Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thorny infestation!

I did it again tonight.. i let the two Js out to roam about, forgetting that there was a heavy downpour earlier in the evening. And when they came back 20 minutes later.. I got a shock of my life when i saw Jelly's condition!

She was drenched and dirty.. and when I touched her - I cried out because she was `infested' by so many tiny thorny seeds that were stuck to her fur and body!!

So I just had to bathe her even at close to midnight. There was mud on her too and when removing some of those thorny things, I almost prick my fingers as well. Gosh it was not an easy task, as I had to painstakingly removed these terrible thorns one by one, and they were stuck stubbornly onto her wiry long fur.. especially around the legs area. But she also got a few on her face, chin and neck.. All in, I think close to 100 were stuck on Jelly!

I spent a good half an hour or more cleaning up Jelly.. Poor thing, she looked real miserable trying to lick out those chunks of thorns from her foot. But after shower, she was much happier and now already slumbering.

Jojo meanwhile also got his coat wet a bit but didn't look half as dirty nor got thorns infestation. Thank goodness.. and considering I had just bathed him this morning.

So I got scolded by mom saying what a `stupid mother' I was by letting my dogs out after raining evening.. and got Jelly into such horrible condition..

Sigh I am not a very smart mommy after all..:((

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