Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Miserable YET Funny with E-Collars!

Don't laugh at my dogs.. But the fact is, my family and Icouldn't help laughing seeing both of them in these Elizabethen-collars that resemble lamp shades!

This is the drastic move I decided to take, upon advice by my vet to not let Jojo's wounds deteriorate.. The wounds on his legs, which started off the size of a five sen coin (the reason unknown we just detected them one day) had gotten worse and bigger and now, as you could see it in the pix, are pretty bad.

A couple of months back, I have sought treatment from the vet and had applied two course lotion and spray stuff on Jojo's wounds. But they never healed, and got worse and worse.

I had to take Jojo to see the vet. Thankfully it's nothing too serious. And according to the vet, the wounds should have healed by now! And I too know the reason why it got worse. Because BOTH the Js are licking it. Jelly does it even more often than Jojo himself!

So besides giving Jojo a course of anti-biotic, the vet suggested in order to prevent the dogs to lick the wounds, I could get them to wear an E-collar!

The E-collar for Jojo looks huge! and although it is like plastic material, it is not cheap at all (RM36). The vet said he should wear it till the wounds dry out, which should be less than a week with medication. Then I bought a smaller one (RM22) for Jelly too. The vet laughed and said it is first time he knows that not just the patient itself, but a companion dog also wears the collar together.

You can imagine how uncomforable and disoriented Jojo was after the vet put the collar on him. Not only he has a huge lamp shade surrounding his head making him constantly knocking into objects along the way, his tunnel of vision has also decrease. And initial he did walk like a drunk dog!

Lucky for Jelly, her E-Collar is much smaller and shorter compared to Jojo's and she didn't look that clumsy.

I know my dear Js are incovenient and I pity them. But on the other hand, seeing them with the E-Collars is such a funny sight! Especially when they move around and put their heads up and down. My mom and maids are so tickled by the sight of them the whole day and even I couldn't stop laughing.

When I came back from work hours later, Jojo greeted me and protested by jumping on me for so long. It was quite painful when his big `lamp-shade' kept hitting me. But he was much less clumsy and could make his way around. But it's still so funny seeing how he eats and drinks!

And when the two got together, it was even more hilarious because when they tried to play with one another, or rather, when Jelly tried to `attack' Jojo, the E-Collars were in the way.

Finally when Jojo has gone to sleep outside the house, I took off Jelly's collar for the night. At least she would have a break from it nightly. But not for Jojo.

Putting myself in the Js' shoes, here is a list of the negative things about wearing the E-Collar.

1. Can only have tunnel vision in front
2. Keep bumping into furniture/ objects which normally they won't do
3. Cannot scratch the head or neck if itchy (I have to do it for them)
4. Cannot sniff things easily (especially for Jojo)
5. Difficult to eat and drink, can only eat/drink from bowls smaller than the collar rim.
6. Can't drink straight from the tap/wash basin (for Jojo)
7. Head feels heavier with the plastic `lampshade'
8. Can't play with and `attack' each other like before
9. Can't put head/neck onto mommy's lap
10. Become laughing stock of human beings!

Sigh.. no choice. Jojo and Jelly would have to get used to it so that the wounds will finally dry up and heal!


Chipmunkrock said...

can they still reach out for cables?

jesscet said...

yes, i think they can! and Jojo still dug into my bin and managed to chewed on tissue.. but looked so funny.