Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Harsh Beating

Jojo got a heavy whacking from me tonight..

I know, I have said that the proper way to train dogs is never to whack but to firmly reprimand but at that moment, I just could not contain my anger so I primly gave him a harsh `corporal punishment' - I hit him (across his mouth) hard with a platic hanger!!

I did it repeatedly for at least 10 seconds and so hard that the hanger broke into a few pieces..

I know what you're thinking now.. How could I do that? And what hideous crime has Jojo committed?

The punishment would be more justifying if my new, original Nokia handsfree kit is no longer working. But although it has slight mark of his bite, it still worked.

But I really thought Jojo had ruin it completely coz some metal teeth of the connecting adapter had gone missing. And I know it would cost me a bomb to replace it. My handsfree was actually NOT on the floor and he had jumped up to my bed to obtain it!

After that outburst of `violence' on Jojo, he actually looked mildly frightenened.. Maybe he still remembered my rage from the old days.. I had not quite whacked him like this way for a few months now.. despite him chewing various (less expensive) objects.

Yeah, when I found out my handsfree still works, I felt quite bad.. I had over reacted. But what's done is done and amazingly, Jojo held no grudge. After about 20 minutes or so, he slowly came out of my bathroom and walked towards me and put his head on my lap!

My heart melted and again I felt the uncontional love, the forgiving spirits of a dog. I don't know what he was feeling then - guilty? sad? or simply desired my affection? I just hope I didn't hurt him (physically and emotionally) that much..

I know, bad mommy I was..

Jojo, please forgive me but I also pray that you would be better behaved. Sigh.

p.s. when i was writing, he had `attacked' some other objects in my bathroom but I merely gently coaxed him to let go of it and even praised him `good boy'. Help... looks like Jojo is still the same old Jojo!!


Chipmunkrock said...

And you want to report your neighbour of cruelty to animals? aiseh..

jesscet said...

hey, this is just one punishment too harsh.. like how we got beaten by dad or mom when naughty when young. Mot giving myself excuses but this is NOT comparable to how my neighbour treatment to their dog - which has NOT ben out of the cage for weeks now, and before that being chained up.. :(

all-aboard! said...

just one?

sometimes showing remorse afterward isn't enough. we need to make a greater effort to restrain ourselves from doing the thing that we later regret doing. That's what matters. Not that Jojo or anyone else won't forgive you; and it's not easy but i think that's what we're supposed to be.. self-controlled. Something all of us need lots more of!

Hope Jojo and you both feel better today!

Adrian Choo said...

It's not easy to be patient with our pets. My Rio is one of the sweetest natured creatures ever and his playfulness usually gets him into trouble with me.

I remember him jumping (YES, you read that right) on the bonnet of my car when i was stationary. Needless to say, there were horrendous scratch marks all over my precious car (understand this : this is very good 2k paint we are talking about).

Needless to say, I needed to reprimand him VERY VERY firmly as it is (1) destructive and more importantly (2) extremely dangerous for him to do so - what if he decides to pull this stunt as I am driving out the driveway one day? and (3)I have given him VERY LOUD & PROLONGED VERBAL reprimands before.

So ... what to do? A GOOD OLD FASHIONED SPANKING ON THE RUMP for him!!!

I think there's nothing wrong with giving our pets an occasional spanking IF they are really really naughty and it's dangerous for them to continue behaving a certain way ... so long as we know where to aim (the rump is a safe bet : got some fats there) and its a RARE thing to do.

Be careful when you wallop them anywhere else ya? Might get some internal injuries somewhere ... and usually, i try to count to ten before I decide to do anything. Remember that they don't mean it ... and it's just that they are curious, playful or just want your attention.

God bless!

jesscet said...

hl> ok, not `just one' but in recent time, i had hardly beat up Jojo. I am remorse not because i hit him but the fashion i did it so guess you're right to say about self-control. But he does need to be disciplined and reprimanded!

adrian> thanks for sharing your experience with your dog. Yes, Jojo AND Jelly both jump onto our cars and scratches there are many. Yeah, spanking is necessary and like you say, count to 10 before proceeding to any action is wise too. btw, as i am in not at home and my two cousins are house sitting, Jojo also chewed up a few of her stuff!! I think we have to limit him to outdoor more as he is just so destructive...!!!