Monday, April 02, 2007

The Kids (minus one) are back!

My sis and her two kids - Sean and Alexis - arrived today from Hong Kong!

Big brother Edgar meanwhile will be going for a short trip with his father to Shanghai before joining us a week later. And suddenly the house has become charmingly chaotic once again!

Sean is visibly taller since I saw him in HK early December and cutie Alexis aka miu miu has chopped off her locks and now sporting a trendy short bob! How I missed them..

Since all of us are canine lovers, I had bought these two cute dogs - nicknamed `Bully' and `Pepe' for Sean and Alexis respectively. They seemed to love it, and even fought over it when Sean wanted me to take a photo of the two dogs and Alexis insisted to hold on to her `Pepe'!

And how they love to pose for the camera! hehe, must be the training from their dad since birth.. As I was using indoor mode, I asked them to freeze their poses and smiles for 5 seconds and they managed to do it! Such cute poses aint they?

So..this will be the beginning of a (happy) hectic fortnight! ;)

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