Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Alexis the dare devil!

We took the kids to Genting Highland for two days and spent almost all the time at where else but the theme park - both indoor and outdoor.

Unfortunately it rained in the morning and early afternoon today and so our time at the outdoor was cut short..

But still, everyone had a great time, including little Alexis. She might not be three yet but that girl has lots of guts!! She loved to go on rides and on her own too, even those that looked a little too scary for a kid her size and age!

And we could see she really enjoyed herself while we marvelled at her bravery!

These pix are just a fraction of the rides she went on! :p

Accompanying Alexis on the Carousel - since she couldn't climb onto the horse herself!

Enjoying car-ride all by herself - and constantly waving at us as she zoomed by!

Joining her elder brothers and cousin on the Rodeo Rider - like a mini Space Shot!

Meanwhile, I was like a big kid myself! Following the kids and went on quite a number of rides - including roller coasters (the milder types) spinner and a few others which i forgot the names.. In the indoor theme park, I took Edgar to watch the 4-D motion master, went on bumper car, experiencing the chill in snow world etc....

It's pretty fun actually.. like reliving my childhood again. But also realise that at this age, I am definitely no match for the elder kids when it comes to seeking thrills.. Also, two days of running around Genting and catching up with the kids were no joke - it's T-I-R-I-N-G!

So I accompanied dad to come back tonight first (as he is having a meeting tomorrow morning) Yep, I do need the rest..

The house will be full of life again by tomorrow afternoon!!


HL said...

alexis looks like she may have had some practice at ocean park... ;)

jesscet said...

hehe yeah. but she's definitely a brave girl - even less afraid of Jelly than her elder brother Sean! :p

Anonymous said...

Thank you Yiyi for arranging this Genting trip for us. We had so much fun! Love, Edgar, Sean & Alexis.

jesscet said...

my pleasure. it's great that you all enjoyed yourselves.. even i did too! ;)