Friday, April 20, 2007

Barless! and other assorted stuff..

Finally got the car back 40 days after the accident! However, it's still not complete - if you notice, the kangaroo bar is missing!

And if you compare with the `before' pix, the front of my car looks kinda naked. Never did we imagine how troublesome it was to get the kangaroo bar done. First the workshop was trying to source for existing ones from accessories shop but they couldn't find. And then when we thought we managed to find the original bar, we were told that it also didn't fit because what I had was not original but was fixed by the previous owner in Japan. Finally the workshop decided to get someone to make the steel bar, but it turned out really ugly - they have used part of the old bent one!!

Just couldn't believe how they could end up doing such shoddy work.. we planned to complain to the insurance company. We have made so many futile trips there and not mentioning the phone calls. Anyway, this morning when we called, they said they would get another workshop to do it but it would take time so the guy advised us to take back the car first.. After so long leaving my poor car there, I agreed then.. thought it was time to take it back first.

So now, I am driving a barless 4-wheel drive.. but as I was driving it around town, I realised how I've missed my car!

Spent most of the afternoon collecting cheques (miserable amounts though), went to gym, slotted in a massage and even picked up a few pieces at Cats Whiskers sales before attending a function.

It was a MIFA (Malaysian International Fashion Alliance) event which also launched the MIFA magazine which I contributed to. That was the reason i was invited. It was held at Le Francais at Bangsar One - those `trendy' place. But gosh I didn't expect so many people - many celebrities and other VIPs came all dressed up and it was sardine packed! The first part of the evening was watching the `red carpet' interviews.. which to me was getting draggy and the weather was sooo hot! At least I met a few people I knew if not I would be even more bored..

Later, while all the guests were busying hob-nobbing, rubbing shoulders, and socialising, I was more concerned to look for food as I was hungry! There was no shartage of free-flowing wine but I couldn't detect any food!! Finally after 9:30pm only did I notice some waiters serving hors d'oeuvre - but the variety was quite pathetic. Still I managed to stuff myself with the teenie-weenie bits of food till I was full!

I guess the `highlight' for me was the launch of the annual magazine, which featured a `helicopter' in the air! (Ok, not real one but quite cool) They called each contributor onto stage to receive a gift courtesy of Armani. So I had my five-seconds of fame when cameras clicked away at me receiving the paper bag consisted of an Armani fragrance from the label's GM.

After making a few more rounds, I decided to leave so I could reach home in time for the American Idol's Results Show! Yeah, I am now an addict.. :p And what fantastic news - Sanjaya is FINALLY out! I mean I was betting him to get the boot after the rather horrendous performance yesterday.. But again, you never know!

Well, it was good enough that he actually got into the top 7.

Will be going to Singapore for an assignment next week - representing an English daily. What a coincidence, it is a HBO invite to cover the 2nd season of Rome and I happened to cover the 1st season press trip and had the pleasure of staying at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort in Chiangmai.

Was told by the HBO PR that we will be staying in a boutique hotel called The Scarlet. Sounds interesting.. We will spend two nights there and there will be just one session of interview with the lead actor plus previews of the show. So.. should be quite relax. Can probably look up some friends too.

Yey, get to drive my car tomorrow, although it is barless!


HL said...

when i saw that picture of your car, before i had read your entry, the first thing that came to mind was that it looked a bit naked. Poor PJ99!! ;)

simon said...

4 seasons in CM is an awesome place, went there to looksee, but of course didnt stay there la...

Anonymous said...

hey, your car actually looks good! It kind of looks like the latest model...


jesscet said...

hl: yeah that's exactly how i felt too! it's not like weird but something missing.. :/

simon: yep, it was the best ever hotel i stayed in and FREE too!! ;)

chin: oh, you reckoned? hmmm but i still like it tough-looking with the kangaroo bar!