Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Proper Migraine Consultation

Note: The conclusion (i hope!) to my `Migraine Trilogy' - Skip if u are sick of my migraine ranting

THAT'S what I call a Dr consultation. Finally there's a Dr who is able to tell me the probable causes of my migraine.

Yep, i ended up going to the clinic twice in a day. You see, I faithfully took the medicine given to me in the afternoon and after dinner. The first time, the pills had helped to get rid of the migraine. But the second time, I developed a terrible allergy!!

When I was in class just now, my left eye swelled up for more than an hour! It was so uncomfortable and not to mention unsightly. I was angry because I had specifically mentioned to the Dr earlier that I'm allergic to a specific painkiller `ibuprofen'. But yet he must have overlooked it?! So I decided I must seek explanation from the same clinic and possibly find a solution.

Turned out it was another Dr on duty - our family's favourite as he is quite knowledgeable and thorough in his consultation. So after listening to my plight, he told me apologetically I was one of the unlucky 10 per cent of those allergic to `Ibuprofen' because i also have crossed-allergy to other groups of medicine! Argh..!! :( So he told me to stop taking `Symflex' and prescribed a counter-allegy medicine to go with the other one just in case.

When I asked, this Dr went on to offer a whole list of probable causes for my migraine. Do you know that medical history aside, the food we take can induce migraine as well? When I asked whether it could be the coffee, his reply was: `most definitely' and went on list - to my horror - food that I like and have been eating.. they include: chocolate, cheese, mutton and outside food that contains Aginomoto!

As if that's not enough, this Dr went on to say something almost prophetically: "being in front of computer for a long time can also contribute to migraine'! Was he hitting the jackpot or what?!

Looking at my expression of horror, he then gave some sound advice to using the computer. Rule no 1. Make sure that the room light is on as bright as it can be. And of course do not spend too long in front of the monitor..

He said I don't have to take anymore pain killer if the migraine is not there. He also advised I should not have coffee for the next two days at least :( And because my earlier blood pressure was low, and low blood pressure can induce migraine, he suggested I could take some 100 Plus drinks for that..

Anyway, I decided I shouldn't keep other patients waiting. The Dr even wrote on a card the names of those medicine groups that I am allergic to, for myself to keep. He also recommended a type of pain killer that I'm definitely NOT allergic to for future reference.

Thank you Dr Salmi for your `enlightening' consultation.


HL said...

Yes, regular migraine-sufferers would also be able to give you that list of migraine-causing factors! I can add one more: environment e.g. air pollution, perfume, weather, change in temperatures (it has been hot lately right?) But poor you, being allergic to the painkillers! Get loads of rest (no computers, reading, snacking, coffee ;) ) in a cool, dark room. And hope you get rid of it soon... I really feel your pain!

What painkillers did he prescribe?

jesscet said...

it's called `Tramadol' but he said it's not a variation of panadol (cos sound similar!) u heard of it?

thanks for your concerns. yeah, must not further aggrevate the migraine. i remember u also had migraine before right? hope u no longer suffer from it..

anyway, time to hit the sack now.. :)

HL said...

Yea.. I used to get it frequently when I was working in KL! I rarely get it now, but I did get it recently, and it lasted for about 3 days too, on and off.

I've not heard of your medication but there are probably quite a few types of painkillers for migraine out there. I usually take the painkillers that have caffeine in them e.g. cafergot/caffox. You might be allergic to them! :p