Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Fun Gathering of Six Couples and Me!

On the 2nd day of CNY, my cousin Yen and her hubby Chris invited us together with her own family and my second aunt and uncle to their home for dinner - a Western dinner for CNY!

The getting-together of the three sisters and their families had been an annual CNY affairs, but it was normally held at a restaurant. The last time I saw my cousins was at Yen and Chris' wedding last October and as I've not been to Yen and Chris' home before, I was looking forward to it.. Oh, I also had the pleasure of meeting cousin Wisun's girlfriend Christine for the first time!

We all had a really good time! While our parents had their own conversations, the younger ones were helping out dinner preparations. So, pre-dinner chats and drinks were followed by a wholesome and sumptuous meals that began with yee sang. Dinner consisted of feta cheese salad, pasta with mushroom and pesto sauce, long beans, and Mr Ho's roast duck, roast chicken and roast lamb. Not forgetting the free-flow of Chilien red wine!

We ended up consuming 8 bottles - lots of alcoholics around and I think I had at least seven glasses but still sober. ;)

After dinner, we carried on with more nostalgic chit-chat and laughters during `oxygen' time (have your guess what that means! ;)) Then, I was thrilled to know they had mahjong and everyone was game to play. However, my skills were quite rusty and didn't really know how to calculate the `fan', but was helped along the way. It was fun although I couldn't win even one game! And Chris, who has just picked up the game the day before, took a small waving gold cat as an `amulet' for me! It was hilarious how everyone ended up trying to face the cat to our opponents!

When I let Yen took over, we began to win.. but alas, time was running out as I had leave with dad and mom already.. as it was close to midnight.

Yeah, so i was like a big `lamp post' amidst three elder couples and three younger ones.. BUT I really had fun and didn't feel awkward at all.. as we're among family. Hopefully we could do this again soon.. and not wait for another new year, wedding or birthday.. ;) Thanks Yen and Chris for inviting us!

The host of with the three (elder) couples.

Striking a pose with Yen by the dining table

Clockwise from top left: the hosts in the kitchen; christine the kitchen helper; delicious yee sang with salmon sashimi; lo-sang!!

Cheers! Getting ready to tuck into the food!

The three sisters - da yi, mom and er yi

and their hubbies - er yi zhang, dad and da yi zhang.

Three pairs and a `lamp-post'! (clock wise from top left:) wisun and christine; di & mei lian; yen&chris; me holding a `wave-bad-luck cat'!

Playing `three-leg' mahjong - Yen and Chris helping me.


boo_licious said...

Ah, this is the dinner you mentioned last nite. Yee Sang looks good and wow, I haven't seen Wisun for ages. He doesn't seem to have changed one bit at all.

SCH said...

Just wanted to comment that being a small world.. I happened to know the hostess of this party !! Has she seen this blog ?

(this is a repost of a comment mistakenly written in a wrong post - sorry 'bout that!)

jesscet said...

boo: hehe he will be happy to hear that but actually he has put on a bit sideway! ;)

sch: hi! so u know my cousin Yen.. just curious are u first timer or regular to my blog? Yes, she has read this post, before u commented. :)

SCH said...

Yes.. it's Yen that I know. Hv been follower of this blog since the posting about last-day at work in 2006 - found it by chance from masak2.

jesscet said...

sch: so how do u know Yen? were u at her wedding dinner at Bijan? hehe, maybe i should tell her u read about her CNY do from my blog. its a small world after all.. ;)

SCH said...

know Yen from work - and yes.. was at Bijan last year !

Anonymous said...

Wish I was there too. I hope to be able to meet with them when I am back in KL during Easter.