Sunday, March 04, 2007

Good Riddance to Noise Pollution!

Thank goodness it's Chap Goh Mei! It's been more than two-weeks that my family have been bombarded by loud noises in the wee hours of the morning

If you stay in this `cina' Cheras area of my neighbourhood.. you'll be so sick of fireworks and firecrackers no matter how beautiful the former could be..

The climaxes of the noise pollution was on the 8th day of CNY - the Hokkien's `Bai Tin Kong' (worship the Sky God) day. Yes, you guess it.. the majority of the people around are Hokkien so that was a BIG day for them..

Actually I thought CNY eve was bad enough.. from after dinner till 3am at least, there were non stop of firecrackers and fireworks erupting near and slightly away... Looks like all my neighbours were too rich and loved to burn (pun intended) their money away!!

Then came the almost crazy and frantic night of the 8th day - a Sunday. Fortunately I am not working.. I pity those who have to get up early for work on the next day. These Hokkien landlords have no regards whatsoever for their neighbours, as tradition, religion and culture would over rule everything else..

I forgot to mention that we suffer not just noise but air pollution too. On top of the firecrackers and fireworks which already gave out enough smoke, almost all the houses were burning paper money and big joss sticks.. so if you walk into outdoor, you would get choked!

My poor dogs, especially Jojo had to suffer in this month of CNY... :(

Well, looking at the bright side, we just have to endure for less than 24 hours more. It's already Chap Goh Mei and I can foresee a big round of `explosions' on Sunday night itself. Even now they have started.. a few minutes of fireworks display had just taken place just opposite us.

But, if they know how to stick to the time, all shall be quiet after 12 midnite - barely 22 hours more. Well, at least I hope so..


rinnah said...

Funny... I stay in Cheras too, and found that the firecrackers / fireworks were greatly lessened this year compared to previous years! Only the occasional "pop pop" marred the stillness of the night. *grin* But then again, my garden is a mixed population - around 70% Chinese and the remainder Malay / Indian.

jesscet said...

oh my area is 100 percent chinese and many of them came from new villages thus observe all these things!! which part of cheras do u live in? i live at 9 3/4 miles so very far..

anyway.. i think the worse was over. :p

Lim Chang Moh said...

Hi Jesscet, Happy Lunar New Year to u and your family -- including the 2 Js. Sorry for this 'late' greetings but I have been busy with lots of stuff.

Adrian C said...

get some ear plugs lo. or if not, buy bigger firecrackers and hit your neighbours back with them! hehe

jesscet said...

chang moh: i think u greeted me on time but now i really have to say belated happy CNY to u! ;)

adrian: hmmm...don't think jojo would like to wear ear plug! ;)

boo_licious said...

Yeah, I'm glad too as my kitties freaked out for 2 nights running since there was a big fireworks display near my house.