Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Who do I blog for?

Ok, I'm gonna be very honest here...

I know I've told myself and even said it here before that one of the main reasons why i enjoyed blogging (and have continued to do so regular for one-year-and-nine-months ) was that `it is a creative outlet for myself'...

But that's only half the truth. I can't deny the fact that unlike writing in a diary, i know i have an audience here.. So whatever I do, consciously or subconsciously i do tailor my blog with my friends/readers in mind.

In many instances I have actively `promoted' my blog to old and new friends and even some acquaintances.. although I have not been pushing my blog on the blogosphere. But I do count myself as quite an active blogger though definitely not a high profile one.

Ok.. here is the crunch. I don't know now whether I have enough reasons to blog on.. I feel that after almost two years and I think I've done quite a good job (look into my archieve if u have time) but the hits to my blog have not increased but even decreased these days..

Like these few days, my sitemeter registered an average of 20 plus hits and less than 20 a day! That's kinda sad because over the last year or so, the visitors to my blog has gradually increased to about 30 and more, and I had even hit much higher numbers when I posted comment on popular blogs or posted on popular topics that people searched on.

Yes I know i should not feel disheartened for I do know many bloggers who still continue to blog on with just a minimal circles of readers.. But maybe it's just me. May be it's the journalist in me.. I need some form of recognition for my `work'. I admit that having comments from readers delights me, and I feel quite discouraged of sort when I don't get any comments for many consecutive posts.

For instance, my circle of old friends had visited my blog as I posted recently on the gathering. Some did reply my email to them but still none placed a comment - even if the blog was about them. And somehow I felt the effort was not really appreciated or rewarded.. BUT again, these are non-blogger nor blog readers so..

Gosh, I think I'm sounding like a pathetic attention-seeker..! But I just feel like thrashing this out..hello, is anyone out there? Or am I just writing for myself?

So, my dear readers (i know there are just a handful out there), please don't hide nor be silent anymore. At least say something - anything, if you wish to read more stuff from `Jess' 2 Js'. Then at least I will know there are indeed people reading and sorta appreciating and enjoying my blog.. and i'll be feel more motivated to write on..

Till then.. :/


daybee said...

Just so you know that I'm reading ;) I know I should comment more often haha...

And if you didn't already know, I blog over at

Ooh and are you going to be seeing Leehom in March? :)

jesscet said...

thanks daybee. i know u're reading as u're one of my most frequent commenters! guess i was just lamenting on some friends/relatives/readers who are not reading/responding.. or maybe my blog is just too boring and ego-centric. whatever it is, i will blog when i feel like it.. :)

i just visited ur blog but somehow i prefer the layout of ur old one! :p

Yes, i hope to catch leehom's concert! what about u? are u a fan of he?

jacqui_woo said...

i visit your blog! not as often as i'd like, but it's one of my stopovers when i go on blog tours. :)

jesscet said...

hi jacqui! thanks for the note! i read yours too! actually blog is also a way to keep in touch and know of ur friend's life! so hope to read more of ur updates! ;)

"SCH" said...

Keep on blogging! I stumbled across your blog from masak-masak late last year and was intrigued on your entries on quitting work, taking a long holiday and all. Being a slave to the corporate rat race I just find it a refreshing read! Have been checking for new posts every since.

jesscet said...

sch: thanks for the encouraging words. see, i won't even know there's such a reader if u hadn't spoken up. glad u found my blog refreshing :) are u a blogger too?

Dawg said...

Hi Jess

I guess I should come out of hiding. I have been a regular reader of your excellent blog for many months. I hope I dont sound like a stalker but I read your blog daily (along with a few others) and it has given me a great deal of pleasure, so a humongous thanks! (and please dont tell the police :} ).

I have been living in London for many years and your blog has reminded me of what I missed about Malaysia and Malaysians, not to mention also the impressive food that you kindly review from time to time. Your personality always shone through in writing about your adventures and personal reflections.

I will be very sad if you decide not to continue, but of course will understand and continue to be grateful for the pleasure you have given me from your blog.

Needless to say I will be delighted if you decide to carry on. Take care for now.

Warm regards


jesscet said...

dwag, thanks, and esp the compliments but i don't think my blog is `excellent' though it's something i put a bit of effort and pride into ;) am glad you enjoyed reading it..

don't worry the writer (rambler?) in me probably cant give up blogging. and its indeed nice to know i have made new readers-friends thru this humble blog as well...

now i wonder where my old readers gone? ;p

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess,
I have been a reader of your blog for a long time and I enjoy it thouroughly.I have not contributed any comments(maybe once)due to sheer laziness to write although on a few occasions I had points to offer.
I know it is frustrating not to receive the level of traffic you hope to receive but it may not due to the contents of your blog but rather due to the fact that you have not actively promoted your blog through the various means available.
Which brings us to what you hope to achieve with your blog.If it is a journal of your journey through life, I think you have done extremely well, especially when you are sharing it with a few "loyal" readers.But if you want to attract a larger audience the you have to do some self promotion.
Whichever way you want to proceed you will have my full support and if you wish to stop I will understand too.
Until then I will be eagerly waiting for you next episode on your journey through life.

Pat Wong

leonard said...

I visit ur blog couple times a week. I'm not dog lover but the 2 Js are pretty cool. Also enjoyed the holiday blogs.

Keep it up : )

jesscet said...

pat: thanks for your support and advice. yeah, u're right, i have not really promoted my blog and if i do, is mainly to friends who are not bloggers or blog readers..actually i dont aspire to be a prominent blogger. Its something i like doing and as long as some people are reading and enjoying it (as well as getting some feedback), i think it's worth while. :)

leonard: thanks, and yep, i am on who don't give up easily. ;)

rinnah said...

Hi Jess, I've always enjoyed reading (lurking on) your blog since last year, but have not commented to date. You were one of the first bloggers that I faithfully follow, and also kinda inspired me to start my own blog. Hope you don't mind that I've linked to you on my site.

Keep it up!

jesscet said...

hi rinnah, i just visited your blog - it's neat! thanks for your kind words and of course i don't mind u linked my blog! ;)