Saturday, February 24, 2007

CNY Pig Out!

We are just about half way through CNY celebration - and today is `yan yat' ie. `Everybody's Birthday'!

This afternoon, I just held a rather huge gathering for my church fellowship's friends - invited both former and current members of CCF. It was great catching up with old and new friends but it was also pretty tiring (for me)! :p - at least it's just once a year. Had intended to take photos but ended up no chance at all.. ppl were all over the place and everyone, including myself just too busy chatting, eating etc.. and also I was showing some new visitors a few round of tours around the house!

Since it was held at tea time, i deviced a simple and quite nice menu (with dad's help). Savoury include - fried mee hoon, deep friend calamari, fisha and chicken nuggets (as there were kids around), tuna and egg sandwiches. For sweets, we have fatboybakes' lovely chocolate oreo cake, a thrown in `freebie' peach and banana crumble with brandy custard sauce, my friend' Elsie's homemade agar-agar, some chocolates, bananas and oranges etc.. Drinks were a variey of soft drinks and my standard fare cocktail.

The item that required most work was the sandwiches! But I had overmade them as there were quite a bit of leftovers for tapau. So was the meehoon.. even the delicious cake was not `waulap' as i think many people were watching their waistlines!! Yep, indeed even as i just picked on the food here and there, I felt so bloated and full..

Speaking of food, I really overate again this CNY! From reunion dinner till today, I had at leasat three big meals at home; and three dinners out - on Monday at Yen's place (as posted below), then on Wednesday, a few of us got together with HL who came back with hubby from HK, and we ate at The Rib Shop. Then the next day, met up with old college friends to lo-sang and for seafood at King's Crab!

Then today.. although there was nothing grand but I felt just so full!! Argh.. I really feel like a pig in this piggy year!

Ok, that means I REALLY need to workout harder next week AND cut down on the food..

But help! we still have 9 more days to go before CNY ends!!


HL said...

Thanks for inviting us that day.. It was really fun and it was a great opportunity to meet up with all the people I hadn't had the chance to catch up with! Hopefully, CN can come visit the next time! (he hasn't been to your place)

jesscet said...

hl: yeah, i take the CNY gathering as a reunion of sort for ccfers! glad u had fun. hey next time when u back, will invite u and CN and a few others over and this time we can do karaoke! ;)

HL said...

got english songs ah? or hanyu pinyin...

jesscet said...

english ones limited.. dont think got pinyin also for chinese. BUT.. you can bring ur own disk! i will top up some too.. ;)