Friday, April 06, 2007

It's Good Friday...

A Purple Robe

A purple robe, a crown of thorn
A reed in His right hand
Before the soldiers spite and scorn
I see my Saviour stand

He bears between the Roman guard
The weight of all our woe
A stumbling figure bowed and scarred
I see my Saviour go

Fast to the cross's spreading span
High in the sunlit air
All the unnumbered sins of man
I see my Saviour bear

He hangs, by whom the world was made
Beneath the darkened sky
The everlasting ransom paid
I see my Saviour die

He shares on high His Father's throne
Who once in mercy came
For all His love to sinners shown
I sing my Saviour's name

Words: Timothy Dudley-Smith (1926- )

Yes, today is Good Friday - the day that commemorates the Lord Jesus Christ's crucifixion and death - and probably the biggest sacrifice and gift given to mankind, ever.

But in this country, the significance of this solemn occasion has often been overlooked. I mean, the F1 Grandprix, complete with many rave parties in town, is held this weekend ie. Easter weekend. I don't know.. maybe it's better this way? Look how commercialised Christmas (and other religious festival for that matter) has become. It's pretty sad that to the secular world, Easter is no more than Easter eggs or Easter bunnies..

I feel quite bad and ashamed.. can't say spiritually I've prepared for Good Friday and Easter. There have been too many distractions and i've spent more time doing other things than really meditating or praying..

Hoping to have some quieter solitude time and looking forward to attending meaningful services at church.


boo_licious said...

Happy Easter! Don't stress yrself so much and just enjoy times with the kids.

jesscet said...

thanks! yeah will do.. actually i'm not stressed. :p