Sunday, April 29, 2007


Poor Jelly was almost `drowned' from the down pour early yesterday morning!!

Ok, I exaggerated. You see, her crate is placed near a window and we usually leave it ajar so that she would get some fresh air.. And the wind was blowing right towards the window's direction when it poured cats and dogs at about 3am.

I wasn't asleep yet but it completely slipped my mind that Jelly's crate would be affected by the rain. Finally it was mom who went to Jelly's rescue! Poor thing, she was drenched..! and her crate was filled with rain water..

I had to mop her crate and also the floor and then I remembered Jojo who lives outside.. and yes, he was pretty wet too as the rain was so heavy! His normal sleeping place was invaded by rain..

So I let him in a while, dried him and I was thinking of letting him sleep in the kitchen. But I know he might get restless.. so I put him into his house, which he would still get wet a little..

Besides my dogs' incidence from the rain, the most `stupidest' thing that happened (thanks to the rain) was that my own room was `flooded' too!!

I don't know why I never thought of it.. I knew it was raining so heavily and I knew my windows were all opened. But somehow I thought the rain would not come in! (cos we do have quitte good awning) Then only like 10 minutes later, I decided to check. Thankfully rain water did not come in through the windows near my bed. BUT I got a shock of my life time when I went to the other side of the room, which the windows are the same direction as Jelly's crate's..

As I drew the curtain, the rain splashed towards me and I saw not only were my curtains wet, the floor was filled with water too!!! I quickly closed all the four windows and in the process got myself a bit wet too.. Then I had to find big cloths to dry the floor.. As it had rained for a while, it did look like a small flood in my room!

I learned my lesson. When it rains, especially such heavy downpour.. rule no 1 is: CLOSE ALL WINDOWS!!

Duh, like anyone doesn't know this?!!

But I could make such a boo boo!!

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