Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Starbucks `office' ;)

It's true! I can work better outside my cosy room!

Today (i mean yesterday) I spent three good hours at Starbucks Plaza Damas after interviewing a friend, working on a review for the concert i attended the previous night.

It just felt good..! Maybe it's the coffee, maybe it's the ambience (many people also working solo on laptops), and maybe it's the happiness of owning a personal notebook.. whatever the reasons, i could concentrate better there. I managed to complete the first draft of the story, as well installing yahoo messenger and did some email replies.

:) So I will be going to Starbucks near my place tomorrow to work on another story! If only Starbucks will come out with a customer loyalty program!


HL said...

I always loved spending a couple of hours or so reading and enjoying a cuppa outdoors in a nice cafe (starbucks or otherwise), so I know the liberating happy feeling. and there was a time I made use of the free starbucks wifi connection too! that was when I was creating my very first blog. i remember spending quite a bit of time in starbucks great eastern mall waiting for someone to finish his work... hence the blog was created.

jesscet said...

oh so that's how your blog came about? :D i didn't know though i knew u used a laptop. yeah, it's pretty refreshing to work at a cafe with Wifi! but i had to sit inside because the weather had been so hot!