Thursday, March 01, 2007

My new Dell Inspiron

My new `toy' has arrived today! I ordered a Dell notebook online last weekend at a very good deal - RM2,999 net for everything - even with a nice case thrown in and free delivery etc..

It was really exciting unwrapping the box to find brand new stuff in it.. and I must say I'm quite pleased with the look of the notebook. Like it better than other brands of the same price range.

So of course immediately I started playing around with it
Hmm.. the Windows Vista (newest Window) looks pretty neat, and the sound and view quality are good too.. but then suddenly I realised one thing to my horror - it does not include Microsoft Word! It can't even read a word document!

I always thought it was a default program.. And to think that the MAIN purpose for me buying a notebook is to work on my book and other stories.. not multimedia and other programs.. And now I just realised that the package did not include Word!! How can?!! But it has powerpoint and excel programs though.. kinda strange to me.

Sent out an SOS msg online and a computer-geek friend said I must go get Microsoft Office as it's not part of Windows! If I get the original, it will cost quite a bomb - and what I need is just Word! I have the choice to get a pirate copy at a much much cheaper price.. but I am hesitant. Not just for moral and legal reasons but also scared it might damage my brand new original Dell.

So what should I do ah..? :(

This has put a damper on my happy mood.. and on top of all the other `changgih' stuff that comes with my new notebook.. sigh. There is no perfect purchase.


jaytea said...

how the vista? am considering getting a pc, but not decided whether to get vista or stick with xp.

jesscet said...

don't know yet but so far it looks quite ok.. i'm now typing from my new notebook from outside using WiFi! ;)

SCH said...

If you're a professional writer, I'd say you ought to use authorised software... from a moral and 'just correct thing to be doing' view point.

Alternatively, OpenOffice is an open source and free alternative that can open and write to MS Word format. Just some slight learning curve.

jesscet said...

sch: thanks for the advice. Yes indeed i think i would prob download a free version online. just curious, are u a guy/girl? u seem to know quite a bit about computer but am not trying to steoreotype! :p

SCH said...

SCH is a guy!

Buy lah.. a copy of MS Office. Writing is your lively hood...

jesscet said...

hehe.. somehow i always thought u're a girl! :p but the way u commented on this post made me suspect u're a guy. ok, will take what u say as a consideration. ;)