Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Awesome Leehom

I watched Leehom's `Heroes of Earth' concert on Sunday evening.. and no I didn't pay for it (even have two comp tix to give away ;)

Prior to the concert, I had to do a caption story for NST. Then most part of yesterday and today, I was working on two separate reviews of the concert (one for a mainstream paper and one for a gossip celebrity mag). My mind is all Leehom, Leehom, Leehom.. and you can guess the least I want to do is talk about the concert again...!

BUT, I still have to blog about it cos Leehom was simply awesome. He is always one of my top artistes when concert is concerned. Well, his vocal on that night was not really up to par no thanks to the mobile mic, but his musicanship and showmanship were simply astounding.

And he is just SOOOO talented that it's almost unbelievable. Ok, this was like my fourth time watching him in concert but it's still as good as ever.. and what eye-candy as well! If I were 10 years younger I would have fallen madly in love with him.. (sigh, the sign of aging.. )

I forgot my camera! What a waste as the media were given pretty good seats and I could just have snap good photos from my seat! So I pester my colleague and friend Sharon to email me some of the photos she took.. and she did. :)

(photo copyright: Sharon Wong)

Isn't he gorgeous? Looks is one thing. To me, it is his talents and charisma that set him apart from the rest. If you were at the concert, you would know what i mean..

Just in case any of u are intersted, my reviews will be out in NST this Friday and in Hot magazine - probably the next issue.

But if u want a instant good laugh on a hilarious review.. go to my friend's blog here! ;)


daybee said...

I was REALLY waiting for this! :) And the photos are absolutely gorgeous. Any chance of better quality photos that I can print?

Unfortunately I won't be getting Hot here but I do want to read your review!

I have one of those heart-shaped pillows that Leehom's holding. I can't believe you've seen him 4 times - I've never even had the chance!

jesscet said...

daybee: don't think i can help u there. as i wrote, i didn't take any photos as i forgot my camera!! the photos here were taken by my friend from her seat so i guess not too sharp.

don't worry, i'm sure u will get a chance to watch his concert in the future. my fav one was the last time he came to bukit jalil and did the 360 degree turn playing the drums! i wrote a glowing review for that!

p.s. can email u my reviews to read.. ;)

daybee said...

That's right - that's fine... I probably have enough Leehom and Justin photos up my wall amongst photos of family and friends!!

I watched the youtube video of that 360turn drum segment - VERY impressive. It's good to see him looking better now though, he was VERY thin for the SG concert as he was in the midst of filming Lust, Caution.

Yes, do email me your reviews to read! :) THANK YOU!