Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Weddings: My latest `witness' role

It's kinda ironic. I've never had a wedding (duh, i'm single) but i've become a wedding `veteran' of sort, especially where church wedding ceremonies are concerned..

In the last 15 years of my life, I've attended countless weddings of church friends, as well as other friends and relatives held at various places.. and then i've been roped in to help in many weddings. My `credentials' included: being a bridesmaid twice, wedding coordinator twice, ushers countless times, worship leaders and emcees five times todate, and chee-mui's organiser a number of times..

In fact, in this first half of 2007, i've been asked to help out in three weddings (one down, two to go!) - playing roles from chief usher to worship leader/emcee to church coordinator and chee-mui head. Well, i guess my friends asked me not because I'm like a real expert but accumulated experiences do count I suppose. And to be honest, I feel it is an honour to be a wedding helper, especially one that bears leadership roles!

To be frank, I must admit that years back when I attended or helped out in weddings, sometimes I felt kinda `envious', and would wonder when would be my own turn.. Am I always a wedding helper and never the protagonist of a wedding? But somehow.. the more weddings you attend, the more immune you are to this kind of sentiment.. Now, i just feel happy for my friends, most of them much younger than me, when I got to be part of their Big Day.

Today, this so-called wedding `veteran' has added another feather to her cap! I became a WITNESS to my uncle and his new wife Annies' marriage registration!

Ok, you can't really call it a wedding ceremony because at the moment, they just wanted to get registered first. And would soon invite close relatives and friends for a dinner. They needed two witnesses for the registration. My uncle has called his eldest son Ee-Wang to be his witness.. and then yesterday, I had a happy surprise when Annie asked me to be hers.

You see, Annie is a Chinese national so she doesn't have a family member here.. I guess she considers me both friend and family, and yeah I felt quite honoured that she asked me.

So, I willingly sacrificed my beauty sleep as I was to be picked up at 7:15am! I made it. Good thing Annie has reminded me to wear `something nice' as I would have just worn my usual jeans.. apparently jeans and t-shirts are not allowed at the marraige registra!

A party of four of us - the couple and their witnesses (ie. the groom's son and niece) drove into Putrajaya early morning and headed to the Natioanl Regisration Department (JPK). We arrived pretty early.. and since it's such a happy and auspicious event, I also played the role of the photo-journalist and snapped quite a bit of photos to chronicle the registration process!

Me in front of the JPN where the Marriage Registra is located

We were the first `customers' to arrive at 8am at the department. We waited for a few minutes at the foyer - where we took some photos - before the offices were opened.

So we were the first to arrive at the Marriage Registra - uncle and Annie got a first no. of the day - `2001'

The marrying couple and the two witnesses were required to produce their IDs. (note Annie's her passport). Entering the room and met the commissioner of oath (i think that's what they're called..)

And then the commissioner of oath proceeded to explain and ask some questions to the couple - I helped translated what she said into Mandarin for Annie. They had to raise their hands to swear their marriage oaths. This was followed by signing the marriage certificate and the exchange of rings.

Just married - sealed with a kiss! ;)

Congratulations again to `mansook' (youngest uncle in hakka) and Annie- my new aunt who is younger than me!

I got their permission to post this blog and to mention that I believe both of them will really treasure this marriage as they both had gone through one that didn't work.. Here's wishing you `bai tou xie lau' (literally translated as growing old together till your hair is white)


Anonymous said...

Wow,I so envy your uncle marrying a sweet young thing!Good for him though.Who says life is fair?

Pat Wong

jesscet said...

pat: haha, yeah but my uncle does look pretty young for his age too! and annie told me she likes mature men.. ;)

Anonymous said...

jesscet,you just made my day.There is hope afterall!