Thursday, August 25, 2005

Jojo's On His Own

After 36 hours, Jojo finally had a break from the E-collar. But just for a little while.

He looked so pathetic, no longer funny, when I came back home just now. And poor thing, he didn't get to drink water almost the whole day because his water bowl had been placed in a corner of his house and it's just too difficult for him to reach. (I was cursing my maid under my breath for being so inconsiderate and careless despite telling her about Jojo's special needs)

And he also didn't finish his food.. and it was already 11:15pm.

I just felt at that point I had to give poor Jojo a break from the cumbersome collar. Even if I risk the fact that he might lick on the wounds.

And what freedom for Jojo which simply lit up (so I thought) and in high spirit. The timing seemed `perfect' too for after I fed him some nice meat and thinking of putting his collar back, mom's car came back and I forgot that I had left the front door opened too... and before I could do anything, Jojo rushed outside!

I reasoned that since he has been `suffering' for almost two days, he deserved a joyride I guess. And after he came back about 7 miinutes later, I put on the E-collar (after cleaning it a bit) again. Gosh, I had a hard time doing it as Jojo was very resistant to it at first.. I had to coax and pacify him nicely before I succeeded for the fourth attempt.

Jojo is now all alone by the way. Jelly is no longer wearing the collar. This morning, I discovered that she was able to lick on Jojo's wound even with her collar on! I guess the e-collar was meant to deter the wearer from licking its own wound and not that of another dog's..

I asked mom to exchange a bigger one from the vet but the next size was too huge for Jelly. That means it's pointless for Jelly to wear one anyway. The vet was kind enough to refund us the RM22 for Jelly's Denmark-made collar although she had used it for one day. Well, it was in very good condition unlike Jojo's.

That means there is more work for us in the house as we have to constantly separate the two Js. Jelly was at Jojo's leg again just now when they got together for a while and I had to shout at her and pull her away.

And now that Jelly is E-Collarless, she seems to find Jojo so intriguing and has been attempting to attack and bite his collar! Poor Jojo...

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