Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Car Gone for One Month!

I just can't believe this! It's been more than a month since my car crash and I still haven't got my car back from repair!! :((

Poor car.. it's been sitting among other bashed-up cars in the workshop. It took more than 2 weeks before any repair work was done.. (apparently the insurance company was delaying to approve it) And then now, it had been sitting there more than a week waiting for the final touch-up. The problem - the people there could not find a kangaroo bar that fit my car!! Yes, I managed to bend the thick steel bar when I banged my car..

You see, it is a 1996 model of a recon RAV4 from Japan. This is quite a while ago and then the parts were all from overseas. The workshop was sorta deely-dalying and finally, my dad and I went and source the kangaroo bar ourselves and managed to find it! Only problem was, it cost RM1,800 and the insurance company only allocated RM600 for it so the workshop refused to accept. So finally we had to negotiate with the insurance and got it to top up.. and the shop also reluctantly agreed to go ahead...

And just as I thought I was getting my car back this week.. news from the workshop claimed that the kangaroo bar we ordered was not the right model - it coudn't fit my car!! But considering we gave them the car chasis no.!?

ARGH!!! I really don't know when this problem will be solved or would my car ever get back a kangaroo bar :( But it just doesn't look right without one!

I WANT MY CAR BACK!! I miss it although mom has been kind to let me use hers whenever I need it..

my poor car at the workshop before it was repaired..

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