Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Goodbye Haze, For a Few Days

Will be leaving for Singapore in a few hours! Actually I would have been on the way already but dad and mom thought it was better to delay our trip down till tomorrow as they were not well - it's better to take a bit more time to rest and recover and also they don't want to pass the bugs to the kids.

Yes, we're holidaying in Singapore with my sis' family - the three cutie pies! :D

However, we found out this morning that we can't cancel the hotel room tonight. Shucks, and thank God my parents are feeling better today. So we decided to take a late drive down south. I offer to drive most of the way..

Now in the midst of packing and I still have some stuff to do in Bangsar before we go off. But I haven't forgotten to blog, coz I won't be here for the next 5 1/2 days at least.. Gosh, what an addict :p

The haze is so bad (it's like worse today!) Even the two Js were sniffing a bit.. I thought. Anyway, my two little cousins will be here in our absence and they love dogs too. That'll be great.

Just chatted with a friend and confirm the weather in Singapore, she said it's clear! hooray!

See ya Jess' Two Js on Monday night.. tata!

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