in, I spent 3 hour and 50 minutes in the salon! The colouring process itself took ages!

One of my concern was whether my hair colour would be allowed for MyKad photograph (yeah I had yet to apply) I requested it to be darker so the hairstylist Grace chose a burgundy-copper shade which turns out quite nice but pretty dark when not under the light.

She took an inch off the length and layered it a bit, and also trimmed the volume at the front. Not very different at all in style but nothing much can be done at this length.

Ok, enough of my boring hair-do account, lets talk about Jelly!

Somehow Jelly looked `fairer' when I saw her at the pet shop but had to keep her there for another hour plus as I joined my parents and relatives for dinner near by. Like last time, she did not get a shave because of her allergy to blade but it was neatly trimmed very short, even the fur in her lower body was shortened. And the fur on her chin was cut too like last time.

Overall, she looks cute and neat and pretty. And she feels and smells ls so clean too! :)

Poor thing, she must have not had a proper nap at the pet shop with many doggie friends around, so when she came back and followed me to my room, she didn't even have energy to sit up for photograph!

And shortly after that, she fell asleep, until Jojo came into my room and started to `sexually harrassed' Jelly. It must be the dog's sensitive sense of smell, everytime when Jelly is back from grooming, Jojo gets all excited and keeps sniffing her all over, especially her backside!

They have some time wresting together before both just `passed out' on my room floor.

Here are some of our `post-grooming' photos.. ;)

Post-Grooming Shots

Jelly after grooming. Look how clean and fluffy the fur on her legs are.. She has been playing with water so her `whiskers' still a bit wet. Posted by Picasa