Sunday, February 18, 2007

CNY snippets!

So we're in the year of the Golden Pig (or Boar if you like)!

Well, these two days have been hectic for me.. for one, I''ve never been in the kitchen so much in my life! Was the main cook and superviser to prepare dishes for reunion dinner - albeit a small one since only my parents, grandma and myself. And really pleased to have created and cooked a new dish - braised sea cucumber with mushroom and (false) abalone! It tasted quite delicious.. ;) Today again, helped cook dinner as well but not so elaborate..

Am so exhausted now..

At least tomorrow will have a cook-free day as I'm having lunch out with friends and then movie, and for dinner at my cousin's place. Looking forward to that.. but on Tuesday, I have to prepare lunch and dinner again for some guests and other relatives!!

Food aside, another `highlight' of CNY at my place is the `noise pollution' from the neighbourhood! Since we're in Cheras, a predominantly (almost exclusively) Chinese area, there had been almost non-stop of firecrakers and fireworks going on since last night!

Poor Jojo was just terrified! He's showing signs of restlessness and wanted to sneak into the house in everyway.. we allowed that for a while.. but Jelly, on the other hand, is totally of the opposite. She showed no fear AT ALL even as the neighbour and the house opposite burnt firecrackers that were so loud that I had to covered my ears. This fearless dog would go near to the gate and look happily out enjoying the bustle of the new year.. while poor Jojo was all miserable and trembling in his kennel!!

How could the same species of an animal have such different behaviour?? that beats me.. Oh, Jojo is wearing the new scarf and Jelly, the apron dress that I bought them from Bali! They have new clothes but their mommy has none! haha

Anyway, it has been a good new year so far.. Brought both dad and mom to church this morning and had a good time of worship.. aunt came over with cousins to visit and still watching tele downstairs now.

After Tuesday.. I think I have to really start writing my book, and in between, have two assignments to complete as well..

Ahhh.. it's time to enjoy while we can.. :)

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