Monday, April 16, 2007


It's all quiet at the Western front...

Dad and mom and I just sent off sis and the kids to the airport in two cars. And when I reached home (parents have gone for massage), the house seemed so empty and so eeriely quiet (ok, i exaggerated but you get the picture!) What a difference it is from the bustle and liveliness of the last fortnight!

At the airport, the kids had McDonald's while the adults had some exorbitantly-priced coffee, satay and beer. When it came to the time of parting, Miu Miu was the most sociable - she hugged each of us and kept on saying `bye-bye'.. Even when they walked on, she kept turning back and and waved at us - even when she was at the immigration counter.

Well, sometimes the kids - especially the boys - can be so uncontrollable that you feel like vommitting blood! But i can't say i didn't have fun with them around.. Edgar is pretty grown up now and can engage in proper conversation. Sean is cute when he is not in his mood of tantrum! But we have to admit that it's the adorable Alexis who has become everyone's darling.

I mean, how could anyone resist her manja way and her sweet smile and voice.. we will miss her.

So my `leave' is officially over now.. have to get back to some work. It has been two weeks of play and fun - outings, malls trips, playing with kids, and also feasting away!! (thanks to sis! :p)

Here are some pix taken today - at home and at the airport

Edgar pouts for the camera.. ;)

Sean makes a funny face!

The many faces of Miu Miu (poor girl was bitten by mozzies..)

Edgar and Jelly are good friends

Mom would not let go of every opportunity to take photo with Miu Miu - who is busy eating her ice-cream!

Sean is reluctant to take photo

Edgar is even more reluctant to take photo!

But Alexis loves taking pictures.. one with gong gong and por por!

And with yiyi while eating

The three kids enjoying their McD's ice-cream

A rare group pix - notice the different funny expressions of the kids!!


Chin said...

Thank you and thank papa & mum for me please. We had a very enjoyable holiday.

jesscet said...

no need so `hark hey' ;) We also enjoyed ourselves very much! hope you guys can come back more often..!!

What A Lulu said...

when i first got to know you, there was only edgar, and he was a toddler then. wow! how they've all grown!

jesscet said...

i know! and that means how we've grown (older) too!! :p