Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jacky the nice and simple `deity'

If only all the so-called `heavenly kings' and `heavenly queens' are as sincere and amiable as this `royalty-cum-deity'!

Yep, not only is Jacky Cheung one of Hong Kong's irreplaceable `Four Heavenly Kings', he has also been honoured as `Kor San' (God of Songs) - an accolade passed on from the previous `deity' Sam Hui.

I've met him about four times now I think in the course of my work, and everytime, Jacky did not fail to impress. It is a joy to interview him, albeit in a group, as he would take all your questions seriously and tried his best to cooperate, unlike some of his peers.

Well, I had the privilege of meeting him again this afternoon at a PC in KL Hilton. He looked older - more wisdom lines on his face - but he has not changed a bit. With a status that puts him at the top of the Hong Kong entertainment arena, Jacky is so simple..

When I asked what is more important to him - his family or his career - he answered immediately without any hesitation `family' and in a way like why I was asking such an obvious question! He also does not care much about fame and awards.. instead he hopes the paparazzi would leave his family - his wife and his two daughters - alone.

Indeed it would be sad if the omnipotent and omnipresent HK media pushed him to the limits. He was already once quoted to say he felt like giving up altogether for the sake of his family.
Do not fret if you're a Jacky's fan, when I brought this up, the `heavenly king' seemed to have come to terms with this issue. He said he has fans who love him and he also loves his music and movie career a lot. So he has not thought of stopping - as yet!

For those of you who have not heard nor read.. you hear it first here (well, unless you listen to MY Fm) - Jacky Cheung will be having his solo concert here (part of his World Tour) on September 14, 2007 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

I know it's like half a year away. But we know how time flies. So don't say I've not told you. Save up and go watch the concert of the `god' and the `king of kings! (oops, I'm boardering on blasphemy here but the Almighty would know what i'm talking about :p) After all, discounting Snow Wolf Lake which was staged here two years back, Jacky Cheung's last concert was in 2003!

Yep, it is FOUR LONG YEARS. I know many people are excited about this concert.. for the kiasu breed, you can find out more on ticketing etc.. from concert organiser
Galaxy. Tel: 0322822020


boo_licious said...

I went for his concert once (becoz of free tickets given by cousin whose co was sponsoring) and really enjoyed it. What was so impressive abt him was he sang so many songs and was so dedicated that even when the rain came down, that didn't stop him.

jesscet said...

oh, i didnt know you were at that concert! yep, it really poured and i got drenched (since media was right in the first row!)

yeah.. can't wait to watch his concert again. even my mom wants to go! :p