Sunday, February 04, 2007

Old Friends get-together

Sometimes, some things don't change.. and in this case, old friends you know like two-and-half decade back although you hardly see each other!

No, not that we're eternally youthful.. but really, all of us still behave more or less the same way we did back in school. Well, these are friends you made from your teens, in boarding school. And its great to know that our friendship is still the same.. we could just pick it up where we left it eons ago.

Thanks to our bubbly Gail from Canada, who made a trip to KL just for a day before going back to he hometown Miri, we took this opportunity to call up some friends back from boarding school. And although it was just a small group (well, it was on Friday midday after all) but it was great meeting up and catching up, and I had a really fun time overall!

There were actually three parts to the day's program. Since i was not working, i volunteer to pick Gail up and also pick up Ms Busy Seeling whom I hardly these days although she lives in PJ and works in KL!

We met up with the guys for lunch at KLCC. Was quite impressed by Wong Chen who managed to round up Zainal, Edwin and Kington on a weekday noon. A couple of them couldn't make it but Gail spoke to them over the phone nonetheless..

Many of these old guy friends are doing really well, either running their own firm or business and driving big cars.. however, they are still the same in nature! Like Mr Tong, straight away asked me in Cantonese: `so have you found a man?' and went on to `taruh' me like he used to all the time. Nevermind he is the father of two boys!

After lunch was the `highlight'. Our poor friend Pat is still stuck in hospital (in fact her hospital bed!) for some time after her car accident in December. So although she had heard of Gail's visit last year but we didn't mention it again.. and I decided to surprise her by bringing Gail there. But guess what, the guys also wanted to visit her! Imagine her surprise and the racket we made in her hospital room - thanks to the gila and acid mouth Mr Tong and Tengku.. and of course the constant love-hate relationship with the latter and Gail herself. Long story.. hehe.

We then went back to KLCC and had coffee.. just the five of us left as the Edwin and Kington had to go back to work.. Then, we girls had to say bye to the guys as we headed to Shah Alam to look for Fiona - also my godson's mom. The full-time mom can't manage to join us for lunch but we made ourselves there to meet her and her two boys!

We had an early dinner and guess what, my first `loh sang' for this year! Glad to also catch up with Godson and his extremely chubby younger brother!

I managed to snap a few photos and since a few of them were mentioning about my blog, so I promised to blog about this and give them a minute of fame! ;)

Hope we'd have more gathering like this.. hint, hiint, people.

a shot of us at the restaurant minus Zainal who went for prayers while we waited for Kington to arrive..

Wong snapped us before we were ready!

Seeling, Gail and myself posing for the camera

Hmm.. what's so funny Wong Chen?

Pat looked touched by our visit.. ;) (from left: Wong Chen, Edwin, Gail, Zainal, Seeling, Kington)

Now I'm also in - snapped by Seeling

Was Pat horrified by the antics of some visitors? Seeling is a picture of poise (as always)

A candid shot of the `love-hate-couple' - but look at the horrified look on Zainal's face!

Me with my Godson Joshua (in red) and his brother Javen

`Loh Sang' together!

The gals and Fiona's boys.


SCH said...

Small world... I happened to know your hostess of this party ! Does she know of your blog?

SCH said...

Oops.. mistake! Meant to comment on the post about the dinner with 6 couples... will re-comment!