Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saturday Night Crash..

Thank God for safety belts!

I would have been in hospital if I hadn't had my seat belt fastened when I crashed my car last night. Yeah, unfortunately I had an accident on the way to a wedding dinner in town. I couldn't brake my car in time when the car in front did an emergency stop.. It was slightly downhill some more. It was a three-car-pile up. My car banged into the car in front which then banged into the car in front of it!

The collisions (twcie I think) were pretty hard that I know for sure I would have hit towards the steering wheeel very hard if not for my seat belt!

My poor car - the front bonnet was disfigured and even the radiator was `gone' - there was smoke...

I hit the car in front.. which became a `sandwich' - hitting the car in front of him!

The 1st car which suffered not so much

After the accident, the three cars plus another tow-truck operator's car stopping on a two-lane highway caused the already quite congested road even more congested.. But I was afraid to move because my bonnet had smoke!!

I called my car-expert and newly-married uncle and he asked me to wait for him to come.. so I did. And finally came down to see the damage of the car and snapped some photos since i had camera with me.

My car was the most damaged. But guess I have no one to blame but myself, and also the car in front of me a little.. I was going quite fast (being a little late for the dinner) and yes, I did notice there was a jam in front but I didn't anticipate that it was so soon.. I was merely following the speed of the car in front. And the road was going down slope when it happened.. It was so fast and sudden!

The car in front of me brake abruptly and even skidded a bit, I followed suite but it was already too late and too close! My car just crashed into the car in front. The impact was great enough to caused it to hit the already stationery car in front.

No room for argument here.. as I was the last car, the fault lied in me but we all agreed to claim insurance for the repair.

After my uncle arrived, he helped to drive my battered car away to a safer spot to negotiate with the two truck.. and the other cars also follow suit. But I was asked to wait at that spot for I could not drive that highly-challenging manual sports car my uncle drove in! And guess what, my uncle left in such a hurry that my whole handbag and my mobile were inside my car..I was stranded there alone in the middle of a congested highway for 15 -20 minutes....

I was getting a bit desperate so I uttered a S.O.S. prayer to God. And then as if by miracle, a car stopped behind and the driver came to talk to me. He's a good friend of my cousin who drives this car actually.. So borrowing his handphone, I made contact with my uncle again and that friend even helped to drive the sports car while I tailed behind with his car.. and reunited with uncle and all the battered cars..

Then instead of having the wedding dinner, I had dinner at my uncle's house.. before going back to town to collect my dad's car (used as wedding car) from the wedding couple. Feeling bad as they were only supposed to return to me today.. but both my mom and I had important things to do today and can't share just one car.

Went to lodge a police report today after lunch. It was much easier and faster than I expected. and done within half an hour. But I would need to make another trip on Tuesday as the sargent in charge of this case was not on duty. Meanwhile, my poor car would be in the workshop for at least two weeks..

Always thought I was a skillful driver but now I know accidents can happen like this.. Thank God no one involved was injured (there were no backseats passengers). Sigh.. I really have to drive more carefully and not speed from now on, and ALWAYS have the safety belt on.


SCH said...

What misfortune... lousy way to start a Saturday evening. The damage looks significant from the photos , but looks repairable ( mainly dents.. hopefully chassis are still intact)

However, most importantly, it's a good thing that no one was hurt (other than emotional hassle of having to get cars repaired).

Was that Jln Tun Razak ?

jesscet said...

sch:'s unfortunate but still `fortunate' in that no one got hurt. no, it was at the stretch between jln cheras to jln loke yew.

boo_licious said...

Sorry to hear abt the accident but main thing is you're ok even though the car is badly dented.

Anonymous said...

Thank God you are not hurt.
Stay safe!


jesscet said...

boo, pat: thanks for your concerns.. will definitely be more careful after this!!

Chipmunkrock said...

i think 4D gamblers will find your photos useful!

jesscet said...

chipmunkrock: hehe..anyway, don't know why my no. plate couldnt be seen. prob the angle and lighting but mine won't be useful anyway for the gambler!!

Anonymous said...

Aiya, you really have to be more careful. And yes, seatbelt. Doug just reminded me that I should make sure that we all have seatbelts on while in a car in KL. Not that we don't trust your or dad's driving. but... Were you scared?

jesscet said...

chin ala anonymous: yep, safety belt is a must! m'sia should reinforce the law to have backseat passengers belted up! To think of it, if there were backseat passengers in my car or the car in front, they would have been hurt.

nola, wasn't scared at that time. more like feeling `mou noi' cos car so damaged and so much hastle..

btw, my right foot tissue is no swollen - think i had hurt it during the collision.

(u sleep late tonite!)

HL said...

this one looks as bad as your accident with the security gate sounded! anyway like everyone said it's good you were not majorly hurt - maybe you should get your foot checked out in case there is a hairline fracture.

jesscet said...

hl: yes i went to the doc the other night and had an xray done. was told tissue swollen but bone not fractured..much better now but a bit ugly-looking with read/purple patches! :p

rinnah said...

Hope you and your foot are better now...