Thursday, March 29, 2007


Did I wrongly blame my coffee?

I didn t have a single drop of caffeine the whole day.. but Arrggghh!! The migraine came again just an hour ago!

Why? What is the cause? Am I suffering from some kind of illness?? :((

Update (5:30pm)
The headache got so bad that i had to cancel my appointments. :( Went to see Dr. and surprise, surprise, he couldn't offer a cause too.. Well, guess i need cure more than a reason here. So i'm given two types of pills - including `synflex' which my trainer is taking since she's also having migraine..

I took them at 3:30pm and by 5pm, finally.. the migraine has gone!! Gosh.. i wish it would not come back again.. lets wait and see..

But got medicine that works at least..


boo_licious said...

Could it be the heat? It has been terribly humid these few days. Such strange weather as it's Ching Ming which means torrential rain all the time.

jesscet said...

boo: i don't know.. it could be a combination of all factors. some say because i sleep too late. my parents still think its the coffee. i just hope it will go away.