Sunday, February 04, 2007

Three Js ;)

It's time to have some updates on my two Js for this blog was dedicated to them actually..

They're good.. looking happy and healthy but Jelly has not been eating much. She's picky about the kind of dog food.. only likes one or two types.. oh well.. maybe it's a chance for her to be on a diet! ;p

Oh, just now I was drinking Irish Bailey's Cream and guess what, I gave them some and they liked it! haha, even my dogs are alcoholic like their mommy and grandpa!

The following pix was taken on a sunny afternoon last week..

Handsome Jojo...

Jelly lying down pretty..

Grabbed Jelly for a pix together!

Friendly Jojo holding my hand... :)

It was not easy to get the two Js to sit still!

A slightly better one.. :p

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