Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Caffeine Poisoned?

Must be the coffee/caffeine!!

For about five days now, I've been having on-and-off migraine. Mind you I've not had migraine for the longest time.. used to suffer form it at school days but somehow it had miraculously gone away.

Then suddenly, it just came. It wasn't that bad at first - just some twitching of the nerve on the left side of the head. After two days of on-and-off headache, i took some painkillers. But they didn't work! In fact the twitching became more frequent till one point, it got quite bad that I had to lie on the bed for a couple of hours..

It got better for a while but it never went away. After feeling quite down on Monday, yesterday I was fit enough to go to gym. The headache had almost gone, or so I think.. Until... I went to Starbucks and had a cup of coffee!

That's when the migraine occured again, and was quite bad. Then it all started to make sense.. I was drinking too much coffee in the last week or so. About two cups at least a day, sometimes a variation of coffee drinks. I have been drinking Starbucks' coffee at home as well as at their outlet for many consecutive days now.

Well, if it is not caffeine, I don't know what else could have caused my migraine. I have been having at least good eight-hours of sleep every night. And I can't say I am stressed at all..

The splitting headache is still there now.. The many hours of sleep and the pain killers didn't help.

Starting today I told myself I'm going to be off coffee for a while, and see whether the headache will go. Yep, I have to say bye bye to Starbucks for a while... :(

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