Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thorny infestation!

I did it again tonight.. i let the two Js out to roam about, forgetting that there was a heavy downpour earlier in the evening. And when they came back 20 minutes later.. I got a shock of my life when i saw Jelly's condition!

She was drenched and dirty.. and when I touched her - I cried out because she was `infested' by so many tiny thorny seeds that were stuck to her fur and body!!

So I just had to bathe her even at close to midnight. There was mud on her too and when removing some of those thorny things, I almost prick my fingers as well. Gosh it was not an easy task, as I had to painstakingly removed these terrible thorns one by one, and they were stuck stubbornly onto her wiry long fur.. especially around the legs area. But she also got a few on her face, chin and neck.. All in, I think close to 100 were stuck on Jelly!

I spent a good half an hour or more cleaning up Jelly.. Poor thing, she looked real miserable trying to lick out those chunks of thorns from her foot. But after shower, she was much happier and now already slumbering.

Jojo meanwhile also got his coat wet a bit but didn't look half as dirty nor got thorns infestation. Thank goodness.. and considering I had just bathed him this morning.

So I got scolded by mom saying what a `stupid mother' I was by letting my dogs out after raining evening.. and got Jelly into such horrible condition..

Sigh I am not a very smart mommy after all..:((

Saturday, February 24, 2007

A new beginning looming..! :)

After close to 4 months of `taking-a-break-and-just-doing-some-freelance-writing' type of lifestyle.. I have news for you where my career is concerned.

I have decided to be a full-time freelance writer/author.

Yep, I won't be applying to any publications or companies for full-time job but will be my own `boss' - writing and doing the stuff I enjoy and know I could do well in.

And for that, I have NST to thank. No, I'm not being sarcastic and I'm ready to spill the beans on what's been happening in my career area ever since resigned and left MM (which belongs to the same parent group).

For 3 months or so, I thought I was going to take a couple of months break and then join NST as a lifestyle feature writer.

I have heard some unconfirmed `rumour' that it is almost not possible for one who has left MM to join NST as the latter's bosses would not allow that. But I did not quit with the intention to join that paper. I really wanted just to take a break and explore other opportunities.. But the lifestyle editor asked me to join them and she had said she believe it won't be a problem.

So although I have other opportunities to consider, somehow I am a person who welcomes familiarity esp when it comes to work environment. Having been in the company for 12 years, although it's not a perfect place or paper to work in, I thought I should join them again as it's like what a friend said: `better the devil you know'.

I was asked to wait about three months. That suited me fine because I wasn't in a rush to start working agin.. From November to January, I have explored other freelance opportunities though it wasn't a lot of work yet. But at the back of my mind, I thought I was going to go back to work with NST come February or March.

In end of December, I was asked to go in and fill up a recruitment form for formality, and told that the group editor has `okayed' me to come in. I was asked to wait. So I did. Then January passed by with no news. I asked the lifestyle editor and she asked me to check with the editorial admin which I did and was told HR is handling it now.

Then just a week before CNY, I called HR and was told that the `big bosses' were still considering it and they should have a decision soon. I was a bit baffled for I thought it was `okayed' already but just waiting for procedure to be carried out.

At the same time, came the decision and calling that I should finish writing my book that I started long time ago. And then suddenly, I was having second thoughts about working for NST myself. You know, its really great being a freelancer.. maybe it's because I'm already `spoit' with my long break but as a freelancer, you can plan your own time and life's much freer and interesting.. and MOST importantly, I can make time to write my book!

But then my parents, especially my mom thought NST is best for me and I'm too indisciplined to be a freelance journalist! She said not only my earnings would reduce but I would end up spending too much money!

So I prayed quite hard on this..and even consulted my pastor. I didn't pray that God will close or open the door at NST but for His will to be done.

Then yesterday, I decided that I should make the initiative again to call HR. To my slight surprise, but not dismay, I was told that my application was `disapproved' by the top bosses after serious considerations and discussions among themselves.

There wasn't any explanation offered but I guess I know why. They couldn't set a precedence to let an ex MM staff to join NST. The unwritten policy rumour was true after all.

On one hand, I must admit I was slightly pissed at the way they handle this.. making me waited two months since I submitted that form. Why couldn't they reject me earlier? What happened if I am really need the job for financial reasons?

The thing is I am not desperate for the job. I would have really welcomed it a month back. But right now, my heart is set on writing my book, and at the same time, I'm finding freelancing really interesting and suits me fiine. If I'm hardworking, money is not an issue though I'll definitely have a huge pay cut.

However, my aim is not to go all out as a freelance journalist ie. getting all the jobs I can either for the money or for the experience and self-fulfillment. My aim is to complete my book - hopefully by end of this year. My aim is also to learn to be self-sufficient with less money, and to learn to manage my time well and fruitfully.

And there're much blessings I can think of that would come with it. I get to have dinner at home more, I get to spend time with my parents and grandparents and the two Js more, and I can run errands and even watch a movie during working hours just to name a few..

So after CNY, I will be starting a new chapter in my life- that of an author and a freelance journalist! And I know I will love it... ;)

CNY Pig Out!

We are just about half way through CNY celebration - and today is `yan yat' ie. `Everybody's Birthday'!

This afternoon, I just held a rather huge gathering for my church fellowship's friends - invited both former and current members of CCF. It was great catching up with old and new friends but it was also pretty tiring (for me)! :p - at least it's just once a year. Had intended to take photos but ended up no chance at all.. ppl were all over the place and everyone, including myself just too busy chatting, eating etc.. and also I was showing some new visitors a few round of tours around the house!

Since it was held at tea time, i deviced a simple and quite nice menu (with dad's help). Savoury include - fried mee hoon, deep friend calamari, fisha and chicken nuggets (as there were kids around), tuna and egg sandwiches. For sweets, we have fatboybakes' lovely chocolate oreo cake, a thrown in `freebie' peach and banana crumble with brandy custard sauce, my friend' Elsie's homemade agar-agar, some chocolates, bananas and oranges etc.. Drinks were a variey of soft drinks and my standard fare cocktail.

The item that required most work was the sandwiches! But I had overmade them as there were quite a bit of leftovers for tapau. So was the meehoon.. even the delicious cake was not `waulap' as i think many people were watching their waistlines!! Yep, indeed even as i just picked on the food here and there, I felt so bloated and full..

Speaking of food, I really overate again this CNY! From reunion dinner till today, I had at leasat three big meals at home; and three dinners out - on Monday at Yen's place (as posted below), then on Wednesday, a few of us got together with HL who came back with hubby from HK, and we ate at The Rib Shop. Then the next day, met up with old college friends to lo-sang and for seafood at King's Crab!

Then today.. although there was nothing grand but I felt just so full!! Argh.. I really feel like a pig in this piggy year!

Ok, that means I REALLY need to workout harder next week AND cut down on the food..

But help! we still have 9 more days to go before CNY ends!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Fun Gathering of Six Couples and Me!

On the 2nd day of CNY, my cousin Yen and her hubby Chris invited us together with her own family and my second aunt and uncle to their home for dinner - a Western dinner for CNY!

The getting-together of the three sisters and their families had been an annual CNY affairs, but it was normally held at a restaurant. The last time I saw my cousins was at Yen and Chris' wedding last October and as I've not been to Yen and Chris' home before, I was looking forward to it.. Oh, I also had the pleasure of meeting cousin Wisun's girlfriend Christine for the first time!

We all had a really good time! While our parents had their own conversations, the younger ones were helping out dinner preparations. So, pre-dinner chats and drinks were followed by a wholesome and sumptuous meals that began with yee sang. Dinner consisted of feta cheese salad, pasta with mushroom and pesto sauce, long beans, and Mr Ho's roast duck, roast chicken and roast lamb. Not forgetting the free-flow of Chilien red wine!

We ended up consuming 8 bottles - lots of alcoholics around and I think I had at least seven glasses but still sober. ;)

After dinner, we carried on with more nostalgic chit-chat and laughters during `oxygen' time (have your guess what that means! ;)) Then, I was thrilled to know they had mahjong and everyone was game to play. However, my skills were quite rusty and didn't really know how to calculate the `fan', but was helped along the way. It was fun although I couldn't win even one game! And Chris, who has just picked up the game the day before, took a small waving gold cat as an `amulet' for me! It was hilarious how everyone ended up trying to face the cat to our opponents!

When I let Yen took over, we began to win.. but alas, time was running out as I had leave with dad and mom already.. as it was close to midnight.

Yeah, so i was like a big `lamp post' amidst three elder couples and three younger ones.. BUT I really had fun and didn't feel awkward at all.. as we're among family. Hopefully we could do this again soon.. and not wait for another new year, wedding or birthday.. ;) Thanks Yen and Chris for inviting us!

The host of with the three (elder) couples.

Striking a pose with Yen by the dining table

Clockwise from top left: the hosts in the kitchen; christine the kitchen helper; delicious yee sang with salmon sashimi; lo-sang!!

Cheers! Getting ready to tuck into the food!

The three sisters - da yi, mom and er yi

and their hubbies - er yi zhang, dad and da yi zhang.

Three pairs and a `lamp-post'! (clock wise from top left:) wisun and christine; di & mei lian; yen&chris; me holding a `wave-bad-luck cat'!

Playing `three-leg' mahjong - Yen and Chris helping me.

A (strange) dog who loves firecrackers!

Monday, February 19, 2007

`Three Things' Meme - repost

Was looking at my archieve for nostalgia sake and came across this meme I posted in May 2005. Thought I would re-post it just for fun.. so that my current readers will get to know a bit more about me! ;)

Well, almost two years on.. and almost all the answers still stand except for the `now-type of questions'. So I just updated it a bit.. Why don't u try too if you haven't already done so!

THREE NAMES YOU GO BY: (besides my `offical' names)
1. Tan Tan
2. E.T.
3. Dan

1. jesscet
2. jess chow
3. eetan

1. my feet (they are small and Chinese think small feet are beautiful :p)
2. my fingernails (they grow fast)
3. my forehead (the right size)

1. almost everything else besides the above listed
2. to be specific, my fat!
3. and my height

1. my surname
2. my short fingers and toes
3. my temper :(

1. gross and grusome stuff like watching `Fear Factor'
2. losing my parents and my dogs
3. being cut off from civilisation

1. my water bottle
2. my shades
3. my mobile

1. yellow large t-shirt
2. glasses
3. moisturiser

1. alan tam (for canto pop)
2. any good sounding artists
3. any good sounding bands

Too many - even 1213 songs in my iPod mini is still NOT enough!

1. communication
2. companionship
3. chemistry

1. smiling eyes
2. good teeth
3. relaxed charm

1. listening to music
2. playing with my dogs
3. writing and blogging

1. lie down on my bed with music on
2. hug my 2 Js ;)
3. have a steamy cup of hot chocolate

1. freelance writer
2. singer - a dream - will it ever come true?
3. lady of leisure (with spare time and cash to do voluntary work) - again, will it ever come true?

1. Provence in France
2. Tuscany in Italy
3. New York City

1. Edgar
2. Sean
3. Alexis

1. travel the world
2. find my soulmate
3. live a meaningful and fulfilled life that's worth my calling

1. i am not afraid of cockroaches
2. i think wearing pants and shorts are cooler than skirs or dresses
3. i have a `healthy' appetite for food :)

1. i think long hair looks feminine
2. i need to have at least one item of makeup on before leaving home
3. i lurve shoes and handbags

1. alan tam (loyal fan of 20 years)
2. fei xiang aka kris phillip (dashing with dreamy green eyes)
3. johnny depp (cute, quirky, talented)

1. all my friends
2. all my relatives
3. all who are reading my blog - which means YOU


1. Jess' 2 Js
2. Diamond in the Dark (sorry it's private for now)
3. Yours! (if you have one!) ;)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

CNY snippets!

So we're in the year of the Golden Pig (or Boar if you like)!

Well, these two days have been hectic for me.. for one, I''ve never been in the kitchen so much in my life! Was the main cook and superviser to prepare dishes for reunion dinner - albeit a small one since only my parents, grandma and myself. And really pleased to have created and cooked a new dish - braised sea cucumber with mushroom and (false) abalone! It tasted quite delicious.. ;) Today again, helped cook dinner as well but not so elaborate..

Am so exhausted now..

At least tomorrow will have a cook-free day as I'm having lunch out with friends and then movie, and for dinner at my cousin's place. Looking forward to that.. but on Tuesday, I have to prepare lunch and dinner again for some guests and other relatives!!

Food aside, another `highlight' of CNY at my place is the `noise pollution' from the neighbourhood! Since we're in Cheras, a predominantly (almost exclusively) Chinese area, there had been almost non-stop of firecrakers and fireworks going on since last night!

Poor Jojo was just terrified! He's showing signs of restlessness and wanted to sneak into the house in everyway.. we allowed that for a while.. but Jelly, on the other hand, is totally of the opposite. She showed no fear AT ALL even as the neighbour and the house opposite burnt firecrackers that were so loud that I had to covered my ears. This fearless dog would go near to the gate and look happily out enjoying the bustle of the new year.. while poor Jojo was all miserable and trembling in his kennel!!

How could the same species of an animal have such different behaviour?? that beats me.. Oh, Jojo is wearing the new scarf and Jelly, the apron dress that I bought them from Bali! They have new clothes but their mommy has none! haha

Anyway, it has been a good new year so far.. Brought both dad and mom to church this morning and had a good time of worship.. aunt came over with cousins to visit and still watching tele downstairs now.

After Tuesday.. I think I have to really start writing my book, and in between, have two assignments to complete as well..

Ahhh.. it's time to enjoy while we can.. :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Here Comes the PIG (Year)!

Lets not be politically (or more like religiously)- correct. We are ushering in the Year of the Pig. don't know why in the media or malls or anywhere else in this part of the world it is called `Boar' instead.

Well, for a Chinese literate, the Chinese word denotes the domestic pig - the animal that is fat, lazy but smart, and reared mainly to be eaten.. If it's meant to be boar, that the word should be `San Zu' (mountain/wild pig), and not just `Zu'.

Ok, now i got that out of the way.. :p

So here I'd like to wish all friends, relatives and Jess' two Js' readers a very Blessed, Healthy and Joyous Year of the Pig!

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy New Year!

p.s. Hope you like the fresh look - as this blog undergoes a make-over in conjunction with the Lunar New Year! :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

February 11, 2007

February 11 is a vey special day - it's my spiritual birthday. i'll turn 19 tomorrow!

But this year, Feb 11 will be a very special day for my friends KK and Carmen - as it's their wedding day!

And i'm privileged to be part of their wedding - acting as emcee and worship leader for the church ceremony and also invited to speak during the wedding banquet.

I know i will be so busy tomorrow and that's why i just want to note this first..

19 years as a Christian sounds like a long long time.. but i feel quite inadequate still. it takes so long to finally let it sink in.. and still it is a daily struggle.. struggle of our sinful nature vs God's HolySpirit leading us

Like a child growing up, i'm almost an adult (if you count it as human physical years) now. And my aim is by my 20th birthday (spiritual, not physical of course) next year, i want to publish my book.

That's at least a goal and a target for me to aim at. not like before.. i just procrastinate it for far too long..

Time to sleep early tonite.. happy birthday to myself and Congrats to my dear friends. :)

Pix Update:

with the newly-wed after their church ceremony - didn't get to take many pix as i was emcee-ing the wedding service.. and it went very nicely, praise God ;)

with Jess T. and the radiant bride at the wedding banquet (pix courtesy of Jess)

thank you... and a note..

When I wrote the previous post, i wanted to just thrash out how i felt at that time but yes, i was also hoping to `solicit' some responses...

But what i did not expect was getting replies from readers i do not know personally, and from overseas too! that's quite a nice surprice really.. :)

So i just want to say a big `thank you' to all my readers and especially those who have responded in one form or another to affirm me that my blog is worth a read. i guess i should not be discouraged just because traffic is low or comments box is empty.

And now.. i have some `news' for you.

I have decided to slow down in my post for Jess' 2 Js unless its something really worth sharing with you guys..

I think 22 months of regular blogging meant that I've devoted a lot of my spare time on the Net - (esp when posting photos on travel pieces etc.. that really take up a lot of time!) Not that I don't like doing it or think it's a waste of time - God forbid - but I guess when you're called to do something more important, you have to forgo certain things...

I will be working on a book that I have started more than 10 years ago.

I can't let (too much of) the cat out of the hat at the moment but I can tell you it's an autobigraphy/personal testimony - about how I battled a certain illness since I was young and about how God had delivered me and healed me and transformed me into who I am today.

Yes, you can call it a Christian book but i have nothing to preach.. it's merely to share of the goodness of God, the miracle He has done in my life and how He has great plans for me..

I promise it won't be boring.. for I have much stories to tell about my life - the pain, the sorrow, the joy and the victory.. and I will spill it all out with no shame..

Originally I had hoped that i could publish it by my 30th birthday! But many years had passed by and I had abandoned it for so many years - due to distractions of many kinds (work, and now blogging and reading blogs being some of them) I did not even write one word to my book in the last 3 years! And now, it's only less than 1/4 way done.. and needs a lot of rewriting..

So yeah, that's what I'm going to be doing from now on till the day the book is completed. But of course i won't let this blog die... it's still an outlet of sort and a way to keep in touch with friends and readers.

Only thing is, the frequency and length of posts would really have to reduce..

But I believe my readers will understand and are as excited for my `new project' as I am.

Wish me luck and will keep you posted on how it goes.. :)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Who do I blog for?

Ok, I'm gonna be very honest here...

I know I've told myself and even said it here before that one of the main reasons why i enjoyed blogging (and have continued to do so regular for one-year-and-nine-months ) was that `it is a creative outlet for myself'...

But that's only half the truth. I can't deny the fact that unlike writing in a diary, i know i have an audience here.. So whatever I do, consciously or subconsciously i do tailor my blog with my friends/readers in mind.

In many instances I have actively `promoted' my blog to old and new friends and even some acquaintances.. although I have not been pushing my blog on the blogosphere. But I do count myself as quite an active blogger though definitely not a high profile one.

Ok.. here is the crunch. I don't know now whether I have enough reasons to blog on.. I feel that after almost two years and I think I've done quite a good job (look into my archieve if u have time) but the hits to my blog have not increased but even decreased these days..

Like these few days, my sitemeter registered an average of 20 plus hits and less than 20 a day! That's kinda sad because over the last year or so, the visitors to my blog has gradually increased to about 30 and more, and I had even hit much higher numbers when I posted comment on popular blogs or posted on popular topics that people searched on.

Yes I know i should not feel disheartened for I do know many bloggers who still continue to blog on with just a minimal circles of readers.. But maybe it's just me. May be it's the journalist in me.. I need some form of recognition for my `work'. I admit that having comments from readers delights me, and I feel quite discouraged of sort when I don't get any comments for many consecutive posts.

For instance, my circle of old friends had visited my blog as I posted recently on the gathering. Some did reply my email to them but still none placed a comment - even if the blog was about them. And somehow I felt the effort was not really appreciated or rewarded.. BUT again, these are non-blogger nor blog readers so..

Gosh, I think I'm sounding like a pathetic attention-seeker..! But I just feel like thrashing this out..hello, is anyone out there? Or am I just writing for myself?

So, my dear readers (i know there are just a handful out there), please don't hide nor be silent anymore. At least say something - anything, if you wish to read more stuff from `Jess' 2 Js'. Then at least I will know there are indeed people reading and sorta appreciating and enjoying my blog.. and i'll be feel more motivated to write on..

Till then.. :/

Sunday, February 04, 2007

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

One of the most poignant and popular hymns of all time... which has fresh meaning and deeply moved me when I sang it at church this morning:

When I survey the wondrous cross

On which the Prince of glory died
My richest gain I count but loss
And pour contempt on all my pride

Forbid it Lord, that I should boast
Save in the death of Christ my God
All the vain things that charm me most
I sacrfice them to His blood

See from His head, His hands, His feet
Sorrow and love flow mingled down
Did ever such love and sorrow meet
Or thorns compose so rich a crown

Were the whole realm of nature mine
There were an offering far too small
Love so amazing, so divine
Demands my soul, my life, my all

Isaac Watts, 1707

Three Js ;)

It's time to have some updates on my two Js for this blog was dedicated to them actually..

They're good.. looking happy and healthy but Jelly has not been eating much. She's picky about the kind of dog food.. only likes one or two types.. oh well.. maybe it's a chance for her to be on a diet! ;p

Oh, just now I was drinking Irish Bailey's Cream and guess what, I gave them some and they liked it! haha, even my dogs are alcoholic like their mommy and grandpa!

The following pix was taken on a sunny afternoon last week..

Handsome Jojo...

Jelly lying down pretty..

Grabbed Jelly for a pix together!

Friendly Jojo holding my hand... :)

It was not easy to get the two Js to sit still!

A slightly better one.. :p

Old Friends get-together

Sometimes, some things don't change.. and in this case, old friends you know like two-and-half decade back although you hardly see each other!

No, not that we're eternally youthful.. but really, all of us still behave more or less the same way we did back in school. Well, these are friends you made from your teens, in boarding school. And its great to know that our friendship is still the same.. we could just pick it up where we left it eons ago.

Thanks to our bubbly Gail from Canada, who made a trip to KL just for a day before going back to he hometown Miri, we took this opportunity to call up some friends back from boarding school. And although it was just a small group (well, it was on Friday midday after all) but it was great meeting up and catching up, and I had a really fun time overall!

There were actually three parts to the day's program. Since i was not working, i volunteer to pick Gail up and also pick up Ms Busy Seeling whom I hardly these days although she lives in PJ and works in KL!

We met up with the guys for lunch at KLCC. Was quite impressed by Wong Chen who managed to round up Zainal, Edwin and Kington on a weekday noon. A couple of them couldn't make it but Gail spoke to them over the phone nonetheless..

Many of these old guy friends are doing really well, either running their own firm or business and driving big cars.. however, they are still the same in nature! Like Mr Tong, straight away asked me in Cantonese: `so have you found a man?' and went on to `taruh' me like he used to all the time. Nevermind he is the father of two boys!

After lunch was the `highlight'. Our poor friend Pat is still stuck in hospital (in fact her hospital bed!) for some time after her car accident in December. So although she had heard of Gail's visit last year but we didn't mention it again.. and I decided to surprise her by bringing Gail there. But guess what, the guys also wanted to visit her! Imagine her surprise and the racket we made in her hospital room - thanks to the gila and acid mouth Mr Tong and Tengku.. and of course the constant love-hate relationship with the latter and Gail herself. Long story.. hehe.

We then went back to KLCC and had coffee.. just the five of us left as the Edwin and Kington had to go back to work.. Then, we girls had to say bye to the guys as we headed to Shah Alam to look for Fiona - also my godson's mom. The full-time mom can't manage to join us for lunch but we made ourselves there to meet her and her two boys!

We had an early dinner and guess what, my first `loh sang' for this year! Glad to also catch up with Godson and his extremely chubby younger brother!

I managed to snap a few photos and since a few of them were mentioning about my blog, so I promised to blog about this and give them a minute of fame! ;)

Hope we'd have more gathering like this.. hint, hiint, people.

a shot of us at the restaurant minus Zainal who went for prayers while we waited for Kington to arrive..

Wong snapped us before we were ready!

Seeling, Gail and myself posing for the camera

Hmm.. what's so funny Wong Chen?

Pat looked touched by our visit.. ;) (from left: Wong Chen, Edwin, Gail, Zainal, Seeling, Kington)

Now I'm also in - snapped by Seeling

Was Pat horrified by the antics of some visitors? Seeling is a picture of poise (as always)

A candid shot of the `love-hate-couple' - but look at the horrified look on Zainal's face!

Me with my Godson Joshua (in red) and his brother Javen

`Loh Sang' together!

The gals and Fiona's boys.

Friday, February 02, 2007

deprived from blogging..?

So much ideas and inspirations, but so little time!!

Ever since Monday, I have been meaning to blog but alas, I was just so preoccupied with things.

What I wanted to blog on but didn't get to include:
  • the resuming of my personal training and new female trainer!
  • me finding it happy to be by myself when I go out - ie shopping, eating etc.. is it perculiar?
  • am now at the anticipation period - a new job, CNY looming...
  • a new shelf to accomodate my junks but how does a junkie spring clean the room?
  • etc. etc... emm... there are some more I'm sure but its a bit late for my brain to function now.
Last few days had been quite fun. This week definitely more fruitful than last week where I was just staying at home to recuperate from the horrible cough and flu. But this week, I was out and about every day. Yeah, I realise I can't be a homebody unless i'm not feeling well..

Anyway, can you beleive it's already February? January has slipped us by so stealthily and rapidly.. Argh, before we know it, it would be 2008!

Am looking forward to tomorrow (Friday) - a full day `outing' as a dear old friend from my boarding school days will be here! Gail is only staying two-nite-one-day in KL (yep she arrived late tonite and leaving early on Sat morning back to Canada!) So I volunteered to be her chauffeur. After picking up carless SL and then Gail, we will be having lunch at KLCC with a gang of friends and then go to hospital to visit Pat (poor girl still have prob a month there) and then all the way to Shah Alam to my godson's home. Yeah godson's mom has invited Gail for dinner.. but I will have to leave early to be back to PJ for the peer group meeting..

Gosh! a very packed day indeed!

Then why am I still blogging and not to bed? :p