Saturday, February 10, 2007

February 11, 2007

February 11 is a vey special day - it's my spiritual birthday. i'll turn 19 tomorrow!

But this year, Feb 11 will be a very special day for my friends KK and Carmen - as it's their wedding day!

And i'm privileged to be part of their wedding - acting as emcee and worship leader for the church ceremony and also invited to speak during the wedding banquet.

I know i will be so busy tomorrow and that's why i just want to note this first..

19 years as a Christian sounds like a long long time.. but i feel quite inadequate still. it takes so long to finally let it sink in.. and still it is a daily struggle.. struggle of our sinful nature vs God's HolySpirit leading us

Like a child growing up, i'm almost an adult (if you count it as human physical years) now. And my aim is by my 20th birthday (spiritual, not physical of course) next year, i want to publish my book.

That's at least a goal and a target for me to aim at. not like before.. i just procrastinate it for far too long..

Time to sleep early tonite.. happy birthday to myself and Congrats to my dear friends. :)

Pix Update:

with the newly-wed after their church ceremony - didn't get to take many pix as i was emcee-ing the wedding service.. and it went very nicely, praise God ;)

with Jess T. and the radiant bride at the wedding banquet (pix courtesy of Jess)


Adrian Choo said...

happy spiritual birthday. Our Father in heaven loves u!

boo_licious said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Hope the Year of the Boar brings lots of prosperity for you with yr new job.

jesscet said...

adrian: thanks :)

boo: same to you! haha, read my latest post. i still like to call it year of the pig! :p